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  1. Rumour said it was Gold Panning, the Light On series like the bad kids, the long night, etc... But we dont have any confirmed news and ceremony pics so...
  2. Omg he can sing???? Ok will try to find those later! Thx a lot! Also thx a lot for the clip!!
  3. Wow the costumes! I really like them! Love Zhao Lu Si! I only watched Yang Yang's in The Four. He really has gotten so many beautiful actresses!
  4. Yeah Jin Xin Si Yi is on my top of the list, after douluo and linglong, will watch it right away. I watched few clips of it and like them very much. Usually i dont like harem drama, but it is Tang Song Yun, Daddi Tang and He Hong San, really like them!
  5. Good idea! Maybe i will do this, if getting interested then i will watch the whole drama.
  6. Pink Mo Ran and Xia SiNi Credit as tagged. I dont know, anything can happen in C-Dramaland, maybe tomorrow pop up and airing like Word of Honor lol, or maybe years from now really i dont know lol.
  7. Yeah he is the 2nd lead, honestly i dont know when the right time to start watching this, must be after Ling Long, Douluo... But there are still My heroic husband, Jin Xin Si Yu and start to have interest with Word of Honor too, i wonder which one i have to watch first
  8. Omg i was wrong reading the title, i thought i read The Joy of My Mouth so i open this thread i thought it was about culinary lol.
  9. @Tofu @NiteWalker we can watch Meng Zhan in here lol. His name is Zhao Tian Yu.
  10. Yeah minutes and seconds of ep 36, was just like count down, when Yin Xiao will be dead, but at the end, his death was just whatt??? Just like that??? Since it was "only that" i wish we have the same trick like Meng Zhan's fake death. Oh please... I love Meng Zhan reaction to Ling Long, his smile is so bright to Ling Long, and afraid of her lol. I will try to watch teenage costume drama A Love so Romantic which Meng Zhan actor played in it lol. I just love his bright smile! I think i also watch the clip where Yin Zhuang made Wei ShengYen stabbed her in the ch
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