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  1. Yes well I used to. I did when I was young but for somethings you just grow too old at some point, I guess. Would you like to hear a duet between @stroppyse and @Soju? :D
  2. Yes and with the increased pressure and workload at work it's definitely something I lack atm. Would you like @stroppyse to sing for you?
  3. No doubt. I would be ecstatic if I did. But that's the problem :P I don't :D
  4. @Darkarcana we only have 2 male members. Sorry. On behalf of @Soju I'm going to have to decline. We'd need 5 members for that, and female too. So I guess this one is for @stroppyse and friends :P
  5. What begins with a Y????? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME @Alice Wonderland???? (my wife would be way better at this than me :P )
  6. You girls do realise that I can't really sing, right? I mean, that one time in the staff meeting has been the first time I've sung in public for many, MANY years. Probably since middle school. I love music, I love whistling to music but singing... Rather not. I feel embarrassed as I feel I don't have a great singing voice. So yeah... All that and all.
  7. I've always learned I should stop on a high and I doubt I can top that performance so I'd better exit stage left 😄
  8. You dirty... can't have both you know! Going the distance
  9. Why am I being picked for a duet??? Hmm? Can't I do a solo?? Oh wait, that means I'd have to sing, again...
  10. I can do without blonde Lee Joon Gi I guess. Though Chaewonnie... not so much 😛
  11. I'm from the Netherlands, Arnhem to be exact (well, currently. I moved here last year). The best thing about the Netherlands is the weath... I mean the foo... I mean... erm... we've got a good educational system and our medical services are pretty great too? Oh wait! We've got one of the fastest Internet connections of the world, on average 😄 The weather is ludicrous these days: either it's extremely wet, or we're burning up. At least during the summer. The winters lack snow (haven't been able to build an igloo in years) and if we do see some frosty temperatures it's only for a few days,
  12. One episode I'd rather forget though I wasn't drunk when you guys made me sing too. I remember still too clearly though! The hurt! The pain! The humiliation!
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