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  1. @Tofu What a mess and disappointing start to the F1 race....all part of the Mercedes plan to send Bottas into the first corner and try wipe out as many cars as he can....Ham is going to have an easy win.....LOL (jk on conspiracy of Bottas haha) But its a crap outcome though. sadfacy.
  2. Dunno how but there will always be those few that make it through initially (dodgy) and then get caught a few days later, but by then its too late coz theyve been out n about in community and possibly infecktedz.....its never ending. Whoaaaa those sneal peek on the food noms..... Dont tease meeee ehahhahahahahahaha
  3. Ill agree the reverse camera is great. Its nice to see out the back rather than just the upper outsde rear when you look behind. Mmmmmm.....Wouldnt mind me a Thai Milk Tea right now..... but....might retreat myself to a redbull later HAHAHAHAHAHA Still have like 36 cans to get through. OmG NSW...tbh, we (VIC) were like that last year when we hit the long lockdown. But NSW have no idea how to do a lockdown to cull the cases. We're on the way out coz we got only 2 cases today and theyre both linked to known cases. The trend has been on a decline. I reckon next week in a few days we will see zero new cases and itll be a few weeks of existing cases just reducing. I think you better book in your restaurant outings before we get lockdown 6.0 due to people fleeing from NSW.
  4. omo omo omo Yeppuuuuuuu SooJunggiieeeeeee The countdown is on....like another week and a half to go.
  5. I never chose my car from how it looked out of factory, I chose it on what it 'could' look like with aftermarket modifications. hahahaha Maybe not anytime soon but perhaps in the far future I may sway myself for a new car. But it wont be anytime soon. I enjoy lesser newer modernized cars. Just how I am. More fun with aftermarket mods.
  6. ay ay ay...look...its either she gets driven once a week or shes in hibernation getting worked on aka being showered with luxury expensive parts hahahaagha Nah right now, my mind set isnt anything in the modern day car. I think my car is modern enough. All the new gadgets and functions...to me, I feel it makes you more of an unsafe driver as you become less aware of the surrounds around you when you drive because you rely on the car technology to pick it up and alert you. I dont think thats good practice. If i get another car, it will be a simple daily car which i wont car about condition as much as Taylor. something cheap to drive around and less love required to drive around. hahaha
  7. @mademoiselle naahhhh CBD is good...just need to sort out the covid situation hahahaha. I want covid to be gone or just somewhat safe where I can take PT again. coz then more nites of after work dinners will happen.....and I dont have to drive my car as much and can spend more money on it and have it off road in the workshop hahaha @NiteWalker alrighttyyy Mi Goreng packet noodles and cans of Spam lets gooooo.....budget diet...hahahahahajkz.
  8. Yeap, seen them all up to date. Though when the new ones come out, I cant watch them right away, I sometimes have to leave it half a day to 1 full day just so whoever does the english captions can upload them since I need the english caption/subs there. LOL. ---Edit .clip 49 is out but no eng sub so ill have to wait till a bit later for Eng captions hahaha Agreed, theres a lot of BTS content for this drama. I like it. Actually I enjoy the BTS stuff more than the drama itself HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nah my heart is fine, doesnt do anything to me anymore. BUT if i stop drinking it fully for several months and then start up again, the first few weeks my heart does beat faster whilst drinking it. LOL. but short time and then it settles. Ayyy im not like a full die hard F1 fan, I just like the other teams that doesnt include Hamilton or Bottas. hahahahahaha hahaha you are not wrong...delivery + service fee...geeezzzzz.....
  10. **giggles** yeah i try keep up to date so i dont fall behind. Im surprised that there was ALOT. hahahahaha Yeah defs feel bad for Hye Ji.
  11. Not gonna lie, 2 cans is almost like standard for me these days. Other wise just 1 a day. They dont do anything to me anymore...well again. Its just a nice fizzy drink. Like I can have one or 2 and go to bed. Im like broken. HAHAHAHAHA I slept at 1am...woke at 6am to get ready to go into office...get into office to read email that meeting with US counterpart was cancelled.....not happy.... daymm, shortages? musta been a bad day, surely itll come in stock tomorrow or AT LEAST the weekend. haha lockdown has made people not remember how to drive sensibly on the roads again. hopefully one day you can experience a job in the city @mademoiselle ..... you can see how fast money disappears on food bcoz there are soooo many options hahahahahahaha
  12. @mademoiselle didnt make it to GongCha today unfortunately....breakfast was 1 can or redbull. Lunch was 1 can of redbull and 2 banh mi with cold cut meats. 3pm was ChaTime due to rage from work.....Apple fruit green tea (half ice, half sugar) and apple popping pearls. LOL. Work is so crap. Happy time is driving Taylor listening to korean pop hahahaha
  13. AHahahah yesss its named after Taylor Swift My Queen. Going to try get the nice top tier Gongcha, craving a Earl Grey Milk Tea with white pearls, half ice and little sugar. Yeah we arent fully safe yet, but this should be the road out. Like it should be the next week of less and lesser case....then we cruise with no local cases for a few weeks before lockdown 6 strikes. AHHAHAHAHA Ayyy, health first. DW I will keep nonsense food and drinks talk to a minimum Ahhh....I was never into those reality idol shows. Ive always disliked them...even if this one has the babes Tiffany as a judge as well as Sunmi....I wont be watching unfortunately.
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