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  1. unsure how this drama will play out. BUT in for SooJunggiieeeeeeeee
  2. Yeah, thats all I can see of him in this drama. How he behaves in Nevertheless feels like its the same here. Imagine in this drama they reference the butterfly ANYWHERE with him involved.....instant PC monitor thrown out my window. hahahahahahaha
  3. I want to watch this for MinYoung, Yura and Yoon....But Song Kang is in it and I still hate his face. Shame. Could have been some what and okay drama to watch, but they messed up putting Song Kang in it.
  4. 3 gorgeous gals as leads? Looks funny as well. Im in...LOL. p.s: SiWon with a beard or any facial hair is sooo bad. He looks sooo much better clean shaven.
  5. I just saw ep 14.....another twist....sort of....but... Nooo NOOOOO NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I dont like where this is going.... Ep15 is going to hit hard going by the previews shown at the end of ep14...
  6. just watched ep.13 The revealing of who it is.......unbelieveable.....***smashes head against desk** Oh my God...... Almost feels like MinGyu isnt fully the bad guy but sorta is? I mean he just wants it good with KH. Kinda silly how once SH unlocked the firing range, the doors are just open for anyone to get in. LOL. I know we needed it here for how it turned out, but....kinda unsafe if you ask me. haha I sorta wished KH just told him what she heard at DM bedside and how SH life was at risk, might have been a better understanding of what was to go down for the both of them. I need ep.14
  7. I was already up for work, but cause i hate my job and am trying to look elsewhere, what i do now is wake up at normal times and attend tam daily meeting at 9am, once done i go back and lie in bed for a short snooze. Anywhere between 30min to 60min. So while I was snoozing all that stuff happened. Nah its mid week and i want Maccas. We dont have stuff like that here so no idea what procedures would be. I only ran outside because initial thoughts were they were doing roadworks/maintenance work out near my house so I wanted to see whats going on and if it was major causing negative effects I'd go off my head telling them to stop etc. But getting out side I saw nothing. Like i said, been here for 33 years, never experienced an earthquake. Cant expect me to know whats right to do, but reacting is better than just sitting there and shrugging it off. I get you guys find it funny, but thats pretty poor imo. You might have experienced things like this before, but I havent. So im not gonna know what to do.
  8. Terrible.....terrible.....wake up @mademoiselle haha Need to be more alert. Im still getting McDonalds today.
  9. HOMMGGGGG Freaking outtttt HAAHAHAHHA First ever earthquake experience.....I am like full wide awake right now....sshheeeeeeee I first thought it was the construction trucks in low gear driving past coz theyre doing road works just up the road from me. but it went on for ages and got louder...then i saw stuff in my room moving...and then freaked and ran out the house. LOL....then out front of the house i saw other ppl come out of their houses and we're all just looking at each other like...."wtf did you feel that" hahaha omggg im sooo awake right now...like....ready to run hahaha Id be crapping bricks if i lived in high rise apartments.
  10. LOL..its 2am and i see that @SilverMoonTea .... hungry but must sleeppppp hahahahaha
  11. seems like it wasnt pulling me in enough. I found myself doing some minor fast forwarding of some parts in ep5 n ep6. I have seen ep7 yet, I mean ill likely watch the drama through out but....just isnt happening for me at the moment.
  12. Yeah we get the public holiday, Dandrews announced it himself......for nothing....coz we're in lockdown anyway. LOL...wat a waste. hahaha All those protest clips, always 2 sides to the story. You'd have to intimidate and provoke the police for them to react. they don't just pounce on you for nothing. Always a reason for it. Waste of time, money and everythingggggggg. Im slowly losing interest in Hometown chachacha.....LoL.
  13. I feel bad for Kang Ha Neul, his role wasnt pretty in that movie. Poor guy. I just ignore KHN nowdays until its safe again. But so far its pretty silly, KwangSoo and HaNeul trying to figure out basic camp things.....hilarious, its like dumbb and dumber. hahahahaha The preview of the guests to come...omg gonna be such an awesome watch. cannot wait.
  14. Yeah, Dan revealed the roadmap today...so silly...pretty much lockdown until Oct 26th. and then if its good they might ease some restrictions. So add on that 5 weeks from toady of more lockdown...sheesshh. Curious to know what are your little projects? BAHAHAHAH yes, its more 'westernized', Chatime. I mean I can have it if im desperate for a quick fix. I dont know if numbers mean anything anymore. Our 6th lockdown that started from the first week of August.....it never lifted...we are still in it after 6.5 weeks. Add another 5 onto that, be like 12 weeks pretty much. Cant guarantee we are out Oct 26th though, its up to the Gov. Currently watching Ep1 of House on Wheels: For Rent. Got Lee Kwang Soo, Kang Ha Neul and Han Hyo Joo in it...keen for the guests. Looks funny.
  15. @mademoiselle we the best with lockdowns. forever lockdowns. my next shot is 2nd week November. probs be silly busy again. wens yours?
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