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  1. for real how is he only 22, he looks my age ;_; now i feel so old again. He is so friggin handsome though *saving all the gifs and pics* definately going to watch some of his dramas to fangirl hehehe such a shallow woman i am
  2. Cant wait!! Actually also because of Park Min Young, shes so cute and a wonderful actress *. * I hope to binge this in christmas holiday <3
  3. Hello you reading this, yeah you there, I like you <3

    1. bairama


      i like you too, you're so mad cute<33 btw i will post up a reply on the feedback! As i do feel some need to be up & hope it can be better for future. Thankful for the writings onnn:pandalick:

    2. mirmz


      aww thank you <3

      i like u too. 

      (btw ima follow u)

      Blowing Kiss GIFs | Tenor


  4. This song by CIX, specifically the univeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerse part ;')
  5. ~i have waited for you~ November 18th (wednesday) 8pm in the evening You really want to see (him/me/it idk)? lee dong wook's vlive? So that means 9 hours from the time i post this D: Anyway i had so much to reply to everyone that posted meanwhile that i just dont because its too much too quote XD
  6. First of all: Congratulations!! Some criticisms (which are of course my opinion and in no way meant in a negative/mean way <3) -To be honest the forum confuses me. I feel like I cant post anywhere because the posts seem to be a wikipedia- type of posts one you cannot reply to with fangirlisms (which i like to do alot =3). For example k-actor shrines. I would love to fangirl or post pictures of lee dong wook but i feel like i shouldnt/ thats not its purpose. (besides the fact he apparently SOMEHOW doesn't have a shrine yet XDD Will look into that hehehe) -Or the K-drama (and prob
  7. im not reading the comments now but im no life watching this drama now. im already at ep 9 i really want the episodes to come out faster ;_; .. great i just heard episode 13 airs on the 25th ;-; i shouldn't have wished
  8. can i just say that im participating to get the medal XD because i dont think ill find any
  9. I can join as a tribute! its better to contact me on discord though =3
  10. My submissions: All three are historical drama related, because thats my favorite genre =3 The first one is Nokdu from Tale Of Nokdu, second one Wang So from Scarlet Heart, third one i have no clue what his name is but hes from The Untamed. (I have only watched like 5 episodes of that one ;')) I actually didnt realize we could just take pictures from the internet and edit them but I was already trying out some digital drawing so thought I'd draw the badges digitally. It was fun to do anyway =3 Thanks for reading <3
  11. Only ever used one so far so no Do you like cats
  12. Ugh I have a very big collection of teas but my favorite will always be chai tea or orange jaipur from lipton D:
  13. *erases* if you like MMORPGs try Black Desert Online. It is my favorite so far, also happened to be made by a korean company
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