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  1. for real how is he only 22, he looks my age ;_; now i feel so old again. He is so friggin handsome though *saving all the gifs and pics* definately going to watch some of his dramas to fangirl hehehe such a shallow woman i am
  2. Cant wait!! Actually also because of Park Min Young, shes so cute and a wonderful actress *. * I hope to binge this in christmas holiday <3
  3. Hello you reading this, yeah you there, I like you <3

    1. bai


      i like you too, you're so mad cute<33 btw i will post up a reply on the feedback! As i do feel some need to be up & hope it can be better for future. Thankful for the writings onnn:pandalick:

    2. mirmz


      aww thank you <3

      i like u too. 

      (btw ima follow u)

      Blowing Kiss GIFs | Tenor


  4. This song by CIX, specifically the univeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerse part ;')
  5. ~i have waited for you~ November 18th (wednesday) 8pm in the evening You really want to see (him/me/it idk)? lee dong wook's vlive? So that means 9 hours from the time i post this D: Anyway i had so much to reply to everyone that posted meanwhile that i just dont because its too much too quote XD
  6. First of all: Congratulations!! Some criticisms (which are of course my opinion and in no way meant in a negative/mean way <3) -To be honest the forum confuses me. I feel like I cant post anywhere because the posts seem to be a wikipedia- type of posts one you cannot reply to with fangirlisms (which i like to do alot =3). For example k-actor shrines. I would love to fangirl or post pictures of lee dong wook but i feel like i shouldnt/ thats not its purpose. (besides the fact he apparently SOMEHOW doesn't have a shrine yet XDD Will look into that hehehe) -Or the K-drama (and probably others that i havent looked into i think) forum that discusses only recent eps? I think the topics shouldn't have episode numbers in their names but just inside the topic discussions with spoiler tags, it will probably make more people comfortable to post as well. And the tags in the front the name 2020/upcoming etc etc makes it even more confusing. i think it would be better to have the name of the drama in the front and upcoming/ongoing etc etc at the end (and include the tag ongoing, which will also promote the kdrama probably) -Other than that I think (maybe in the future because JangHaven is not that big yet?) But the discord to get updated with more interesting/ interactive channels. And personally i would organize it differently, also use some visuals to make it more attractive (emojis, fonts, I have 2 channels of my own i can screenshot & show, if my ideas are interesting to you all) And discord has awesome possibilities to use bots for so called ~roles~, so if youre a kdrama watcher you can click 'kdrama watcher' and see kdrama channels for example. to end on a non-criticism note -I really love the positivity of the people on the forum and discord, everyones very nice and it is no drama- environment. we need more of that in life =) The mods/important peeps are so easy to talk to as well and dont feel like they are 'more' than other non-mod forum users, and use the forum a lot themselves also which makes it feel even more like a family/community =3 Thanks for reading <3
  7. im not reading the comments now but im no life watching this drama now. im already at ep 9 i really want the episodes to come out faster ;_; .. great i just heard episode 13 airs on the 25th ;-; i shouldn't have wished
  8. can i just say that im participating to get the medal XD because i dont think ill find any
  9. I can join as a tribute! its better to contact me on discord though =3
  10. My submissions: All three are historical drama related, because thats my favorite genre =3 The first one is Nokdu from Tale Of Nokdu, second one Wang So from Scarlet Heart, third one i have no clue what his name is but hes from The Untamed. (I have only watched like 5 episodes of that one ;')) I actually didnt realize we could just take pictures from the internet and edit them but I was already trying out some digital drawing so thought I'd draw the badges digitally. It was fun to do anyway =3 Thanks for reading <3
  11. Only ever used one so far so no Do you like cats
  12. Ugh I have a very big collection of teas but my favorite will always be chai tea or orange jaipur from lipton D:
  13. *erases* if you like MMORPGs try Black Desert Online. It is my favorite so far, also happened to be made by a korean company
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