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  1. They released two OSTs. =) These were posted on Weibo and I think they are cleverly done.
  2. Jing Tian and Zhang Binbin performed Cai Xukun's song, Lover, last night. =)
  3. You are the best, @JenL! I feel like I need to finish this now. I stopped around episode 8.
  4. Yay!! I'll need to watch this soon because I've seen a lot of clips and they were all very funny. Haha!
  5. I was a bit mortified when I was watching it. There are a lot of cringey things like this in C-Dramas so at the same time, I just pay no attention to them now too. Haha! I have not adopted Song Kang yet. He's more like eye candy right now, but if the fanservice is good in Nevertheless, I might just be adopting him after. How many dramas have you dropped this year? LOL!! @JenL -- I love that you tier your list! Haha! I don't think I have that for my list but there are some oppas I like more than others. LOL!
  6. To be honest, it doesn't look as bad as some of the other ones we've seen but the belt strap is an interesting touch for SSH.
  7. @bluepebbles -- That ending! Really random but someone at work walked in with a polo shirt the same purple as Song Kang's. I almost asked if he was going to watch Nevertheless this weekend until I realized he only watches documentaries. LOL!
  8. His whole outfit was really nice and I liked his hair too. I didn't see the makeup until later but I guess it goes with the vibe he was trying to create. Haha!
  9. Character Chart. I'm glad there are not that many people. Haha!!
  10. Haha! I know! So many tent scenes. New poster. Airing schedule.
  11. @NiteWalker -- I hope that it'll be a happy ending regardless because I'm not in the mood for sad or open ending. Haha!! But more importantly, it's going to air on June 17th!!! I've been so busy this week at work but I will make time for this! More posters here: https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4648653434390192
  12. @SilverMoonTea -- The boys from that group are always having dating scandals. I don't pay much attention to them but I always see the name R1SE whenever there are trending topics about cheating celebrities. Hahaha!
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