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  1. @abs-oluteM Stop watching. It's not worth watching the remaining episodes. There is another season so it ends with so many cliffhangers. I feel so cheated out of my time.
  2. I can't believe this drama is over now. @abs-oluteM, I'm on episode 33 and one thing I dislike is how long they are keeping XC and PQH apart. They both appeared together around episode 27/28 and I have yet to see them together on the same screen. They are the heart of the show especially their brotherhood.
  3. New updates. =) They finished filming which means less chances for Cheng Yi to hurt himself!
  4. There's no cute couple but you're going to watch it with me when it airs, right @NiteWalker and @IpohBanana?
  5. Hahaha! Yes, current main oppa because those can change frequently. I've only been able to catch a few minutes of the first episode this week. Waiting for this weekend to watch the episodes. I'm happy to hear that the feedback as been good so far!
  6. Red and green are complementary colors, so maybe using it is the drama's way of saying reflection of you? I don't think the body dump is in the past, I think it's in the future. They show her cleaning up blood in her art studio and in that clip, the painting of her family was completed, but throughout the two episodes, it shows the painting as incomplete. In terms of timeline, "Hannah" and HJ first met before HJ had her son. In episode 2, she mentioned that her son was going to kindergarten, which makes him around 4-5 years old -- does that mean that many years have passed since they've seen each other? WJ was admitted to the Ireland hospital on March 18th, 2018 and the marriage certificate says September 19th, 2013. HJ and WJ must have had an affair because in the preview for next week's episodes, the hand grabbing -- I'm suspecting are between the two of them. If the translation is correct, HW says that "he" ruined me, meaning WJ, right? She married him and found out that he was cheating on her with HJ? I'm curious to know what "that incident" was that both of them do not want to openly talk about. The exhibit that's going to be on display at the same time as HJ's, it seems like it'll be WJ's exhibit. He was a sculptor so I'm assuming those statues are his. If this drama goes full on makjang, Hannah and HW are twins so that's why they can be in two places as once. And HJ's son is the love child between her and WJ.
  7. When I saw the pig USB, it reminded me of the Chinese marriage necklace that @mademoiselle or someone posted in Dabang a long time ago -- the necklace was three layers with pigs as the design.
  8. The name of it is rather cute, hahaha! I didn't know he had a movie coming out. I've kind of accepted that I may never see him in any new projects because I haven't heard news about him lately. The movie looks good. Hopefully, there are subs that come out later so I can watch Simon. And yes, we do have similar taste in oppas! We both love the oppas with the happiest smiles. @SilverMoonTea I got his character from When the Weather is Fine. I guess we are fraternal twins and not identical twins.
  9. These photos of them are so lovely, how can they not be the main leads? OMG! This 21 minute teaser! I'm so excited and sad all at once. @bairama @JenL https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4692155130904666?from=old_pc_videoshow
  10. Haha! I have no idea, but if the first episode is good and doesn't seem like it'll turn sad, I'll tag you! They must have had a press conference? These are new photos of the cast.
  11. I really liked today's episode. I think most of the episodes so far has focused on DL and this episode, the ending allowed us to see a little bit of MH's childhood. The second male lead was just as annoying in this episode. I feel like he's expecting something from DL after all the things he's done. I love that MH was not intimidated by him. The kiss at the end was cute.
  12. Wow, what an episode. It was a bit on the creepy side like @Mizv mentioned. It almost seem like GHW is stalking JHJ because of their past relationship -- did JHJ's husband do something to KJY's character? I was not for the student abuse and reasoning it as "punishment".
  13. Oh yay! My sister is going to be happy. She's been waiting for this drama. @IpohBanana, are you going to watch this? Haha!
  14. Haha, I have no idea! The last drama the scriptwriter wrote had an open ending that was happy -- considering the storyline for that drama it was the best ending for it. Will you watch this with us, @stroppyse? They only air one episode a week.
  15. @Mouse We will need @NiteWalker to summarize for us. Haha! Seems like something fell threw with Alex? @Yana LOL! The BTS for that kiss scenes was funny.
  16. Lots of stills being released. I wonder if it's going to premiere soon?
  17. OMG, YES!! I was wondering why he was standing there too because it wasn't like he was at an intersection. He was in the middle of a road. Episode 13 and 14 Previews
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