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  1. It does appear to be so @SnowBlob First, he wants to be someone so important to be able to have a discussion with the president himself. Then he wants to be a national hero, the people's hero. *puke* With all that, I'm sure he's also looking to gain power and some form of high position, and that which will come with access to tons of money. So in short, he seeks recognition, money and power, all in the guise of patriotism. Aren't these what politicians of the world really strive for? Most of them, I mean. There are but a small number who really do work for the people's benefit and the country's well-being. Yeah, I too hope to see more revelation on what drove KTY to act the way he did, and which eventually cost him his life. Well, if you deal with the devil (IHR), what else is there to look forward to other than death? But my gosh, he was cruel, almost psychopathic in that he was ready to negotiate away the only evidence that could save the life of Hwang. KTY was more than ready to let Hwang die! True. It appears that tablet PC is the only solid piece of evidence, plus the paperwork on Widow's Cruse Project, I suppose. But now we also have evidence of IHR personally going to the airport to claim the luggages (of cash?) from PWJ's return trip. When I saw that, I was thinking why he would do that himself? How arrogant of him to think that no CCTV or no one would question that act? Also, we have the smart work of HJH, his voice recording of the 3 baddies on the golf ground. So IHR is chasing after his presidential dream! I do hope that video tape showing IHR murdering KTY (back in 1991) that YJ meant to pass on to YS at the amusement park has a copy lying around somewhere, somehow. Shouldn't YJ have taken a condensed video off the screen as well, and not just photos off the screen? I don't know why YS told YJ that her testimony would not be enough to nail IHR. I thought there would be other testimonies too, like those of PJ's team such as JH and YG, who worked on the operation together with IHR's team. But I guess even if the testimonies are in sync, a higher bar is needed to convict a high government official which the CIO is tasked to do. I hope not. Wasn't DW the one who initially acted as a mole for those 3 baddies, and then realized YS is a good, sincere, and brave CIO Chief, and he then left that mole hole? I think it was IHR's minion who alerted him about the raid. What stood out to me: I'm just so happy that YS and JH have worked out their misunderstanding. Although JH was wrong to begin with, way back (in 1989?) when he fell in love with YS. He did give up everything for YS. What YJ told YS on the rooftop was so on point. YJ told YS not to just focus on why JH hid the truth from her, but what he has given up to be with her. YJ is a true romantic all the way lol. I'm also glad to see tough YS taking on, head on, that evil and corrupt IHR. She was so cool when she told IHR in reply to his question, "Are you threatening me?": YS said, "It wasn't a threat. I'm declaring war." YO! You go girl! Can't wait for more! How could it be IHR's manipulation at that time, in this specific case? It was KTY who tried to manipulate others to achieve his goals. In the end, not only did tons of students die during the protests and in the name of patriotism, KTY himself paid the price too, although in his case, for double-dealing and pretending to be a patriot, he deserved it. HOHOHO! I agree. I had to agree haha. I just love JJH and KHJ unconditionally Absoulutely! They were perfect as the younger versions of HJH and CYS.
  2. Where did you get your crystal ball? I want to buy it, too. Haha. I had my suspicion about KTY but it wasn't deep. Then ep 14 woke me up! Yup. What a twist at the end of ep 14. You'll love it! Yup. YS knows for sure by ep 14. YS met up with GYJ who confirmed the photos she emailed to her were taken off the screen, but the video she intended to pass on to YS is no longer in her possession, and that she has no concrete evidence on IHR now, though she'd be YS' witness at trial. YS told YJ that would still not be enough to nail IHR. They need more. Anyway, with time on my hand (not the kind that I would have hoped for but am still thankful for), I finally binged through it all, up until the current aired episode 14. I will just jump to the ending of ep 14 which stood out to me the most. Yup. I was shocked and dumbfounded. I felt as if I was "betrayed" by KTY. I felt sad for the students who had sacrificed their lives and livelihood for a real cause, yet none was even aware that they were taken for a ride. I felt like I was CYS' heart and it was ripped out of her! OMG! Well, that's how good this drama is! I LOVE IT! SPOILERS: Ep 14's prologue started with the meeting between KTY and IHR back in 1991. And it showed how sly IHR was to have hidden a voice recording device in his cigarette box, and which he used to record their convo. Ep 14 also ended with this same meeting. And what a twist! IHR sent YS that voice recording he made of the convo with KTY. While I absolutely love it, I feel bad for all the students, including YS, who believed (and many had died) in KTY and his advocacy. SPOILERS Here's the very interesting convo that YS received from IHR, and which she was listening to with JH: It goes to show how everyone is a flawed human. Every human is greedy in some way. Every "politician/advocate" has their own hidden and dark agenda, and not least of all, how conceited and deceitful one can be. PS: I am so in love with this Korean version, so in love with the main 4 leads (the young and current OTPs) that were chosen to star in it, and of course, including IHR and DYG, too. It shows how skillful and creative the crew/cast can be, and how a similar plotline can be presented in extremely different and interesting way, yet not veering off the main theme. Kudos to all involved! Based on Undercover by Peter Moffat and James Hawes Written by Baek Cheol-hyeon Jung Hye-eun Song Ja-hoon Directed by Song Hyeon-wook Starring Ji Jin-hee Kim Hyun-joo Jung Man-sik Han Go-eun Composer Eom Ki-yeop Country of origin South Korea CR: Wikipedia I can't wait to watch the final two episodes in the upcoming finale week. CYS, please go kick some a** and put their behinds in jail! I hope the Han family will stay good and intact. Dare I/we wish for more? I wonder if there will be a season 2, Korean version. It is just too good to end.
  3. Hi all! Never thought I'd be bingeing on this drama at this time, but I did. I am blown away by the superb chemistry between the two main leads, and the plot that encompasses a real historical event. OMG! The plot is so gripping, you just want to watch on and on and on. Then I realize it is only a 12-episode drama. What? Why? This is too good to end so quickly. Hope there'll be a season 2. I don't think 2 more episodes would be enough to wrap it up well. We'll see... And I want more of HT+MH (and their cute little brothers too). Actually, the brother and sister duo, Soo Chan and Soo Ryeon, are awesome as well. I can't help but wish these four would have formed two cute little couples, but fate never does make it easy for lovers, or indeed, for most. My heart aches for HT and MH, but also for SC as well. Also, I never knew a drama would bring me back into digging into history and what had happened. But I did for this drama. What happened in Gwangju Uprising was such a shame! Then again, that's not the sole shameful historical event in SK, nor the world. Politics, what a "game!" A downright dirty and deadly "game!" Looking forward to the finale week and also to more projects from this writernim, and this superb cast/crew. Written by Lee Kang Directed by Song Min-yeob Starring Lee Do-hyun Go Min-si Lee Sang-yi Keum Sae-rok CR: Wikipedia I'll be sad to see this awesome drama end. I hope it will end well. A definite item for rewatching over and over again.
  4. If you drive, when you are on the road, especially if it's a highway/expressway/autobahn/whatchamacallit, please focus on the road and be very, very careful. Don't text and drive. Ever! Don't be a reckless and care less driver causing harm to innocent people, especially the young/little ones. Thank you for reading and please spread the word.

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    2. NiteWalker


      make sure you also take care of yourself.....as much as you're taking care of your princess you need to take care of yourself....


      i usually dont like to listen to phone when i drive....if my phone rung when i drive i let it rung and only pick it up and call bk later when i stop if not  i usually have my hand free on when i was driving 

    3. oppasaranghaeyo


      @bairama  @NiteWalker Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Appreciate it all. Trying our best to manage the recuperation and rehab/healing process. :love:


      That's a very good practive you have there, @NiteWalker I don't use the phone when I am driving too. Not even if I have handsfree on. But I also understand some employees do not have this option, and some employers are not able to afford it. Perhaps someday soon, they all will the option to do the right thing.


      I wish all drivers will just focus on the road and their surrounding when they drive. Lately, over here, I see some companies have automated replies in their employees phones and messaging systems where automated text would tell the sender that so and so is on the road and will revert when they can. I thought that's truly a step in the right direction. Kudos to companies that have started using such a practice. Kudos to my employer, too.



    4. NiteWalker


      yes i try to avoid answering however sometimes unable to avoid it if its my brother who called....he tends to be impatience ><"

  5. Quick reply: I'm catching up and will be back to share some thoughts, and catch up with you all in this thread as well.
  6. Hello "Mine" lovers I was initially hesitant to start watching this drama while it's on-air because of its writernim Baek. I was "badly burned" by her My Love Eun Dong drama's final couple of episodes some years ago (though it was still a good watch). I wanted to start only after knowing how she'd end this drama. However, since I'm a huge fan of both the lady leads, LBY and KSH, and my curiosity got the better of me, I started watching it when it premiered. I've just completed ep 3 and so far, I'm loving it, though I'm cautious about loving it too much because of MLED's experience lol. I've much to say but I also want to get on with catching up with Undercover first. Join us at that thread if you are also watching it. For now, I'm struck by the beginning of ep 1 (the mysterious death! which gave me a flashback of The Penthouse lol), the ending of ep 2 (that revelation! whoa! are Kdramas trending toward "boldness" with social issues like sexual orientation, divorces and affairs, etc?), and the ending of ep 3 where JSH is... Be back to catch up with you all, and this thread. Happy Watching and Good Weekend! Aww... sorry to hear that. Have a speedy recovery!
  7. The segment I'm most excited about is this: Best Screenplay/剧本奖: Kim Su-jin – Beyond Evil/金秀珍《怪物》 Kim Eun-jung – My Unfamiliar Family/金恩贞《了解的不多也无妨 是一家人》 Yoo Jung-hee – Flower of Evil/刘晶熙《恶之花》 Jo Yong – It's Okay to Not Be Okay/赵容《虽然是精神病但没关系》 Ha Myung-hee – Record of Youth/河明熙《青春纪录》 Of these five dramas, I've just completed Beyond Evil and IOTNBO but have yet to complete Record of Youth. Of those I've watched in full, I still think MUF has an awesome script (and plot and cast) and I hope the writer and the drama team would win something, somehow. The vibe I am feeling, despite the plague of scandals pertaining to one, is the "mental disorder" rather than the "dysfunctional family" drama would win this award, if not sweep even more. I hope it's the 2nd covid-vax I had recently that's making me feel off-kilter lol. Jokes aside, there are elements in this script (and ofc many other scripts too lol) that I dislike, not least of all is the oft-used cliche of childhood connection, and worse of all, to me at least, certain scenes that amounted to sexual harrassment that are accepted by many as "romantic" or "feministic" or even "comical" are just troubling/puzzling to me. Or, is it really "Okay to Not Be Okay" in viewing such behavior with alternate (i.e. indifferent or double standard) lens? I love BE and FOE too, and wish SHK, YJG, GJK and MCW could win something too, but the connection isn't as strong as for MUF, or even IOTNBO. I guess the sibling-rivalry to disconnection to dynamic, and the OTP's plot have been the pull for me in MUF. Whatever happens and whoever wins, I'd be happy for them all. Always grateful for K-dramas and K-ent. Please keep writing, acting, filming, buzzing... and make us more "addicted" to your "crack" lol (awesome projects). Anyone watching it live? I hope to, if available in my region. PSST: I hope BinJin will make a surprise appearance somehow.
  8. Me too, though I've watched only 3 out of the 5 nominated thus far, I also find these 2 so very different, but are both very good. I ended up voting for UF cos the drama touched me on many fronts, not least of all the "unfamiliar" family in focus, and also the OTP and the sisters. Good luck to every nominee and team.
  9. Me too. I'm glad. Unfortunately, the field is never evened out, so to speak. The big difference between the good and the bad - the ruthlessness, evilness within the hearts of the baddies. They would never "play by the rules" and would go as foul as "murder to eliminate the good" and so I do fear for CYS and HJH, and those good folks around them. Indeed! Fine acting! I don't think I've seen him before. But I hope he will appear in more projects after this. Exactly! I have my doubts though. I would say with full confidence that this is the case for CYS. However, with HJH, it is still unclear what he did back then, apart from being involved in that drug bust operation, that he needed to emerge with a new ID. What's more complicated, to me at least lol, is why did he use his new ID to infiltrate the students' protest to tail KTY, and in so doing, to get to know CYS and KCM? I thought his involvement (not sure to what extent atm) in KTY's death was the reason for his new ID? Right. GYJ was fired once she became addicted to drugs. The sad part was that her addiction was due to the nature of her "undercover" job. I thought it was ludicrous for her to be fired for that reason, let alone putting her in danger of health and harm. I like this K-remake a lot. I tried to watch the BBC original but one episode in and... nah. This is so much better. CR: All Ep 3 images - JTBC.
  10. Hahahahahaha I ask myself this question every week, and more than once per episode. I don't have the answer because I still find myself watching on, and hoping for something to click where the genre ROM-COM is concerned. My "bias" take (at least for me) would be that we are watching on because of the main leads, the main OTP. I've been waiting for this pairing ever since they've confirmed taking on this project. Now I don't care what the ending will be or where the plot will lead me/us. I am not giving up because I've come this far! Still, Nana and LMK make the watching enjoyable, even when the plot sucks. PS: I hope to see you two pair up again in a future project, a better project. Saranghaeyo! One factor is becoming clearer and clearer through the years (to me): K-authors are lousy at endings or toward endings. Though not all of them, there are many of them I'd put in this "basket". They could start a story well, and they could reel viewers in without any problem, but as the plot develops toward the end (or should I say "go haywire" lol), it seems we have case after case of too many hands/heads spoiling the broth, perhaps? Or, disruption by external forces? I just feel so bad for the cast when such a case happens, as it clearly is with "Oh My Ladylord". Writernim Jo Jin Kook was the same writer who brought us "Soulmate" which I loved immensely even though I discovered and watched it (in 2015) almost a decade after it had created a storm (2006)! His most recent project "Lonely Enough to Love" was quite a letdown, but once again I made it to the end because of the main leads. What a far cry from Soulmate LEtL and OML have been! I'd hoped writernim would do better with Nana and LMK, but... @Tofu I resisted (for a long while) the temptation to respond to your "call" for opinion. But, as you can see, I could no longer hold it in... lol. Lastly, I too want to find out what the heck is wrong with HBS. Did that white truck of doom really hit him? Are we watching a fantasy genre, not a rom-com? Is he really dying? Or are we to hope for a "rebirth" or "reawakening" of sorts from the clue of 49 days?
  11. Some useful references: 1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Handmaid's_Tale 2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Handmaid's_Tale_(TV_series) 3. https://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a34097322/the-handmaids-tale-season-4-news-date-cast-trailer-spoilers/ The Handmaid's Tale Season 4: Everything We Know ---------- This is an awesome American TV series. It is not for the faint-hearted. Have a watch, from Season 1. I believe Season 4 will be the final series. I love it!
  12. (The poster for Season 4 with June’s Handmaid robe symbolically burning away.) SYNOPSIS Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. (Src: IMDB) CAST Elisabeth Moss as June Osborne https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Handmaid's_Tale_characters https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5834204 TRAILERS The first look official trailer: The full season 4 official trailer:
  13. It seems no other streaming service, other than K-plus, has picked up this series. Perhaps TVing wanted it exclusively for now. I watched it raw, and then I watched it with Chinese subs for parts that I am unsure of. YAY! Glad there are English subs now. Glad that you all, and more folks, can watch it. It's really good!
  14. Hope chingudeul had a good time! I don't know what happened at Discord. Perhaps I didn't click the right button lol. I tried to join the K-party earlier but was redirected back to the forum. :idk:

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      Maybe try this link next time? It brings me to the discord server: https://discord.com/channels/734844185118507040/734904348118614127

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      I will. Thank you for the link.:heart:

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