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  1. If you drive, when you are on the road, especially if it's a highway/expressway/autobahn/whatchamacallit, please focus on the road and be very, very careful. Don't text and drive. Ever! Don't be a reckless and care less driver causing harm to innocent people, especially the young/little ones. Thank you for reading and please spread the word.

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    2. NiteWalker


      make sure you also take care of yourself.....as much as you're taking care of your princess you need to take care of yourself....


      i usually dont like to listen to phone when i drive....if my phone rung when i drive i let it rung and only pick it up and call bk later when i stop if not  i usually have my hand free on when i was driving 

    3. oppasaranghaeyo


      @bairama  @NiteWalker Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Appreciate it all. Trying our best to manage the recuperation and rehab/healing process. :love:


      That's a very good practive you have there, @NiteWalker I don't use the phone when I am driving too. Not even if I have handsfree on. But I also understand some employees do not have this option, and some employers are not able to afford it. Perhaps someday soon, they all will the option to do the right thing.


      I wish all drivers will just focus on the road and their surrounding when they drive. Lately, over here, I see some companies have automated replies in their employees phones and messaging systems where automated text would tell the sender that so and so is on the road and will revert when they can. I thought that's truly a step in the right direction. Kudos to companies that have started using such a practice. Kudos to my employer, too.



    4. NiteWalker


      yes i try to avoid answering however sometimes unable to avoid it if its my brother who called....he tends to be impatience ><"

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