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  1. he’s around 30, he have his own character weibo where he keep talking about wanting to retired actually Yuning is his own studio (he mentioned in his livestream), he’s not under any agency except he collabs with some for his music/OST
  2. Why do I feel like Fan Yilun followed him from TLB to here to troll him "we were enemies, and now we're best friend"
  3. I am here to prepare myself for the 26th. I am ready
  4. I finally finished this drama (no, i did not forgot about it and start other dramas). One thing I love love love was the minimal romance, because I was definitely hook on the plot, and how she became successful despite everything that happened to her. I hate to see my baby Songyun cries, but jksdfjkleflek another amazing drama by the one and only. I hated the senior dude the first time he appeared, knew something was shady about him.
  5. I binge all the available episodes yesterday! Stupid me starting an on-going drama, now imma cry, cause it's so good
  6. Wait quick question, have this been confirm? Cause I was watching both of them in Welcome back to sound, and I just thinking, this is the pairing I need
  7. My knowledge to the story is up to there, I think you guys should continue to watch. I might missed out names or some detail because it's been a while since I read it.
  8. Did you guys figure it out yet? Or still want me to say something. His trauma was revealed slightly very early in the book
  9. I'm not too sure about Dramalist because they sometimes also include in rumours and etc, but I haven't read any news regarding this on her studio's weibo yet, so maybe it was never officially confirmed? or maybe covid prevented them from filming? I haven't seen any cancellation news either? (Maybe I've missed it)
  10. I've been....spending my free time watching Liu Yuning's livestream.......... I need to start this, i watched too many cuts
  11. can we just talk about the "HaoDu" in love's face expression is blessed. I feel like i'm seeing Yuninang and not Hao Du
  12. @40somethingahjummamy comment wasn’t directed at you at all. I wrote it yesterday when i found this thread but just didn’t post it and i also didn’t read your comment yet because I only came in to post that. I just read it your old comment just so I can understand what you meant in the new one. I only said hate cause some people mistaken me as an anti-Reba since I said I liked the side couple more? Anyway, sorry that I created a misunderstanding for posting. Thank you for your post.
  13. No worry about spoiling me because I've spoilt myself by watching a lot of clips! Literally, the long duration period of time when she goes missing, you can literally see the character development, going from a classy and spoilt princess to a mature independent person. You can also see how she started to treat ShuYu, not as clingy or closed as before, she become more understanding.
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