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  1. I wish I can run my fingers through his hairs. Oh, what a day it will be 😊
  2. Thank you for posting that vid, @SilverMoonTea I can’t wait for his new projects to be broadcasted😊
  3. I’m rewatching it, too!😄 For the 4th time!😁 I’m not happy though that I have to use VPN to watch it on WeTV. Why is it not allowed to be broadcasted in my region is 🙄.
  4. Howdy, everyone!😊 I stopped watching when the kids had their school term break and will resume in a while. I have 8 more episodes to watch I wish it’s 80 though so please excuse me while I go and catch up now.🥂
  5. I’m not sure as to why the sudden defensive stance of his camp, it must be severe for it to take such aggressive response😌 At the end of the day, CY is caught in a crossfire between parties and that it’s he who is affected the most😕
  6. Nice plot. I kind of have doubts as to how YM will deliver her scenes because her countenance is not that strong but I’ll still watch😊
  7. Same here, I based what I said from how they treated YB and reactions of other fans about them on myriad of social media platforms.
  8. Oh. That’s so not nice😕 but I will forgive them because it’s Easter😄 (and if they send to all disappointed fans a signed photo of BJT in uniform although I prefer it if without)☺️
  9. I now understand the root cause. It’s a result of compounding events. No one deserves to be the sacrificial lamb and collateral damage but she is in this case. Beautiful and pitiful life.
  10. I can’t blame some people for reacting that way. TBH, I kind of agree with them. H&R Century has a a history of not being nice. Pity that it’s the one handling CY.
  11. What? The abortion thingy, based on the book or the drama? I don’t remember that it was mentioned in the drama, or if it was I think I was half asleep when I watched the scene.
  12. For the love of god Cheng Yi, I wish they make up their mind regarding the FL role🙄
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