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Found 4 results

  1. Kingdom 킹덤 The South Korean Netflix series first premiered in January 2019 brought blockbuster hit and critical success followed by the sequel released in March 2020. The craze continues to thrill the audiences as the theme of zombie apocalypse attracted more due to the current worldwide pandemic. The final episode of season 2 , leaves more questions than answers with the cliffhanger final scene of Jun Ji Hyun as Ashin, that prequels the special episode , 'Kingdom: Ashin of the North" to premiere this July 2021. Director : Kim Sung Hoon Writer: Kim Eun Hee (Screenplay and novel), Yang Kyung Il (Comic) Broadcast Kingdom: Ashin of the North - July 23, 2021 Kingdom : Season 3- TBA Casts Ju Ji Hoon - Lee Chang Bae Doona- Seo Bi
  2. Matrimonial Chaos (2021) Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (10/10) Rewatch Value : Medium Probably this piece is missed by many people, as the poster not that interesting? The combination of the couple look awkward? Weird title too, Matrimonial Chaos? But everyone who valued character growth, family value, and the meaning of being in relationship / married should really try to watch this. Kang Hwi Roo (Bae Doona) She's been married to Suk Moo for 3 years. They met when SM was helping her with the house security installation. Not exactly love at the first sight, and they have big personality difference, but they're just comfortable being together. However the relationship deteriorated with their daily quarel after married. She's really messy and often late and it drive him crazy. Jo Suk Moo (Cha Tae Hyun) He's working as security officer, his work life is so miserable. His client often mistreated him, but he's always very responsible. He want to be relax and at peace in home, but end up he's getting irritated with everything Hwi Roo do or don't do. They also will meet another neighbourhood couple, and the twist, it's a Suk Moo's ex girlfriend from university! And her husband is very free & easy going. He's quite puzzling & weird too. Jin Yoo Young (Lee El) Very calm and elegant lady who own a small tailored clothes shop. She seems to have similar personality with Suk Moo. However she also tend to hold all the feeling inside her, and will she blow up one day? Lee Jang Hyun (Soon Seok Koo) The quirkiest character in this drama. He's very hard to figure out. I suspect he have some mental condition or something, but in the end he also have growth and realized what's exactly wrong with him. He cracked me up a lot. SSK is a hidden talented actor you all should take note. Quick Review : I'm crying a lot! Ep 4, ep 7, ep 10 and I also laugh as much as I cry. I'm not bipolar but the drama make me into one 😅 I seldom cry and very jaded (as result of watching tons of dramas), so this drama is quite special. I tried it because CTH impressed me with Police University, Team Bulldog, and I also love all his variety show. I think Bae Doona performance is the one make me cry a lot here. She know she need to get out from the marriage, so she's not hurting herself and him. But she also always in confusion as she love him so much (I often suspect she's the party who loved him too much, more than he is into her). Her confession and feelings always very raw, and I found myself cry with Hwi Roo's character all the time. Cha Tae Hyun's character is very naggy, he claimed he like to be alone but actually he's very involved and caring to everyone around him. He can't express his feelings freely, as his family was quite controlling (his father especially). He often asked her for divorce, but one time she really signed the letter and he was at shocked. So their healing and understanding came from this divorce, and the people around them also give a lot of insight on who they really are and what's working or what went wrong. Other couple who will get tangled in their relationship, can see their true self clearer than both of them. It said if you're staying too close to someone, you will not be able to see properly. Stay a little further and you will appreciate that person more. Give it a try, I'm not spoiling here so much. And I'm also not too good at expressing myself, but this drama just touched my soul. Hope you enjoyed it. It's very healing and I can relate with all of the character's story.
  3. Broadcast station: Netflix Schedule: 2nd half of 2021 About the Show: The story tells of a future time, when the planet is suffering from lack of water and food caused by desertification. Yoon Jae, a soldier for the Space and Aeronautics Administration, is assigned to travel to the moon with a team. Their mission there is to find a mysterious sample from an abandoned research station. Genre: Sci-fi, horror Trailers:
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