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Found 4 results

  1. Chinese title: 沉香如屑 / Chenxiang Ru Xie /TBA English title: TBA (on MDL, translated lit. as Agarwood Like Crumbs) Genre: Romance, Xianxia, Fantasy Episodes: TBA Director: Guo Hu, Ren Haitao Broadcasting Network: TBA Broadcast Period: TBA Adaptation: From the novel of the same name by author Su Mo. SYNOPSIS Yan Dan is the only descendant of an ancient tribe, the four-leaf scorpion. Since ancient times, her whole body has been a treasure of medicine. She and her twin sister Zhixi were able to cultivate into human form at the Queen Mother's Feast a hundred years in advance and encountered the biggest trial in her life - the love trial. She fell in love with Lord Ying Yuan but had to spend the next 800 years forgetting him. However, at this time, Yu Mo suddenly entered her life, and become her great support. Every day, Yu Mo takes Yan Dan out to do good deeds. One day while they were punishing evil, they meet Lord Ying Yuan's current reincarnation, Tang Zhou, who is currently a demon hunter. They help Tang Zhou search for the four ancient artifacts, and also discover a mysterious secret. (Source: DramaWiki) CAST Yang Zi and Cheng Yi PS: More info to follow...
  2. Title: South Wind Knows My Mood Chinese Title: 南风知我意 / Nan Feng Zhi Wo Yi Broadcast Date: TBA Genre: Modern, Romance Episodes: 42 Director: Li Ang Screenwriter: Qi Wei Production Company: H&R Century Pictures Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Qi Wei Cast: Cheng Yi as Fu Yunshen Zhang YuXi Zhang Yuxi as Zhu Jiu Li XinZe Li Xinze as Chen Le Yan Xiao Yan Xiao as Gu RuanRuan Synopsis: Botanist Fu Yunshen and Zhu Yang who works with Doctors Without Borders travel deep into underdeveloped regions to offer humanitarian relief while searching for a special medicinal plant that can save many lives. Fun Yunshen (Cheng Yi) returns to China to develop medicine but soon discovers that his half-brother Fu Xizhou seeks to maximize profits by turning the medicinal plants into a series of Chinese herbal cosmetics. A car crash suddenly occurs and leaves Fu Yunshen seriously injured. The drug development comes to a halt which results in a misunderstanding with Zhu Jiu (Zhang Yuxi) who remains unaware of what happened. After half a year, Zhu Jiu and Fu Yunshen have overcome many disappointments and heartaches to become a couple again. With their wedding date approaching, Zhu Jiu inadvertently finds clues about the death of her parents. Fate has played a cruel joke on them as the grievances of the previous generation has thrown a wrench in their relationship. This time around, Fu Yunshen is determined to protect their hard-earned romance. (Cr: http://www.chinesedrama.info/2020/11/drama-south-wind-knows-my-mood.html) Fun Facts 🍎It is Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi's third drama together after Love and Redemption. 🍅Right after filming Meng Xing Chang An, Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi reunite to play a couple for the second time. 🍎Filming began on November 12, 2020. Official Link Weibo l Baidu
  3. Chinese title: 梦醒长安 / Meng Xing Chang An English title: Meng Xing Chang An Genre: Historical Director: Liu Guo Nan, Zhao Li Jun Episodes: 49 Cast: Cheng Yi as Qi Yan Zhang Yu Xi as Cheng Ruoyu Han Dong as Prince Guang / Qi Chen Xuan Lu as Qiu Yanzhi Mickey He as Qiu Shiliang Xi Xue as Cheng Xi Yang Xi Zi as Liu Misha He Zhong Hua as Li Deyun Synopsis: In Tang Dynasty-era China, in the 9th Century CE, the Emperor is locked in a deadly power struggle with a group of formidable eunuchs who wield enormous power at court. He decides to strike back by ordering the death of their ringleader Qiu Shi Liang. But the mission is botched. The eunuchs take revenge by ordering the death of the Emperor’s loyal first minister, along with his entire family. But his twin daughters, later to be known as Cheng Ruo Yun and Qiu Yan Zhi, escape. The eunuchs now seize yet more power over the royal court, rendering the Emperor a mere puppet. But the minister’s two daughters have evaded detection – and move off toward very different fates… Yan Zhi becomes part of Qiu Shi Liang’s household, and is secretly hell-bent on revenge. But her sister Ruo Yun has taken the other side, joining a group of military professionals that is enlisted by the new, young Emperor Qi Yan. The Emperor is determined to rid the palace of the scourge of the eunuchs once and for all, and Ruo Yun pledges her life to help him do that – even if it means throwing herself in the path of danger. The duo starts to form a romantic bond as they get to know one another. But will the Emperor still trust her if he discovers her true identity – and her connection to his mortal foe? ~~ Adapted from the novel "Jian Qi Hang" (剑器行) by Fei Hua (飞花). Fun Facts 🍿Filming began on July 1, 2020. Filming took place in Hengdian World Studios. 🍿Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi who starred in Love and Redemption with different love interests reunite to play an onscreen couple. 🍿It is Xuan Lu's first drama with H&R Century Pictures after she signed with the agency. 🍿Zhang Yuxi and co-star Han Dong played a couple in the Tencent movie Enormous Big Fish. Sources: dramawiki, mydramalist, viki, chinesedramainfo Trailer OSTs Helpful Links Weibo | Douban | Baidu | Wiki CH
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