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Found 3 results

  1. Title: 我才不要当盟主 / Wo Cai Bu Yao Dang Meng Zhu English title: Genre: Historical, romance, school Episodes: 24 Director: Mai Yong Lin Broadcast network: Broadcast period: 2022 Cast: Ao Rui Peng Deng Chao Yuan Zong Yuan Yuan Si Zheng Pu Yu Tong Hu Cai Hong Adapted from the novel by Zhu Wan Zhuan (洙宛传) Cang Hai Jing (沧海镜) Synopsis: TBA Additional Links: Weibo l Douban l Baidu
  2. Chinese title: 我凭本事单身 / Wǒ Píng Běn Shì Dān Shēn English title: Professional Single Genre: Youth, Romance Episodes: 24 Director: LinYan 林妍 Broadcast Period: Oct/17/2020 Cast: Song YiRen as Yuan Qian Aaron Deng ChaoYuan as QinShen Hong ShanShan as LingWei Wang RunZe as Song SiWei Liya Cui as Luo Xin Xin Chen KeFan as Yi Synopsis: The story revolves around the two heroes who are determined to become sculptors, such as the high-class cold school, Qin Shen, and the oil painter Yuan Qian. Airing Schedule Official SitesBaidu | Weibo
  3. Meeting You Loving You 人海之中遇见你 Chinese title: 人海之中遇见你 / Ren hai zhi zhong yu jian ni English title: Meeting You Loving You Genre: Romance Episodes: Director: Zhu Dong Ning Broadcasting Network: Broadcast Period: TBA Cast: Deng Chao Yuan as Su Zhinian Zhang Xi Ye as Song Qingchun Zhao Yao Ke as Tang Nuan Zhou Rui as Qin Yinan Li Xing Chen Liang Zhen Lun as Yan Yuan Chen Shi Min as Cheng Qingcong Synopsis: Coming soon... Sources: dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer Reserved OSTs Reserved Helpful Links Weibo l
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