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Found 12 results

  1. Sources: Wikipedia, My Drama List @NiteWalker @Lynne Moderator tag for adding in the directory
  2. Broadcast station: OCN Schedule: August 29-October 11, 2020 / Saturday-Sunday / 22:30 (KST) About the Show: The story tells of people who are living in a mysterious village. A scammer for noble purposes, Kim Wook (Go Soo) stumbles into the village while being chased by a gang he offended. In the village, he gets to know some of the villagers and goes on investigative mission to uncover the mysteries surrounding these people. Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Crime
  3. I went into this not knowing what to expect but a couple of episodes in, I found myself thoroughly entertained by the hijinks of a pojangmacha owner (Hwang Jung-eum), her long-suffering manager (Choi Won-young) and a supermarket customer service guy (Yook Sung-jae) in contemporary South Korea. Apart from the usual nagging from Neflix, I had seen/heard next to no press on this. As a rule I’m neither a fan of supernatural fantasies (I must be one of a handful people who haven’t see Goblin) nor of slapstick but I adored this one from start to finish. I found myself rolling around in laughter at the inventive, sometimes wacky humour. At other times the show transitions wonderfully into something unexpectedly poignant and heartwarming. The key to why the juggling act ultimately works is the clever storytelling which more than makes up for some of the show’s production limitations. Because the show locates itself as a supernatural fantasy, it’s obvious that Hwang Jung-eum’s pojangmacha owner is not your usual street bar-owning ahjumma. Weol-ju is a 500 year old ghost/spirit who’s earning credits by helping individuals with all kinds of grievances. It’s her punishment for hanging herself on The Sacred Tree in her Joseon past and causing mayhem. She has been tasked by scary persons in the Afterlife with helping 100 000 humans and when her job is done, all will be forgiven. The tricky part of course is getting the remaining clientele to come to the pop up bar and spill their guts. This is where the customer service guy comes in. This idealistic and unassuming young fellow has the uncanny ability to get people to open up garrulously even when he doesn’t want them to, which is 99% of the time. Although he sees it as a curse, it’s handy skill that Weol-ju is eager to exploit. After some cajoling, bullying and sleight of hand, the young Kang-bae joins Weol-ju and Manager Gwi in what turns out to be a really good cause. The trio have all the makings of a low-key superhero team-up. Each member has their own skill set which come in useful when they meet desperate, helpless individuals… dead and living… who are seeking help to resolve some grievance that they’re lugging around. As they spend more time together, our trio start acting more like a family. As with every superhero show, there is a villain. I didn't mind him even if he was a tad on the cliche side. It certainly didn't affect my overall impression of the drama or the resolution. The story flip flops between two timelines: Joseon and 21st century Korea. No, there’s no time travelling involved in case you’re wondering but the show gradually gives us insight into Weol-ju’s tragic past as a gifted shaman who fell in love with a prince that she helped. It was a romance that ended badly with long-ranging reverberations. In one of her better efforts, Hwang Jung-eum plays up Weol-ju’s cantankerous, shrilly side with no small amount of glee. She is both terrifying and self-righteous. Belying the shrewish disposition, however, is a heart of gold. Her culinary skills are to die for (so we're told) but more importantly she has an awesome fusion wardrobe to match. Choi Won-young was awesome as Manager Gwi, an enigmatic spirit being who has an unspoken agenda for putting up with Weol-ju’s bad temper. He really needs to play these sorts of non-villainous lead roles more often. I don’t remember the last time I saw him play a straight arrow but I can assure everybody that he didn’t sign up for the drama just to play mediator between two opposites. I wasn’t familiar with Yook Sung-jae prior to this but his versatility here impressed me. His comic delivery was right on the money. I especially enjoyed his push-pull with security guard, Kang Yeo-rin who happens to be the only human being who can resist his ability to make her open up. There’s no doubt that he holds his own with his seniors all throughout the drama. Despite the financial constraints, the world building maintained a high level of consistency. It drew on a hodgepodge of various religious and mythological traditions with something of a satirical edge as exemplified in its depiction of Corporate Afterlife. I experienced a reminder or two of Journey to the West. It’s good to see an increasing number of K dramas benefiting from the 12-episode format. So far it’s yielded only good things from the ones I’ve seen. At the end of the day, as is to be expected of a drama of this nature, it is a morality tale encompassing morality tales. Although there’s truly nothing new under the sun, there are lessons to be learnt by everyone, whether they be 500 or 25. Even the higher-ups of Afterlife Inc make mistakes. Plot/ Story: 9 Acting/Cast: 10 Production Values: 8 Re-watch Value: 8.5
  4. Well, well , well , if 2020 was the year of the zombies, then 2021 could very well set of new trend for mutants. I have no idea if this would be done X-Men style but I do hope that the execution would not fail me. My anticipation is high because it is my dearest oppa Lee Joon Hyuk in the lead role alongside Kim Ok Vin (whom I thought was very good in OCN's The Children of The Lesser God ). This drama is also written by a rather experience screen writer - Jung Yi Do (정이도) who wrote Save Me ( which I liked a lot) , Strangers From Hell ( which I was too scared to watch ) and Item . And fortunately, this drama will be done by OCN, a channel well-known for mystery , thriller and action flicks. Yes, 3 plus points there . Sorry if you had to read me ramble about my excitement ...but if you were looking for a quick synopsis , this was from AsianWiki: Lee Hwa-Sun (Kim Ok-Vin) is a detective at the regional investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. She receives a phone call from the person who murdered her husband. Lee Hwa-Sun then travels to Muji City. There, people inhale a mysterious dark smoke and turn into monsters. The residents in Muji City become terrified. Lee Hwa-Sun struggles to save people there and she also chases after her husband's murderer. Meanwhile, Yoo Tae-Han (Lee Joon-Hyuk) has lived in Muji City all of his life. He once worked as a detective, but he had to quit because of a case. He now works as a wrecker driver. His still has his strong of justice, while he is also easy going and a joker. Yoo Tae-Han now faces his city falling into chaos because of the dark smoke that causes people to turn into monsters. He joins Lee Hwa-Sun to save people in Muji City. So the key thing to note is the description of LJH's character here. Yes, seems like oppa is a good guy . Whoopee ! Ahh would this be like his character in 365 Repeat The Year since he was clearly so adorable there? What caused him to quit ? Would there be romance ? Danger is always a great vehicle for romance :D As you can see I already have so many questions and cannot wait till this airs . - written by abs-oluteM- Director: Kim Bong-Joo Writer: Jung Yi-Do Network: OCN (will also be aired on TVN) Episodes: 12 Expected Broadcast Date: 30 April 2021 (Friday) Run time : Fri. & Sat. 22:50
  5. Hello? It's Me! Drama Introduction (KBS drama homepage) To the 37 years old protagonist who has become unenthusiastic in all relationships, work and dreams; the 17 years old side of her, who wasn't afraid of anything in the world and was so passionate in everything, has come. A fantasy romentic comedy drama that brings comfort to me Synopsis (dramawiki) Ban Ha Ni is a single woman in her mid-30s who feels like her life is adrift and going nowhere. She's single not by choice, but by sheer lack of interest from the opposite sex. She's a temp worker so her employment status is precarious. Even her own family doesn't seem to care about what's happening in her life. Then she finds reassurance and encouragement from an unexpected source... her 17-year-old self suddenly visits her. Her younger self reminds her of the passion she once had for her dreams and is pushed to continue challenging herself and grow. Drama Profile (Asianwiki) Drama: Hello, Me! (English title) / Hello? It's Me! (literal title) Revised romanization: Annyeong? Naya! Hangul: 안녕? 나야! Director: Lee Hyun-Seok (Born Again, Liver or Die) Writer: Kim Hye-Jung (novel), Yoo Song-Yi Network: KBS2 Episodes: 16 Release Date: February 17 - April 8, 2021 Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 21:30 Notes: Based on the 2011 novel Fantastic Girl by Kim Hye-jung. It premiered on KBS2 on February 17, 2021 and available for worldwide streaming on Netflix.
  6. Broadcast station : tvN Schedule : December 12, 2020 - Sat & Sun 21:00 About the Show /Plot/Synopsis Genre : Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy In the present day, Jang Bong Hwan works as a chef at the President's Blue House. He has a free spirit, but his spirit somehow finds its way into the body of Queen Kim So Yong in the Joseon period. King Cheol Jong has secrets. He seems like a figurehead, who is gentle and easygoing. In fact, he hides his strong aspects. Queen Sunwon is the late King Sunjo’s wife. She wields the true power in the country and, thus, relegates King Cheol Jong as just a figurehead. Kim Jwa Geun is Queen Sunwon’s younger brother. He is extremely ambitious. (Asianwiki)
  7. ①⑧ AGAIN Broadcast Station: JTBC International Broadcast: iQiyi, K+Asia (Astro), VIU, Netflix Director: Ha Byung Hoon Writer: Kim Do-Yeon, An Eun-Bin, Choi Yi-Ryun Release Date: September 7 - November 10, 2020 Number of episodes: 16 Genre: Drama, Fantasy Runtime: Mon & Tue 21:30 Website: Official Plot: Jung Da-Jung (Kim Ha-Neul) is married to 37-year-old Hong Dae-Young (Yoon Sang-Hyun). They have have 18-year-old son and daughter. Jung Da-Jung works hard as a rookie announcer and she has a warm heart. She becomes completely fed up with her husband and is unable to deal with him anymore. Hong Dae-Young got fired from his job and he is looked down upon by his family. Jung Da-Jung hands him divorce papers. Meanwhile, Hong Dae-Young looks at himself as an ordinary jobless middle-aged man. He regrets his life. At that moment, his body changes into that of an 18-year-old year old person, while his mind is still that of his 37-year-old self. Back in his teenage days, Hong Dae-Young (Lee Do-Hyun) was an excellent basketball player and also popular. Now, with his regained 18-year-old body, he changes his name to Ko Woo-Young and begins to live a new life. 18 Again is a remake of 2009 US film, 17 Again. source: AsianWiki Character Chart/Casts || Videos || Soundtrack/Rating/Recap || BTS Making/Others
  8. Basic Information | Cast of Characters | Trailers |OST | Episode Guide | Ratings | Gallery | Review
  9. I can't decide what intrigues me more...an amnesiac zombie who decides to become a detective or Choi Jin Hyuk wearing eyeliner 🤩. Having been a fan of the man since Emergency Couple , I have not always been 100% behind his drama choices. Nevertheless, thanks to his brooding good looks, towering 186cm height and deep deep voice, I just can't seem to give him up. While initially skeptical of the plot upon hearing his casting in this drama...the second character teaser here, has won me over. The comedic tone has given me assurance that this will not be all horror and gore - a genre that I am usually too chicken to watch. The plot starts with Kim Moo Yoong ( CJH) in the 2nd year of his undead existence. Having no recollection of how he ended up this way, our drop-dead handsome zombie finds a way to stay among the common folks in a small village before moving to the big city to become a private eye. He is keen on regaining his past memories, and I suppose being a detective will help pay the bills as he investigates the reason for his zombie life . Park Joo Hyun is a new face for me. She takes on the role of Kong Sun Ji, who used to write for an investigative journalistic program. An assault on the witness of a case she was investigating leaves her shaken. She quits her job and ends up working at Kim Moo Young's detective agency. This promises to be a fun and quirky watch, if the latest teasers are anything to go by. And if all else fails , there is always Choi Jin Hyuk being a cute and clumsy zombie. That alone should be enough to check out a few episodes eh? - synopsis by @abs-oluteM- Source : Asianwiki MyDramaList Soompi Broadcast station: KBS Schedule: Monday & Tuesday 21:30 , 30 minutes each / 2 episodes per day) beginning Sept 21, 2020 Genre: comedy, fantasy, detective 1st Script Reading credit KBS Links to Info on Cast Trailers/ Teasers BTS / OST
  10. Melting Me Softly Director: Shin Woo Chul Writer: Baek Mi Kyung Main Cast: Ji Chang Wook - Ma Dong Chan Won Jin Ah - Ko Mi Ran Yoon Se Ah - Na Ha Young Prologue I had really wanted to like this drama. It was Ji Chang Wook’s comeback drama after his military service, and I’ve always like JCW as an actor and not just as a pretty face. It also featured Won Jin Ah as the female lead, and I think she is one of the new generation of actresses to watch. She was outstanding in Rain or Shine, and I was eager to watch her here. The writer was Baek Mi Kyung, and I had enjoyed her drama Strong Girl Do Bong Soon a lot with its single fantasy element of the superstrong girl worked into an every day world. Finally, the director Shin Woo Chul had a deft hand, working on a number of productions that I had watched and liked including Secret Garden and Fox Star Bride, though he had also directed Gu Family Book which perhaps should have been a warning. The Story Ma Dong Chan is a popular reporter who goes after sensational stories. He’s in love with Na Ha Young, a fellow reporter at the station. In search of another sensational story, DC agrees to take part in a frozen human experiment. Ko Mi Ran isa hard working girl from a loving family who works all the part time jobs that she can, including taking part in research experiments. She’s promised $4000 to take part in a frozen human experiment. DC and MR, both with the understanding that it will be for only 24 hours, enter the experiment without having told their family and significant others what they were up to since that might cause undue concern. Unfortunately, after they are frozen, things go badly wrong in the lab as thugs attack the scientist freezing them and destroy the lab. Thus, they are both kept frozen for 20 years before they are finally find them and defrosted. Unfortunately, their bodies have now adapted in a way that their operating temperatures are significantly lower than other humans, and a higher temperature would cause severe trauma and death. However, their more immediate concerns are that they had been preserved in their appearance and memories of 20 years ago to find that the world has passed them by. DC is still in love with his beautiful girlfriend, even though NY is now in her 40’s and has become hardened and jaded even though she has stayed single. NY has always grieved for DC, even though at the time of the incident, she was bribed into not making too much of a fuss over DC’s disappearance. However, DC and NY are now in different places in their lives. His younger brother has grown up to look like his father with a wife and precocious daughter of his own. His baby sister is grown up, divorced and has a hard time coping with life. MR’s family have all aged and her baby brother is now biologically older than she is. Her two best friends are shocked to see their old friend appear before them still young and beautiful. Her ex-bf ended up marrying one of her best friends. Their son ends up having a crush on MR and asking her out. DC and MR race to find the scientist who originally had designed the experiment to give them the antidote for their new body conditions, but also to solve the mystery of why he and his lab had been attacked in the first place that led them to being in that state. They also fend off attacks from people who don’t want them digging into the past. In the meantime, since they are the only two humans who have suffered through this, they find themselves becoming ever closer. Review It’s actually not totally clear why Melting Me Softly became the hot mess that it was while Strong Girl Do Bong Soon was so much fun to watch. Perhaps it tried too hard to use the same combination of slapstick, untenable situations because of the fantasy element, romance and bromance that made SGDBS such a success. Ultimately, I think that the chemistry that was there in SGDBS with its three leads just wasn’t there in MES. While the three leads in this drama are all very good to outstanding actors in their own rights, they didn’t necessarily mesh well into a coherent story, especially as it handled the comic-tragedy of time. So DC and HY truly loved each other in their youth and their separation now by being in different ages and stages of their lives made it a tragedy of its own that seemed to be in a different drama altogether than the cutesy romance of DC and MR who are literally the only ones who can understand what the other is going through and find themselves drawn together by this. WJA is a good actress, but still needs to work on some of her comic timing as she looks less poised in her role here than in her previous work. Yoon Se Ah is in a tragedy drama of her own that didn’t feel it worked with the rest of the drama. Finally, Ji Chang Wook acted his role here in a bit of a frantic style. While his timing is as good as ever and his acting is as sincere as ever, the script and the direction may have led him and his castmates down. The veteran supporting cast are the most fun about this drama, and the actress Oh Ah Rin who plays DC's precocious niece is too adorable. There are other hot messes which become fun to watch for the craziness itself. This drama isn’t even in that category. This drama is really meant for die hard JCW fans who want to watch his entire oeuvre. Plot/Story 6 Cast/Acting 7 Production 6 Re-watch 3 An OST by Ji Chang Wook Nice song well sung by JCW, but indicative of the mess of this drama. The male lead sings an OST which is really about saying goodbye to his first love rather than about the OTP romance. It makes the grief over DC and HY somehow more significant than the subsequent romance between DC and MR. An OST by K.Will that is about the OTP.
  11. The School Nurse Files About The Show Broadcast Station: Netflix Schedule: 25 Sept 2020 Episodes: 6 Duration: Plot Synopsis Based on the 2015 award-winning novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-young by Chung Serang, The School Nurse Files revolves around Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yu-mi), who has the ability to see jelly-like monsters that are derived from the residues of human desire and greed. Eun-young also has the power to eradicate these "jellies". She is appointed to a new high school where she discovers secrets and mysteries with her abilities. Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk) is a Chinese language teacher at the same school. Together Eun-young and In-pyo work together to destroy the "jellies". Sources: Asian Wiki, Wikipedia, Netflix
  12. The hero of the piece, Wu Xie, is successor to a family of former tomb raiders-turned-archaeologists living in modern day China. Hence the spirit of adventure runs deep in his veins. At the start of the drama we catch him in aimless retirement with his best friend and fellow adventurer, Pangzi (Fatty) barely making ends meet from the proceeds of their antique business While the bored slovenly Wu Xie ponders the meaning of his existence, an archaeological-related gig comes up offering a much needed injection of funds. During this job an incident occurs which sees him in hospital where he is diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. Not long afterwards, as Fatty clears out the junk they’ve accumulated over the years, he discovers an old mobile phone and a series of secret text messages purportedly sent by Wu Xie’s third uncle, Wu Sanxing whose whereabouts to date are unknown. This galvanises Wu Xie into action and as a man at apparently death’s door, he has nothing to lose by embarking on another adventure in search of his favourite uncle and coming to grips with the latter’s obsession with the legendary Thunder City and its connection with the South Sea King. Reunion is the latest in a series of various iterations derived from the Tomb Raider/Grave Robber Chronicles universe modelled in some fashion after the Indiana Jones franchise. It’s high on adrenaline-pumping action and leap-out-of-the-dark shock factor. More importantly there are genuinely intriguing elements scattered all throughout. Prior knowledge of the universe isn’t really needed to understand the storyline in this production although for some it might add something to their knowledge of Wu Xie’s backstory. But honestly, everything that is needed to follow the drama is given here. The plot although revolves in some measure around the friendship of the Iron Triangle trio of Wu Xie (Zhu Yilong), Pangzi (Chen Minghao) and Zhang Qiling (Huang Junjie), it does incorporate a large ensemble cast (predominantly male) who bring various skill sets similar to a superhero team-up to the table. I was led to this because of Zhu Yilong, who wonderfully portrays the sensitive and intellectually agile Wu Xie but there are other attractions to be enjoyed from wandering in this world of mysteries, mayhem, monsters and murder. Located within the sci-fi fantasy genre, there are a number of good ideas at work here that underpin the world building even if the process of arriving at key moments takes an inordinate amount of time particularly in the first season. The drama is divided into two continuous seasons. The first season is divided into two main arcs which sees Wu Xie and Co. gallivanting off to the South Sea region in search of the secrets behind the enigmatic thunder code that in all likelihood fuelled Third Uncle's fixation. Wu Xie and his second uncle, Wu Er'bai are initially forced to work with each other to gain access to relevant sites and deal with an assortment of villains with differing goals. In the second arc Wu Xie is sent packing back to home turf where he traverses into the underbelly of a mysterious storage facility known as Warehouse 11 to retrace his third uncle’s steps. Here he is aided and abetted by the intrepid Bai Haotian (Rachel Mao), who knows the warehouse like the back of her hand and serves as his tour guide while he solves long-standing mysteries while playing cat and mouse with the director and his dangerous minions. The Warehouse 11 arc resembles an RPG video game with levelling up and increased difficulty features. The second season picks up where the first leaves off. Wu Xie is forced to leave the warehouse with Xiao Bai in tow thinking that he is finished with the place. Both are disciplined for transgressing regulations in an off-limits zone. No obstacles do much to deter his quest for answers especially with the loyal Fatty, Zhang Qiling and Xiao Bai by his side to ensure that he stays alive long enough to achieve his goals. There’s more travelling back and forth which sees Wu Xie back at Warehouse 11 to put the final touches on all the mysteries that have plagued him and his companions for months. While there’s much to like about it, the show does suffer from pacing and editing issues. There’s certainly a correlation between the two in part due to the censorship measures that C dramas are subject to. The problems are far more noticeable in the first season where the pacing is dragged out largely by unnecessary romance plot lines that involve Blind Guy (Baron Chen) and Mute Girl (Maggie Huang). Except for Xiao Bai, I can’t say I was too enamoured with the vast majority of women depicted here. I understand the reason for their inclusion into the storyline to some degree but their antics often serve to annoy and frustrate rather than enhance enjoyment. I adored the camaraderie amongst most of the male cast and it’s understandable why there’s so much love for Wu Xie. Not only is he a modern day Dee Renjie, his “leave-no-one-behind” philosophy ensures that his crew will give up their lives for his sake at the drop of a hat. Whatever respect he gets is earned with blood, sweat and tears. I also enjoyed Xiao Bai’s inclusion into the final adventures. She may be young but she pulls her weight and listens to advice to act or to hold back. Of all the females here she is the one most developed to fit in with the kind of life that is par for the course for men like Wu Xie. I was rooting for her and Wu Xie to end up together all throughout and despite Wu Xie’s seeming indifference, it seems to me there’s some indication at the end that the show leaves room for more development on that front. At the end of the day, Reunion, at its core, is a morality tale about obsession and greed. As Wu Xie and Third Uncle both conclude at different times, one shouldn’t be obsessed to the point of missing or being blind to what one already has around them. Gratitude and contentment keep an avid risk-taker from complete self-destruction. It’s not just a didactic for the avaricious and murderous villains but for the well-intentioned, insatiable adventurer for whom the next big mystery can be a drug that will lead to nowhere and lifelong loneliness. For the most part the roles are well-cast but the performances are a mixed bag. Most are adequate to the task and the standouts would be Zhu Yilong who gives flesh to Wu Xie and Chen Minghao as the ridiculously talkative but often funny Fatty. Their chemistry is undoubtedly great. Huang Junjie is better here as the stoic, reticent Zhang Qiling than I've seen him. I also really liked the versatile Rachel Mao as Xiao Bai. She captured all the different aspect of the character perfectly. Her dynamic with Wu Xie and Fatty is one of the highlights of the second season. Story/Plot: 9 Acting/Cast: 8 Storytelling: 7 Production Values: 9 Rewatch Value: 6.5 (I wouldn’t mind revisiting certain portions especially in season two but I fast forwarded through a lot of the first season) Overall: 8
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