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  1. --- / / / The Haven Codex \ \ \ --- 1. NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE All forms of swearing are frowned upon. Please remain civil for the sake of this community. 2. NO OFFENSIVE CONTENT Gore/Sexually explicit content, as well as content that endorses illegal activity, is forbidden. 3. NO DISRUPTIVE, NO DISCRIMINATORY CONTENT, NO HATE SPEECH, NO BULLYING Rudeness, hateful messages, member/celebrity bashing are forbidden. Constant bullying will result in a permanent ban. Constant negativity and hatred within a thread will have it locked. Creating a fan war into this community will earn you the hammer. 4. NO ADVERTISEMENTS, SPAMMING, OR SOLICITATION Advertising of another website, product, and/or service, or solicitation of third-party donations, whether by creating a new topic or sending PMs to members, is strictly prohibited. You can link a website as part of a discussion to make a point/statement if relevant to the main topic. We all hate spams and scams, don't do it. 5. NO DUPLICATE ACCOUNTS Creating multiple accounts will result in automatic ban of the extra account(s) and potential ban of the main account. 6. NO TOPIC SPAMMING IN MULTIPLE THREADS If you have a topic to post, keep it in one thread. In any doubt, use the search feature to find the topic you're looking for. 7. DO NOT BRING FIGHTS FROM OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS If you want to constantly complain or bash about users from other social media platforms about their ill behavior, do it somewhere else. Dragging other members of this community into your third-party fight will earn you the hammer. 8. DO NOT ABUSE THE REPORT BUTTON The feature is intended to catch anyone who has violated The Haven Codex. The report button is not for you to resolve personal disputes. Do not use this feature if you disagree with someone who hasn't violated any rule. Violation of this nature may lead to temporary suspension of their posting privileges. 9. DO NOT ANTAGONIZE THE STAFF Every forum staff member is here to serve the community. Our moderating/administrative decisions are based on strict staff guidelines based on The Haven Codex, the privacy policy and the Terms of Use. You may have the right to disagree and criticize our actions in a constructive and respective manner. If we hide/delete content or warn/ban a user, you always have the option to send a private message to whoever issued the staff action. If anyone tries to override our actions / ignore our warnings, it will be taken as a violation of The Haven Codex. 10. DO NOT QUOTE PICTURES, VIDEOS AND REACTION/ANIMATED EMOJIS Quoting pictures , videos, images on social media and reaction/animated emojis take storage space unnecessarily and contribute to platform instability. Fourth image / video onward needs to be inserted in the "spoiler button". 11. NO DEFAMATION OR LIBEL If there is a false statement / rumor about a celebrity/user with the intention of bringing reputation damage, we will take action. Using unconfirmed crimes that have already been proven innocent or that have remained untested by a court of law to bash someone in the community or a public figure will be counted as defamation/libel. 12. NO MASS TAGGING Members may have the right of mass tagging other users of this community if they are are followers of the topic. We will issue a verbal warning if this was done out of spite. 13. NO EMOJI SPAM / REACTION GIF SPAM / PHOTO SPAM Members of this community may use emojis and reaction gifs to their hearts' content to express themselves. However, posting countless emojis with invasive reaction gifs will earn you a warning point. This is not MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger. Members are strongly discouraged from photo spamming on the same page. Please do not post the same images if someone else has already done it. Help us add value to our content by giving information on your images. 14. NO UNAUTHORIZED THIRD-PARTY COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS We all want to share stuff. Make sure it is for public use and due credits are given. Do not distribute, link or manipulate copyrighted content without any form of authorization, permission, license or certificate. All illegal content will be removed and that alone will warrant the hammer. --- / / / CLUB RULES \ \ \ --- 1. All rules of the Haven Codex apply. 2. Clubs are either open or closed clubs. 3. Any club creation requests must be approved by JangHaven Senior Moderators / Administrators: @abs-oluteM @bluepebbles @Merry_Shai @stroppyse @NiteWalker @Lunasy @Tofu 4. Clubs may not be formed to discuss a topic that is or can be a thread on the main forums, e.g. no shipper threads and no drama threads 5. Clubs must be 13+ unless specifically labeled NSFW with an explanation. NSFW clubs must make a good faith attempt to ascertain a member’s age prior to accepting them for membership. 6. The Club Leader will be held responsible for following all of the general rules for JangHaven. 7. The Club Leader must appoint a Club Moderator within a week following its club creation. 8. The staff will have the discretion to close/lock the club as sanction for violations of the JangHaven Codex. 9. A staff member must be invited to join a new club. 10. Depending on severity, any club failing to follow these rules will be subject to a verbal warning, suspension or termination. --- / / / STUFF WE WILL REMOVE \ \ \ --- Our moderators and administrators reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate, or anyone we feel is doing a disservice to the community. Here is a partial (definitely not complete) list of things upon which we will probably take action. Spam This is obvious, right? We all know what spam is, and we all hate it (except the ham). Zero tolerance. Personal attacks This is pretty much the exact opposite of fostering a positive environment. Don’t call your fellow members names, don’t insult them, don't harass them, don't spy on them, and don’t do ad hominem attacks. We may delete your comment, but more likely than not, we’ll probably give you the hammer. Discrimination Got something bad to say about a certain group of people? Feel free to say it – then face the hammer. We’ll also come down hard upon loaded insults that “subtly” call out members of these groups. Trolling Hard to define, easy to spot. If you’re commenting specifically to cause harmful trouble for the community, we’ll take action. As long it doesn't bring injury or distress, mild trolling is acceptable. However, doxxing and slandering are strictly prohibited and may land you into serious legal troubles.
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