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Found 2 results

  1. Chinese title: 君九龄 / Jun Jiu Ling English title: Genre: Historical, romance Director: Xie Ze Episodes: 40 Broadcast Date: Sept/07/2021 Cast: Peng Xiao Ran as Jun Jiuling Jin Han as Zhu Zan Du Ya Fei as Lu Yunqi Wang You Shuo as Ning Yunzhao Chen Fang Tong as Liu Er Zhou Li Jie as Fang Chengyu Liu Jun as Chai Rang Hai Ling as Chai Jiuli Zhao Li Juan as Madame Fang Cao Fan Zhen as Fang Yuxiu Lin Zi Ye as Chai Jiurong Synopsis: During her wedding day, Chu Jiuling (daughter of the former crown prince) discovers that the person who killed her father is her uncle, who is the current Emperor. Just as she decides to seek revenge, she was almost killed by her husband, a jinyiwei guard named Lu Yunqi. Fortunately, she was saved by genius physician Zhang Qingshan. Chu Jiuling returns with a new identity - Jun Zhenzhen, the orphan daughter of an eunuch. Under her paternal family's protection, She assists the Fang family in unraveling the schemes of the Emperor, saving them from becoming victims of a political scheme. With her outstanding medical skills and wit, she then changed her name to Jun Jiuling, and heads to the capital to become a physician. After managing to integrate with the royalty, she sets out to unravel corruptions behind the political court and win the hearts of people; and step by step, succeeds in finding out the truth behind her father's death and returns justice to him. Meanwhile, she also gets into a complicated romantic entanglement with three different guys - son of Duke Chen Zhu Zan, nobleman Ning Yunzhao and her ex-husband Lu Yunqi. With world peace as her ultimate goal, she eventually aids the Emperor in defending against enemies and aiding the wise Emperor in ascending the throne. Sources: cnewsdevotee, dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer Reserved OSTs Reserved Helpful Links
  2. Chinese title: 遇见璀璨的你 / Yu Jian Cui Can De Ni English title: Hello, My Shining Love Genre: Comedy, Romance Episodes: 45 Director:Chen Ming Zhang Broadcast Period: Cast: Chen Qiao En as Dugu Ruonan Jin Han as Ji Mo Chen You Wei as Si Da Wang Zi Xuan as Shen Qianmiao Zou Ting Wei as Zhao Yucheng Wang Jia Ning as Chen Fei'er Wang Zi Rui as Song Zihao Xie Shuai as Ai Li Synopsis: Romance between a brilliant and diabolical talent agent and a stone-faced and intelligent CEO of a fashion company who graduated from Cambridge with a degree in psychology. Sources: dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer Reserved OSTs Reserved Helpful Links l
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