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Found 4 results

  1. Chinese title: 慕南枝 Mu Nan Zhi English title: Rebirth for You Genre: Historical Director: Zhi Lei Episodes: 48 Broadcast Date: 17th Oct 2021 Casts: 姜保宁 Jiang BaoNing by 鞠婧祎 Ju JingYi 李谦 LiQian by 曾舜晞 Zheng ShunXi 赵啸 ZhaoXiao by 汪卓成 Wang ShuoCheng 李冬至 Li DongZhi by 王奕婷 Wang YiTing 高妙容 Gao MiaoRong by 李奕臻 Li YiZhen 庆安 QingAn by 李昀锐 Li YunRui Guest: Zhao LuSi Synopsis: Story of how Jiang Baoning uses her capability to balance the different forces in the imperial court, and together with her husband Li Qian, helps the young Emperor stabilize the court and create a peaceful golden era. (Source: DramaWiki) *Adapted from novel of the same name by Zhi Zhi Official Site: Baidu | Weibo
  2. Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Chinese Title: Man Yue Zhi Xia Qing Xiang Ai 满月之下请相爱 Novel: Director: Li Hai Shu, Huang Yan Wei Screenwriter: Genre: Romance Episodes: 24 Broadcasting Network: iQIYI Airing Date: August 26th, 2021 Synopsis Because of the supermoon, Lei Chuxia forgets her identity and gets transported into Xu Xiaodong's phone, thus starting a magical journey. On the night of a supermoon in 2010, the 15-year-old Xu Xiaodong was making a mad dash for the hospital hoping to see his father one last time. At this time, the 23-year-old Lei Chuxia (Ju Jingyi) was trying to hide from her fiancee. The two bump to each other at the crossroads. Lei Chuxia runs towards the mountain with her fiancee on her trail. Under the moonlight in 2020, a young woman falls from the sky. After an accidental kiss of fate with Xu Xiaodonng (Zheng Yecheng), she lands in his phone. He manages to get her out but Lei Chuxia sadly realizes that she can only move within the vicinity of Xu Xiaodong. In order to get rid of the unwanted company, Xu Xiaodong decides to help Lei Chuxia regain her identity but meets her fiancee Wei Xuanhe (Mi Re) instead. (Credit 01, 02) Official Websites Baidu | Weibo | Douban
  3. Chinese title: 如意芳霏 English title: The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion Genre: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Life Director: Lin Jian Long, Chen Guo Hua Episodes: 40 Broadcast Date: Oct/21/20 Cast: Ju JingYi as FuRong Zhang ZheHan as XuJin Liu YiChang as XuPing Wang YouShuo as Wu BaiQi KiKi Xu JiaQi as FuXian Wang YiTing as QiZhu Song XinRan as GuYuan Gong BeiBi as Liu RuYi LanXi as Consort Shu Jerry Chang as Emperor JiaHe Lu XingYu as Zhang YaoCheng Synopsis Fu Rong who's the second daughter of the Fu family unexpectedly had the ability of "foreseeing dreams" after a serious illness. She predicted that she would marry to Prince Su, Xu Jin, and finally suffered the fate of being buried. However, Xu Jin also has the ability of foreseeing dreams. Although Xu Jin also predicted the same tragedy, he doesn't want to avoid it but try his utmost to change the destiny. These two people begin the sweet game of "framing one another". (Source: iQiyi) Adapted from the novel "Chong Hou Zhi Lu" by author Xiao Jia Ren. Official Sites: Weibo | Baidu
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