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Found 5 results

  1. Title: 长月烬明 / Chang Yue Jin Ming English title: Till the End of the Moon Genre: Xianxia, romance Episodes: 60 Broadcast network: Youku Broadcast period: TBA Cast: Luo Yun Xi as Zhan Taijin Bai Lu as Li Susu / Ye Xiwu Chen Du Ling as Ye Bingchang Deng Wei Synopsis: This is a story of period when demons are in power. Demons become the masters, and the cultivators and mortals become despicable beings. One day, the elders decided to send someone back to the past to discover the demon lord’s origin and prevent him from awakening. That someone happened to be Li Su Su. Li Su Su then goes back to the past, taking a body of a mortal named Ye Xi Wu. Ye Xi Wu was the third daughter of Ye General, married to a hostage prince which is the future demon lord, Tantai Jin. Li Su Su is determined to destroy Tantai Jin who in the future has killed too many; however, being in Tantai Jin’s past life, she is now seeing Tantai Jin’s different side of story before he rose to be demon lord. (Source: RedLotusPavilion at MyDramaList) ~~ Adapted from the web novel "Hei Yue Guang Na Wen BE Ju Ben" (黑月光拿稳BE剧本) by Teng Luo Wei Zhi (藤萝为枝). Additional Links: Weibo l Baidu l Douban
  2. Official SitesBaidu | Weibo l Leo's Studio l WeiboTalk Photo Album
  3. Chinese title: 良言写意 Liáng Yán Xiě Yì English title: Lie to Love Genre: Romance Episodes: 30 Director: Chen Chang Broadcast Period: Cast: Luo YunXi as Li ZeLiang ChengXiao as Su XieYi Ji XiaoBing as Xie MingHao Tian YiTong as Shi ChuChu GaoHan as Oscar Li JiaJie as YuanYuan Guan ZiJing as Ji YingSong Synopsis: When young lawyer, Su Xie Yì works with CEO Li Ze Liang, they start to embroil in some emotional entanglements. A series of strange behaviors and events imply that the two seem to have previously known each other. But why do both of them pretend to be unfamiliar strangers? (Source: Shushengbar) ~~ Adapted from a novel of the same name by Mu Fu Sheng Official Links: Weibo
  4. Chinese title: 皓衣行 English title: Immortality Genre: XanXia, Friendship Episodes: 50 Director: Sam Ho & Nelson Chau Airing Date: TBA Synopsis: It follows Chu Wanning, the number one grandmaster in the world, and his disciple Mo Ran in a story about overcoming all odds to protect humanity. Chu Wan Ning is an elder with immense spiritual powers. He is an upright and noble man who bears the responsibility of defending the mortal realm. Mo Ran is one of his disciples. Mo Ran is a gifted cultivator with a good heart but due to his sufferings at a young age, he is unruly and often opposes his master Chu Wan Ning. An accident causes Mo Ran to remember an inexplicable memory where Mo Ran and his martial sister dies because of Chu Wan Ning's indifference. With a renewed grudge directed at Chu Wan Ning, Mo Ran begins to secretly guard against Chu Wan Ning and even engages in actions that would hurt his master. Despite seeing a change in Mo Ran, Chu Wan Ning remains steadfast in leading Mo Ran to follow the right path as he continues to protect him from the shadows. While Mo Ran becomes trapped by his inner demons, he discovers a secret hidden in his memories, one that he has never noticed before. Chu Wan Ning also learns the truth behind Mo Ran's betrayal yet a mistake that has been made cannot be reversed. At the onset of a catastrophe, Chu Wan Ning, Mo Ran, and other cultivators join hands to find the real mastermind. Can Mo Ran's heart still change on his road to self-redemption? How will Chu Wan Ning face an apprentice that has gone astray? Will they turn their swords against each other? (Cr: MyDramalist) Official SitesBaidu | Weibo Photo Album
  5. Source: Dramawiki Title: 心跳源计划 / Xin tiao yuan ji hua Also known as: 掮客 / Qian Ke English title: Broker Genre: Romance, adventure Episodes: 48 Broadcast network: Tencent, Youku Broadcast period: 2020 Cast: Song Qian as Qiu Jianing Luo Yun Xi as Zhou Xiaoshan Xu Kai Cheng as Qin Bin Sun Jia Yu as Mo Li Ding Yi Yi as Qiu Jiaxin Jiang Xue Ming as Yuan Wenzhao Ning Xiao Zhi as Xiang Zhicai Sui Jun Bo as Sun Qian Zhang Chen Guang as Qiu Yaoming Long Zheng Xuan as Lan Xiang Tang Xiao Tian as Jiang Xiaoye Zhang Xi Wei as Xiao Hui Wang Yuan Hui as Zhu Zhu Cai Ya Tong Di Ma Tara Clance as Gai Li Er Synopsis: Scientist Qiu Jianing is a core researcher in the laboratories of the famous pharma corporation “Yuan Jihua”. While she aspires to prove her own worth, she also dreams of consolidating China’s position in the scientific world. One day, a new researcher named Zhou Xiaoshan joins the corporation. His intelligent but reserved self attracts Jia Ning’s attention. At the same time, the beautiful and strong woman also makes Xiao Shan’s usually cold heart flutter. But Xiao Shan is in fact a broker whose task is to snatch Jia Ning’s research results away. Official Sites: Weibo l Baidu l Douban
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