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  1. The King of Pigs 돼지의 왕 Broadcast station: tvN Schedule: Mar 18, 2022 - Apr 23, 2022 About the Show: Two friends meet up and recall their experiences as victims of school bullying when they receive a message from a friend from 20 years ago and mysterious serial killings begin to occur. Kyung Min lives with the trauma of the school violence he experienced twenty years ago and an unexpected case causes his suppressed emotions to reappear. Meanwhile, Detective Jong Suk receives a mysterious message sent from a friend from 20 years ago which reminds him of the school violence that took place back then. Chasing the mysterious message, he tries to put a stop to the murders. Through these characters with tragic fates, the drama touches on the origin of school violence and the bullying that pervades modern society. (Source: AsianWiki) Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
  2. G L I T C H Broadcast station: Netflix Schedule: 2021 About the Show: About a woman searching for her missing boyfriend, who disappeared one night in a flash of unknown lights. With the help of a community of UFO watchers, she uncovers the truth behind a mysterious secret. Hong Ji Hyo is a “parachute hire” (someone who got hired based on their family connections). She has a steady job and a solid family background. Although they are no longer passionately in love, she also has a boyfriend that she’s dated for four years. The couple is beginning to think of marriage when her boyfriend suddenly goes missing. (source: soompi) Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Sci-Fi
  3. 3rd Place Winner - JangHaven's 2021 Most Anticipated Drama Jirisan (aka Mt. Jiri, Cliffhanger) Director: Lee Eung Bok Writer: Kim Eun Hee Broadcast: tVN, iQiYi Episodes: 16 Genre: Suspense, Mystery Main Cast: Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Kang, the best ranger at Mt. Jiri National Park Ju Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo, a rookie ranger at Mt. Jiri National Park, an ex-Army captain and military academy graduate Sung Dong Il as Jo Dae Jin, a Park official Oh Jung Se as Jung Goo Young, another park ranger Jirisan is the tallest mountain in South Korea, with many visitors to its stunning views. Kang Hyun Jo is a veteran ranger who is the best ranger in the park and knows every feature and crevice of it. Seo Yi Gang is a rookie park ranger. A former Army captain and a graduate of the military academy, he has a secret that he can't tell anyone. Kang Hyun Jo and Seo Yi Gang team up to save people in the park. The writer Kim Eun Hee is noted for having penned Kingdom and Signal. The director Lee Eung Bok is known for having directed Descendants of the Sun and Goblin. credits: Asianwiki.com, Forbes.com, mydramalist.com
  4. Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi English Title: Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi Hangul Title: 어사조이뎐 Genre: Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Drama Director: Yoo Jong Sun Writer: Lee Jae Yoon Network: tvN Official Website: http://program.tving.com/tvn/inspectorjoy Episodes: 16 Release Date: Nov 8, 2021 Synopsis: “The Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi” (literal title) is a historical comedy investigation drama about a young gourmet who ends up becoming a secret royal inspector (a undercover official who inspects local provinces to expose corruption) teaming up with a divorced woman who is searching for happiness. Together, they set out on a grand scheme to uncover the truth. Taecyeon will be playing the secret royal inspector Ra Yi Eon who wishes for nothing more than to open a small dumpling store outside the capital where the land is cheap. But he has a good brain that gets him through the state examination and even secures him a spot as an official in the Office of Special Advisors—a position normally reserved for only the most elite. Ultimately, he finds himself receiving secret orders to carry out missions as a secret royal inspector. Even though he unintentionally ended up following a career path that others would die for, Ra Yi Yeon’s real concerns are securing lunch time during work and getting off work right on time. When he gets home from work, he cooks dumplings for himself and lazily rolls around his room. However, the life of the lazy homebody changes when he meets Kim Jo Yi. Kim Hye Yoon takes on the role of Kim Jo Yi, a unconventional woman of the Joseon era who thinks that getting divorced isn’t a big deal. Three years ago, she got married with a gambling addict and mama’s boy, and needless to say, she led a rocky married life. She finally divorces the man after several complications, only to be met with another obstacle: the appearance of a secret royal inspector. The moment it seemed like her dream to begin a new life was crushed, her life was actually starting anew. Together, the unmotivated secret royal inspector Ra Yi Yeon and the reckless divorced woman Kim Jo Yi will embark on a journey to investigate and defeat corrupt politicians. The fact that the drama features a divorced female character who dismisses the Joseon era idea that a wife must serve her husband draws attention for its novelty. Source
  5. The Road: The Tragedy of One 더 로드: 1의 비극 A story of the secrets, desires, guilts, and salvation of residents who live at "Royal the Hill," a place where only the top 1 percenters live. Baek Soo Hyun is a popular and respected anchorman. He is known as a journalist with strong beliefs. When he states something on camera, viewers take his words as the truth. Yet, Baek Soo Hyun has another side; he's cold-hearted, and when he wants something, he gets it no matter what and will use any and all means to get what he wants. He is married to Seo Eun Soo, and they have children. Seo Eun Soo is the daughter of the chairman of the Jegang Group and married to Anchorman Baek Soo Hyun. Her father is powerful enough that he wields heavy influence in the political and economic worlds. Seo Eun Soo is herself a popular miniature artist. She prioritizes her family and tries never to lose her dignity, but she encounters tragedy. Seo Eun-Soo attempts to protect her family. Cha Seo Young is an announcer for a broadcast station. She has everything, including a prestigious job, exemplary educational background, and a beautiful appearance, but she is rarely satisfied with what she has. (Source: Naver & AsianWiki) ~~ Adapted from a novel "One Tragedy" (一の悲劇) by Norizuki Rintaro (法月綸太郞). Edit Translation @abs-oluteM
  6. Law School Director: Kim Seok Yoon Writer: Seol In Main Cast: Kim Myung Min as Professor Yang Jong Hoon Kim Bum as Han Joon Hwi Ryu Hye Young as Kang Sol A / Kang Dan Yi Lee Jung Eun as Professor Kim Eun Sook Hankuk University Law School Students: Lee Soo Kyung as Kang Sol B Lee David as Seo Ji Ho Go Yoon Jung as Jeon Ye Seul Hyun Woo as Yoo Seung Jae Others: Ahn Nae Sang as Seo Byung Ju Jung Won Joong as Assemblyman Ko Hyeong Su Lee Chun Hee as Park Geun Tae Background: From the director of the uber melodramas “The Light In Your Eyes” and “My Wife Is Having an Affair” and the writer of “Judge vs Judge” comes this drama about Law School students having to face the differences between the ideals and principles that they are taught in law school versus the real world dynamics which can muddy the waters considerably. Review with some spoilers: The drama centers around first year law students at Hankuk University Law School. There are 2 Kang Sol’s in this class, the protagonist is Kang Sol A while the other girl becomes Kang Sol B. Kang Sol A is not the best student in her class, comes from a poor family having been raised by a single mother who really can’t cope with life, and is full of insecurities. Kang Sol A also has an identical twin sister, Kang Dan Yi, who is not seen for most of the drama, only showing up in the final episodes. Kang Dan Yi is the scholar in their family and had been a top student at the law school, before abruptly disappearing one day. One of the reasons that Kang Sol A wanted to attend the HU Law School was to solve the mystery of what happened to her sister. Kang Sol B comes from a wealthy family of judges, though her father failed to become a judge and is “only” a law school professor, and has always been at the top of her class. Kang Sol B has an extremely heavy-handed mother who is determined that Kang Sol B become a judge, no matter what it takes. The mother is so competitive she even got upset that Kang Sol B was not able to snatch the Kang Sol “A” appellation. The top student in their class is Han Joon Hwi who is actually a former police officer who had decided to go to law school to become a prosecutor. In addition to being a good student and well read in the law, he’s also the nephew of the murder victim. The murder victim is Seo Byong Ju, a former prosecutor turned law school professor and head of the criminal law department. As the drama unfolds, numerous characters, including some of the students, are shown to have reasons why they might have wanted to kill Seo Byong Ju. Kang Sol A, Kang Sol B, and Han Joon Hwi form a study group with Seo Ji Ho, Jeon Ye Seul, and Yoo Seung Jae. Seo Ji Ho is on a quest to avenge his father who had been the owner of a toy company until a false accusation of produce malfeasance was released to the press despite charges not having been made. Jeon Ye Seul is dating the son of wealthy Assemblyman Ko Hyeong Su. YS and her boyfriend had made plans to go through law school together, but YS was accepted while her boyfriend was not which enrages him. Over the course of the drama, we see that YS’ boyfriend is actually very abusive towards YS. Yoo Seung Jae is also a top student, married to a lawyer, and would eventually be shown to have been a hacker in his previous profession which causes problems for him to become a lawyer. The drama starts off with a mock trial class which is taught by Professor Yang, nicknamed Yang-crates (e.g. Yang and Socrates) by the students for his tendency to ask questions of the students and for his straightforward, biting remarks. It’s during this class that Professor Seo is found dead in his office, and Professor Yang becomes the main suspect. Professor Kim who teaches civil law is the only professor that Professor Yang had been friendly with, and is the only professor who believes in Professor Yang’s innocence. The class then investigate and try to analyze the events of what happened in order to prove Professor Yang’s innocence, using their knowledge of the law to introduce information into the trial and help the hapless lawyer Park Geun Tae who is defending Professor Yang to make various motions. As with most courtroom dramas, it is not a realistic depiction of how court cases happen, either criminal or civil, though they do throw around a lot of legal jargon and cite various parts of the criminal and civil codes of South Korea. I’m honestly not sure if the laws that they quote are legit or not since I didn’t bother to do research of it, but it sounds good. Unfortunately, it can also make some of the scenes hard to follow when hit with a barrage of legal jargon. Having said that, it actually turned out to be a satisfying watch in terms of the various twists, back-stabs, retributions, and re-found consciences that happen. There is no romance per se, though there are crushes and abusive relationships. The 2 leads in this story are more friends and colleagues than love interests, but it all still works in terms of emotions and relationships. Also, I admit that I mainly started watching this drama for Kim Bum. After not seeing him for awhile, then watching his portrayal of the conflicted anti-hero Lee Rang in “Tale of the Nine-Tailed”, I was eager to watch him in something else. There is a quality to his acting, with that reserve of pain underneath his charming smile, that draws the attention and tugs at the heart, and he delivers it in spades here as the hero. Actually, the cast here is uniformly excellent. Kim Myung Min gives a stellar performance as the law professor who just wants to turn out lawyers and prosecutors who respect and uphold the law even if he knows how the real world can operate. Ahn Nae Sang is just excellent in everything he does, here as the prosecutor who had become morally compromised and then gone on to teach law school. Hyun Woo turns in a restrained performance here, especially at the start where he keeps so much in reserve. Lee Jung Eun is by turns a tough lawyer, a tender mother figure, your fave professor who can make any topic interesting as well as turning in a comedic tour de force in several of the scenes. Overall, I’m actually glad that I binge watched it after it had finished broadcast rather than watching it while it was still airing; especially with some of the earlier episodes which were harder to watch for me, mostly as Kang Sol A acted wishy-washy over just about everything and came across as being over-emotional and hyper-sensitive. Still, I’m glad I watched it, and it has stayed with me. I’m tempted to watch it all over again, and even catch all the parts that I fast forwarded through the first time. Plot: 7 Cast: 9 The best aspect of this drama! Production Value: 7 Solid, but not that memorable Re-watch Value: 9 Have to score this high since I’m already planning on rewatching it.
  7. M I N E Broadcast station: TVN Schedule: May 8-June 27, 2021 / Saturday-Sunday / 21:00 (KST) About the Show: The story tells of strong ambitious women who have to overcome prejudices in this world in order to find their true selves. Seo Hee Soo (Lee Bo Young) is a former top star who gave up her career and married the second son of Hyo Won Group. Jung Seo Hyun (Kim Seo Hyung) is her sister-in-law from the first son of Hyo Won Group. She is from a chaebol family herself. Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Drama
  8. Broadcast station: OCN Schedule: August 29-October 11, 2020 / Saturday-Sunday / 22:30 (KST) About the Show: The story tells of people who are living in a mysterious village. A scammer for noble purposes, Kim Wook (Go Soo) stumbles into the village while being chased by a gang he offended. In the village, he gets to know some of the villagers and goes on investigative mission to uncover the mysteries surrounding these people. Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Crime
  9. Well, well , well , if 2020 was the year of the zombies, then 2021 could very well set of new trend for mutants. I have no idea if this would be done X-Men style but I do hope that the execution would not fail me. My anticipation is high because it is my dearest oppa Lee Joon Hyuk in the lead role alongside Kim Ok Vin (whom I thought was very good in OCN's The Children of The Lesser God ). This drama is also written by a rather experience screen writer - Jung Yi Do (정이도) who wrote Save Me ( which I liked a lot) , Strangers From Hell ( which I was too scared to watch ) and Item . And fortunately, this drama will be done by OCN, a channel well-known for mystery , thriller and action flicks. Yes, 3 plus points there . Sorry if you had to read me ramble about my excitement ...but if you were looking for a quick synopsis , this was from AsianWiki: Lee Hwa-Sun (Kim Ok-Vin) is a detective at the regional investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. She receives a phone call from the person who murdered her husband. Lee Hwa-Sun then travels to Muji City. There, people inhale a mysterious dark smoke and turn into monsters. The residents in Muji City become terrified. Lee Hwa-Sun struggles to save people there and she also chases after her husband's murderer. Meanwhile, Yoo Tae-Han (Lee Joon-Hyuk) has lived in Muji City all of his life. He once worked as a detective, but he had to quit because of a case. He now works as a wrecker driver. His still has his strong of justice, while he is also easy going and a joker. Yoo Tae-Han now faces his city falling into chaos because of the dark smoke that causes people to turn into monsters. He joins Lee Hwa-Sun to save people in Muji City. So the key thing to note is the description of LJH's character here. Yes, seems like oppa is a good guy . Whoopee ! Ahh would this be like his character in 365 Repeat The Year since he was clearly so adorable there? What caused him to quit ? Would there be romance ? Danger is always a great vehicle for romance :D As you can see I already have so many questions and cannot wait till this airs . - written by abs-oluteM- Director: Kim Bong-Joo Writer: Jung Yi-Do Network: OCN (will also be aired on TVN) Episodes: 12 Expected Broadcast Date: 30 April 2021 (Friday) Run time : Fri. & Sat. 22:50
  10. Looking forward to this since this will be Kim Rae Won's return to the silver screen after a 3-year break. He will be joined by the gorgeous Lee Da Hee who made her mark in Search: WWW and The Beauty Inside. Synopsis from AsianWiki /Soompi/ MDL: “LUCA,” which stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor, is a concept inspired by Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species,” in which the scholar first proposed the theory of universal common descent from a shared ancestor. The upcoming drama will tell the story of an elite scientist who, after facing personal hardship, creates a new living organism to speed up the process of human evolution. Ji-O (Kim Rae-Won) has a special power and a secret, but he doesn't know who he really is. He is chased by mysterious figures, while he tries to find answers to numerous questions that surround him. Goo-Reum (Lee Da-Hee) is a detective. When she decides on a course of action, she won't change no matter what. Her parents disappeared when she was only a young child. Goo-Reum chases after the truth behind her parents' disappearance. She meets Ji-O and her life changes. Director: Kim Hong-Sun Writer: Chun Sung-Il Network: tvN Episodes: ( I once read that it was 10 /12 episodes - TBC) Release Date: February 1, 2021 -- Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:00 Cast Kim Rae-Won - Ji-O Lee Da-Hee - Goo-Reum Kim Sung-Oh - Yi-Son Kim Sang-Ho - Choi Jin-Hwan Park Hyuk-Kwon - Kim Cheol-Soo Ahn Nae-Sang - Ryu Joong-Kwon Jin Kyung - Hwang Jung-A Kim Min-Gwi - Kim Tae-O Jung Da-Eun - Choi Yoo-Na Lee Joong-Ok - Kim Hwang-Sik Hwang Jae-Yeol - Detective Kim
  11. If I Cheat, I Die "..an uncovential and intense story about adults who do bad things with guilt" - http://mksports.co.kr/view/2020/1082179/ Broadcast station: KBS2 Date: December 2, 2020 - January 28, 2021 Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday, 21:30 KST Genre: comedy/mystery/thriller About: A writer (Cho Yeo Jeong) who thinks only about how to murder people for her stories married a divorce lawyer (Go Joon). He wrote a memo to his wife: "If I cheat, I die." Source: Asianwiki
  12. What would you do or say if a stranger approaches you with the unbelievable opportunity of going back in time — a year earlier — to do it all again? Would you take it? What would you do differently? This is the predicament that detective Ji Hyung-joo, played by the versatile Lee Joon-hyuk, is presented with as he grieves inconsolably over the brutal murder of his beloved partner and brother-in-arms, Park Sun-ho (Lee Sung-wook). He isn’t the only one. 9 others in his cohort are similarly invited to partake in this “reset” — individuals who all carry some kind of emotional baggage and compelling personal reason to get onboard this seemingly farfetched proposition to change the past. What all these individuals have in common is perhaps an inhuman desperation to act. It is almost always the case that time travelling to fix the past in Kdramaland is a dubious notion fraught with problems. It is no different here. For Hyung-joo, things goes well at first immediately after the reset. Armed with foreknowledge he apprehends his partner’s killer preemptively and earn commendation for preventing other related crimes. For Shin Ga-hyeon (Nam Ji-hyun), a popular crime writing web cartoonist, she manages to avoid the car accident that paralysed her waist down but the law of unintended consequences come to haunt her in other punishing ways. Soon, one by one, members of the reset group fall prey to inexplicable deaths which cause our resident detectives to become embroiled in a fight for survival. One of my favourite parts of the show is watching Hyung-joo, initially a second-rate cop grow as a detective and character while navigating the biggest mystery of his career. Lee Joon-hyuk is adorable in the role and especially in his interactions with Nam Ji-hyun. Romance isn’t a key feature here although their chemistry is delightful and there are subtle hints all throughout that these two collaborators have growing feelings for each other. The razor sharp Ga-hyeon is a great sounding board for Hyung-joo who in both his official and unofficial capacity is forced to grapple with a series of deaths related to the “reset” group. Is there something inherent in the reset mechanism that is flawed? Or are there other unknown sinister forces at play? The cast and the performances are undoubtedly the best thing about it and so it should be because as one peels away the insanity one layer at a time, it is clear that this rollercoaster of a drama ultimately about character. Central to the reset idea is its enigmatic proponent, Lee Shin, a clinical psychiatrist whose good intentions of wanting to give people second chances might be a cover for something possibly less altruistic. Her motives are unclear all throughout and the show has viewers questioning them all throughout as she deals with the fallout from the reset. The show benefits greatly from the 12 episode format. The plotting is tight and the mind-bending storyline keeps viewers on their toes. Just when you think you know exactly what’s going on, the show throws in a twist or takes a different turn which leaves you re-evaluating your cherished assumptions. Of course I never expected the show to satisfactorily explain the temporal device although some explanation is offered. In the end the time travelling element is merely a vehicle (no pun intended) for the show to explore age old questions of predestination and individual choice. Plot/story 9 Cast/acting 10 Production values 8 Rewatch Value 8.5
  13. Basic Information | Cast of Characters | Trailers |OST | Episode Guide | Ratings | Gallery | Review
  14. Broadcast Starion : TVN Schedule: 2020-08-15 to 2020-10-04 Saturday & Sunday, 2100 Airing: NetFlix Nationwide & TVN Duration: 60 minutes About the Show : The prosecutor's office and the police find themselves on opposing sides. The prosecutors, including elite prosecutor Woo Tae Ha, want discretionary power over investigations. Meanwhile, the police, including Choi Bit, tries to get complete investigative authority that is independent of the prosecutor's office. Under this tense situation, Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok and Detective Han Yeo Jin chase after the truth in a hidden case. Source : Asianwiki Genre: Thriller Drama Investigation Drama Crime
  15. Cr dramawiki Chinese title: 摩天大楼 / Mo Tian Da Lou English title: A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Drama Director: Leste Chen, Hsu Chao Jen Episodes: 16 Broadcast Date: 8/19/2020 Cast: Yang Zi Shan as Yang Ruisen Guo Tao as Zhong Jingguo Angelababy as Zhong Meibao Jiao Gang as Yan Yongyuan Liu Dan as Ye Meibai Ni Hong Jie as Zhong Jie Lu Yu Lai as Xie Baoluo Zheng Ren Shuo as Lin Dasen Kong Yan as Novel Writer Zhang Bai Jia as Li Moli Ma Liang as Lin Mengyu Ma Xiao Yuan as Ding Xiaoling Cao En Qi as Yan Jun Synopsis: A beautiful coffee shop owner Zhong Meibao suddenly dies in a condominium at the Horizon Tower. When she died, her face still wore a doll-like makeup, hence the case was referred to as the "Doll Murder Case". This case shocks the whole tower, and after investigation the clues point to three suspects - security guard Xie Baoluo, architect Lin Dasen and property manager Lin Mengyu. All three suspects were enthralled by Zhong Meibao's beauty, and all had an intimate relationship with her. All the clue seem to point to the possibility of a love crime. However in the midst of investigation, new clues begin to emerge, and turns the focus to Zhong Meibao's complicated and painful youth. Her family, consisting of her step-father, mother, younger brother and foster mother, were implicated into the case. Just who could be the real murderer? Sources: dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer OSTs Helpful Link Weibo l English Subbed Episodes l
  16. "Just like the viewers called Yun Hwa Pyung "Yun Peace" We hope that all the viewers find peace of mind in their hearts & souls. Again, thank you for watching." -Director Kim Hong Soon That was the note and ideation that the director of "Sohn:The Guest" wanted the audience to know. In today's review, we are going to dive in to the story of this fabulous piece. This series hits me hard, mainly because I have never wanted to watch this series. It was after a week of the airing, I have decided watched it, and I fell in love with it. Let's talk about that. Plot The story at first glance, it seems dark and scary. (It's definitely understandable that people would find this piece scary, but believe me. It's more than that.) On the outside, it is deem to be scary, but on the inside when you look at it, there are more than you imagined. A deeper glance to life's lessons and social situations that may relate one's life. One of the story that I would like to dive into, to give you an idea of what I have said... "What so hard about letting someone feel like they are welcomed and not shun them out like social outcasts?" Today we see the one that we love, we could see the pain that the person is going through at work, but they can't do anything about it. The only thing that that person could do, ruined both his and her life altogether. It's the power of rising after the fall that this episode had taught us dearly. Her man was bullied for his constant sweating, being dragged to the staircase by his colleagues as they reprimanded him to no end. He...He just couldn't take it. He sent a text to his wife who was having his child at the time of his death. His wife came back home only to see the sight of him, in the bathroom with blood-stained water coming out of it. She has contemplated of jumping over the edge from the building, that is when They came in. That they feeds on the negative emotions that one had. It's the anger, the darkness that desires. The morale of this chapter, tells us that we got to always stand up bright and strong and not give up. Love the people that we love, cherish them, be strong for yourself and them. Don't blame on others/you/ or anyone. Learn to forgive. (In which I too, am trying to learn and I hope you too as well) Overall, this series taught us the many strong principles in life. I can quote a few episodes, like the Child episode or the man who was paralyse down. There are many more, and it's up to you to uncover it. Though I recommend it, the only part that I felt that it could be better, it's the last episode...Had they made the final boss scenes a little longer with more actions like hunting down a victim of his anger, it would had been so much better. But, hey...I got what I wanted, I shouldn't complain about it. Plot - 9.5/10 Casting/Acting Now, I applaud the acting of all of the third main characters, I would say that I give them a 100% in acting, especially for the last episode of the series. Main takeaway from these three is that, you will notice that their acting gets more and more emotional after each episode. The three characters have their own arcs of emotions and they are very different as well. Yun Hwa Pyung (Kim Dong Wook) his arc starts out from being this forceful kid to a manly man who is willing to take what the evil wants upon himself to save other. Choi Yoon (Kim Jae Wook), he starts off cold but as the time goes by he starts to open up to the rest while getting cursed every episode to the point that he was vomiting blood and turning frail. Kang Kil Young(Jung En Chae), she honestly starts off as someone whom I really don't like, because she starts off as a very strong cop who blocks our main leads from achieve theirs goals. As the time goes by, we can see that she starts to soften up and become someone who actually cares for the leads. The cast members really acted well in this and I can see no one who can replace them. In no way did I felt out of touch from the characters, they really stand out and make everything very chilling when tricky situations are portrayed to them. Acting - 9/10 Production Value Let's be honest here, the production values in this is marvellous to the point where it really helps to boast the aesthetics of the story. The constant usage of blue and orange lighting (Occasionally green as well) really hits the spot for me. As it is not that bright, your eyes feels very comfortable, if you were to watch it at night. (Trust me, it's worth it!) Production Values - 8.5/10 Re-watch Value Can you believe it? After I was done with this series, I have not re-watched it? Even though I would love to re-watch this...But I can only re-watch this if I were to wash my brain off about who is the spirit possessing. Even though it's good, but sadly, if you know who that person is, it no longer bare the hype as to when you first saw it. I have to say, if you are okay with it, you can still watch it again, for all the characters! Re-watch Value - 8.5/10 If you ever choose to watch this, Hwa Pyung and Park Il Do will come by smiling saying thank you for watching!
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