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Found 4 results

  1. Chinese title: 君九龄 / Jun Jiu Ling English title: Genre: Historical, romance Director: Xie Ze Episodes: 40 Broadcast Date: Sept/07/2021 Cast: Peng Xiao Ran as Jun Jiuling Jin Han as Zhu Zan Du Ya Fei as Lu Yunqi Wang You Shuo as Ning Yunzhao Chen Fang Tong as Liu Er Zhou Li Jie as Fang Chengyu Liu Jun as Chai Rang Hai Ling as Chai Jiuli Zhao Li Juan as Madame Fang Cao Fan Zhen as Fang Yuxiu Lin Zi Ye as Chai Jiurong Synopsis: During her wedding day, Chu Jiuling (daughter of the former crown prince) discovers that the person who killed her father is her uncle, who is the current Emperor. Just as she decides to seek revenge, she was almost killed by her husband, a jinyiwei guard named Lu Yunqi. Fortunately, she was saved by genius physician Zhang Qingshan. Chu Jiuling returns with a new identity - Jun Zhenzhen, the orphan daughter of an eunuch. Under her paternal family's protection, She assists the Fang family in unraveling the schemes of the Emperor, saving them from becoming victims of a political scheme. With her outstanding medical skills and wit, she then changed her name to Jun Jiuling, and heads to the capital to become a physician. After managing to integrate with the royalty, she sets out to unravel corruptions behind the political court and win the hearts of people; and step by step, succeeds in finding out the truth behind her father's death and returns justice to him. Meanwhile, she also gets into a complicated romantic entanglement with three different guys - son of Duke Chen Zhu Zan, nobleman Ning Yunzhao and her ex-husband Lu Yunqi. With world peace as her ultimate goal, she eventually aids the Emperor in defending against enemies and aiding the wise Emperor in ascending the throne. Sources: cnewsdevotee, dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer Reserved OSTs Reserved Helpful Links
  2. Chun Gui Meng Li Ren 春闺梦里人 Chinese Title: 春闺梦里人 / Chun Gui Meng Li Ren Adapted from the Novel: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir / Chun Gui Meng Li Ren (春闺梦里人) by Bai Lu Cheng Shuang Director: Xie Ze Script Writer(s): Genre: Historical, Romance Episodes: 36 Broadcasting Network: Tencent Video Airing Date: TBD Synopsis Having a case of memory loss, Ji Man who has a talent for doing business mistakenly enters the Ning Manor and becomes the wife of the domineering marquis. Using her quick wit and intelligence, she saves the day many times and eventually reaps love and happiness. Ever since she was young girl, Ji Man (Peng Xiaoran) has always wanted to become a merchant. After the truth behind her identity was revealed, she somehow ends up becoming the wife of Marquis Ning Yuxuan (Ding Yuxi). Ji Man develops a rouge powder and opens up a shop to sell her new merchandise. In the face of stiff competition, Ji Man's talent and wisdom shines and wins the admiration of everyone at the manor. Her relationship with Ning Yuxuan also gradually heats up. However, the good times did not last long. Ji Man is in danger due to a plot against her. Ning Yuxuan manages to rescue her in time. They flee to the Western Region before they can safely return to the capital. (Credit) Websites Weibo | Baidu | Douban
  3. My Talent Neighbour 走起我的天才街坊 Chinese Title: 走起我的天才街坊 / Zou Qi Wo De Tian Cai Jie Fang Director: Xing Xiao Script Writer(s): Zhu Yu Episodes: 36 Broadcasting Network: Youku Airing Date: TBD Synopsis When technology guru Chen Xiao meets headhunter Shen Nuo who won't take no for an answer until she successfully recruits him, it starts a story about love and entrepreneurship. Being a world-renowned engineer, Chen Xiao (Elvis Han) has always been a valuable asset that high-tech companies would fight over. The return of his former lover Song Yiwen (Maggie Chen) shakes up the peaceful life of Chen Xiao. In order to escape his painful memories, Chen Xiao takes Shen Nuo's advice and leaves the company that he built with his friend Qi Jialun (Dan Zeng Jin Mei). Qi Jialun cannot accept Chen Xiao's sudden departure nor can he agree to Chen Xiao walking right into the arms of their competitor so he lures Chen Xiao into a trap of his own making. At this time, Chen Xiao's mother passes away. His latent insomnia becomes disruptive and he loses his job. Encouraged by Shen Nuo, Chen Xiao starts his entrepreneurial journey in the field of artificial intelligence. (Credit) Websites Weibo | Baidu | Douban
  4. Cr dramawiki Chinese title: 九州·朱颜记 / Jiu Zhou Zhu Yan Ji English title: Novoland: The Princess From Plateau Genre: Historical, fantasy, romance Episodes: 30 Director: Zhong Shu Jia Broadcast Period: Cast: Feng Shao Feng Peng Xiao Ran Synopsis: Ye Lingshuang and Qi Hairui are close friends who grew up together in the grasslands of Ye Bei. Although Ye Lingshuang was regarded as an outsider of the grasslands and hated by her fellow tribe mates, the seventh princess of Ye Bei, Qi Hairu never looked down on her and treated her as her close friend. Ye Lingshuang decides to pledge her loyalty to the princess for life. In order to attack and conquer Ye Bei, Emperor Gao of Chao Kingdom designed a plot where he requested for Qi Hairui's hand in marriage. He was sure that Qi Hairui would reject the marriage proposal, and he would thus use this as an excuse to incite war. In order to save her kingdom and people, Qi Hairui decides to commit suicide by jumping down a cliff. Seeing her close friend die and the Ye Bei Kingdom fall apart, Ye Lingshuang vows to seek revenge. She took on a new identity as Bai Lu, and sneaked into the palace in an attempt to assassinate Emperor Gao. Despite failing, the Emperor took an interest in her and gradually fell in love with her. Ye Lingshuang felt touched, but knew that to have affection for her enemy meant betrayal, and her heart became more and more contradictory. Under Ye Lingshuang's meticulous plotting, Chao Kingdom was overthrown and Emperor Gao died. Sources: dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer OSTs Reserved Helpful Links Baidu l Weibo
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