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Found 8 results

  1. Title: 驭鲛记 / Yu Jiao Ji English title: The Blue Whisper Genre: Xianxia, romance Broadcast network: Youku Original Writing: Yu Jiao Ji (驭鲛记) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang Director: Zhu Rui Bin Screenwriter: Style Director: Chen Tong Xun Art Director: Shao Chang Yong Company: Croton Media Part 1 Title: 与君初相识 / Yu Jun Chu Xiang Shi Episodes: 30 Broadcast period: TBA Part 2 Title: 恰似故人归 / Qia Si Gu Ren Gui Episodes: 30 Broadcast period: TBA Cast: Dilireba as Ji YunHe Ren Jia Lun as ChangYi Xiao Shun Yao Guo Xiao Ting Hu Yi Xuan Fan Zhen Ci Sha Synopsis: The story revolves around a demon taming master and the ruler of merman. (source: Dramawiki) Official Link: Weibo l Douban l Baidu Novel English
  2. Allen Ren / Ren Jia Lun Name: Allen Ren Native name: 任国超 Given name: Ren Jia Lun Also Known as: Prince;Leader;任嘉伦;Tony;Ren Jia Lun Nationality: Chinese Gender: Male Born: April 11, 1989 Age: 32 Dramas : Movie & TV Show :
  3. Forever and Ever 一生一世美人骨 / Chang An Memories 长安如故 Chinese Title: 一生一世, 长安如故/ Yi sheng yi shi, Cháng'ān rúgù English title: Forever and Ever (Modern) and Chang An Memoried (Historical), Love Your Bones Forever, Beautiful Bones Adapted From: Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu (One Life, One Incarnation - Beautiful Bones) by Mo Bao Fei Bao Genre: Historical, Romance Director: Shen Yang Episodes: 30 (Modern), 24 (Historical) Broadcasting Network: iQIYI Broadcast Date: First part rumored to air in the second quarter of 2021 and second part in the third quarter of 2021 Forever and Ever Synopsis (Modern): Shi Yi, a gentle and low profile voice actress, meets Zhousheng Chen, a refined chemistry professor at the airport. Despite the brief encounter, both have a deep impression on each other. To save his family's declining clay teapot factory, Zhousheng Chen agrees to his mother's request to get married and take over the family business. He rejected his family's arrangements, and proposed to Shi Yi, whom he has good feelings for. After marriage, Shi Yi assists him in managing the business, and also serves as a bridge of communication between him and the elders. Facing the pressure of family and work, Shi Yi's utmost support and relentless encouragement helped Zhousheng Chen tide through the toughest of times. The couple eventually managed to salvage the business and preserve the traditional arts. However just when they are about to reap the fruits of their labor, Shi Yi gets seriously injured while saving Zhousheng Chen from being harmed. Zhousheng Chen puts aside his career, and dedicates all his time to taking care of Shi Yi. After Shi Yi recovered, they promise never to leave each other's side. (Credit) Chang An Memories Synopsis (Historical): Zhousheng Chen, son of Prince Nan Chen, is an accomplished general who is loyal to the country. Cui Shi Yi, daughter of an esteemed family, is the appointed Crown Princess since birth. As both their families are acquainted, Cui Shi Yi was sent to the Zhou Manor to learn some skills. There, Zhousheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi got to befriend each other. Cui Shi Yi grew to admire Zhousheng Chen's lofty ambitions and gentlemanly character and slowly fell for him. She becomes his greatest support and companion, helping him wait for intelligence in the manor, and going to war with him. However, their relationship could not take a step forward due to their respective responsibilities. When the borders are once again endangered, Zhousheng Chen has to lead the army to battle enemies, while Cui Shi Yi has to complete her wedding with the Crown Prince. However, at this time, Zhousheng Chen became seriously injured. (Credit) Cast: Ren Jia Lun as Zhousheng Chen Bai Lu as Shi Yi Ci Sha as Mei Xing Wang Yue Yi as Hong Xiaoyu Luo Ming Jie as Zhou Wenchuan Wang Rui Xin as Zhou Wenxing Luo Hai Qiong as Qin Wan Feng Jia Yi as Zhou Shengxing Wang Xi Yuan Ye Xiao Wei Liu Ruo Gu as Zhou Shengren Trailer OSTs Helpful Links Baidu l Novel l Forever & Ever 2 Weibo
  4. Never Say Goodbye Three years ago, police officer Liu Yuan Wen sends back wrong intelligence, seemingly causing the death of his fiancée and fellow police officer Rong Yu. He also loses a friend in Rong Yao , his brother-in-law-to-be and member of the drug task force. Disheartened by all the events, Liu Yuan Wen resigns from his position and cuts off all contact. In the present time, Rong Yao has been promoted to leader of the task force, and is ordered to provide ongoing support and resources to the sole undercover operative in Group K, a drug cartel led by the ‘Spectre’ Mr. Ou. Turns out the undercover Mu Qing is actually Liu Yuan Wen, and the pair must work together to bring the criminals to justice. (Source: cfensi) Native Title: 不说再见 Also Known As: Bu Shuo Zai Jian , Bat Syut Joi Gin , 不說再見 Genres: Action, Romance, Crime, Detective Tags: Police Officer, Undercover Agent Episodes: 47 Airs: Original Network: iQiyi iQiyi Duration: 45 min. Cast Chinese Wikipedia : Link
  5. Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Chinese Title: 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 / Wu Ya Xiao Jie Yu Xi Yi Xian Sheng Director: Wu Qiang Script Writers: Yang Nan, Yang Mei Wei, Liu Chang Genre: Romance Episodes: 36 Broadcasting Network: Tencent Video Airing Date: April 26th, 2021 Synopsis A story about the boss from hell who is cold and withdrawn and his employee who is upbeat and optimistic. Due to a past accident that left him with an artificial heart, he cannot have his heart skipping fast because it will get discharged. Gu Chuan (Ren Jia Lun) suffered a major car accident during the year he graduated from university. Because his heart became severely damaged, an artificial heart was implanted into his body. Although he managed to survive, his life was forever changed. He cannot engage in vigorous activities, he cannot feel joy and sorrow and he can no longer live like a normal person. Gu Chuan who used to be cheerful and bright became closed off as he gradually lost all confidence. Ten years later, Gu Chuan and his friend Xu Chengran co-founded the Chuan architectural design studio. Whenever Gu Chuan musters up the courage to overcome his situation, he fails every time until he meets Jiang Xiaoning (Xing Fei). Jiang Xiaoning lost both her parents at a young age and lives with her grandma and aunt. Her misfortunes never defeated her as she grows up to become a positive, life loving and hard working girl. When they become boss and employee, Gu Chuan starts to see his lost passion in Jiang Xiaoning and gradually finds his own way as he helps her chase after her dreams. (Credit) Websites Weibo | Baidu
  6. Lan Yan Tu Ji / The Blue Flames Story of Li Xi Cheng who join with the firefighter team with the aura of a hero but hit with ruthless reality. Deputy captain Ye Qiheng made a special training plan to hone these new team members into real "special service elites". After facing life and death situations, the team eventually forged a profound friendship within the squadron. (Source: Baidu) Native Title: 蓝焰突击 Also Known As: Blue Flame , Blue Flame Assault Director: Lin Ke Genres: Action, Suspense, Crime Tags: Fire Accident, Firefighters, Fire (Vote or add tags) Country: China Type: Drama Episodes: 45 Airs: Cast : Filming start on Aug 2019, wrap up finish in Oct 2019
  7. Autumn Cicada The year is 1941 and East Asia is being torn apart by war – on land, at sea, and in the air. Imperial Japanese forces have occupied Hong Kong and work with native collaborators in a bid to impose strict Japanese martial law. Into this lethal fray steps a young man named Ye Chong a fierce patriot and a devoted communist. Recruited by Chinese communist forces, he agrees to go undercover as a double agent. His role will be to infiltrate the collaborators who are helping Japan tighten its grip on Hong Kong. The role involves becoming the “Autumn Cicada,” a spy who will relay information back to his communist comrades who are still plotting to throw off the Japanese yoke. The role is perilous, and beset with danger at every turn. When Japanese intelligence officers learn that a mole has infiltrated the military ranks, a deadly hunt begins – in an effort to expose, capture, and torture the Autumn Cicada. Fortunately, a handful of sympathetic freedom fighters is ready to help Ye Chong complete his mission – including the beautiful He Ying. (Source: Viki) Native Title: 秋蝉 Also Known As: Qiu Chan , Cicadas of Autumn , Cicada of Autumn Director: Li Ang Genres: Action, Historical, Drama, War Tags: Nationalistic, Gun Violence, Historical Fiction, Revolution, Chinese Republican Era, Costume, Hidden Identity, Spy, Death, Agent Country: China Type: Drama Episodes: 49 Aired: May 4, 2020 - May 30, 2020 Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Original Network: Hunan TV ZJTV iQiyi iQiyi Mango TV Mango TV Duration: 45 min. Cast :
  8. Chinese title: 锦衣之下 / Jin Yi Zhi Xia English title: Under the Power Genre: Ancient, Romance Episodes: 55 Director: Yin Tao (尹涛) Broadcast Period: Dec/28/2019 Cast: Ren Jialun (任嘉伦) As LuYi (陆绎) Tan Songyun (谭松韵) As Yuan JinXia (袁今夏) Han Dong (韩栋) As Yan ShiFan严世蕃 Ye Qing (叶青) As Shang GuanXi (上官曦) Yao Yi Chen (姚奕辰) As XieXiao(谢霄) Xi Xue (习雪) As LinLing (林菱) Han Cheng Yu (韩承羽) As Lan DaoXing (蓝道行) Yao YiChen (姚奕辰) As XieXiao (谢霄) LuHong (路宏) As Yang Yue (杨岳) Guo XiaoFeng As Yang ChengWan ll Yang Li Huang YouQi(黄由启) As Chen Fu(岺福) Zhang YiYing As Chung YuMin (LuYi's cousin) Synopsis: In the final years of the reign of Jiajing Emperor during the Ming Dynasty, Lu Yi of the Jin Yi Wei is commissioned to investigate the disappearance of funds that have been set aside for river repairs in Yangzhou. He is assisted by Yuan Jin Xia of the Liushanmen. The two accidentally become involved in a conspiracy. The talented female constable Yuan Jin Xia gets into a disagreement with the hot-tempered Jin Yi Wei Lu Yi over a case that they are both involved in. Jin Xia thought that she'd never encounter Lu Yi again in this lifetime, yet fate has its way of bringing two people back together. Government funds have been stolen and Jin Xia receives orders to assist Lu Yi in his investigation. (Source: ChineseDrama.info) Adapted from the novel: 锦衣之下 by Lan SeShi Official SitesBaidu | Douban | Weibo Photo Album
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