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Found 3 results

  1. I went into this not knowing what to expect but a couple of episodes in, I found myself thoroughly entertained by the hijinks of a pojangmacha owner (Hwang Jung-eum), her long-suffering manager (Choi Won-young) and a supermarket customer service guy (Yook Sung-jae) in contemporary South Korea. Apart from the usual nagging from Neflix, I had seen/heard next to no press on this. As a rule I’m neither a fan of supernatural fantasies (I must be one of a handful people who haven’t see Goblin) nor of slapstick but I adored this one from start to finish. I found myself rolling around in laughter at the inventive, sometimes wacky humour. At other times the show transitions wonderfully into something unexpectedly poignant and heartwarming. The key to why the juggling act ultimately works is the clever storytelling which more than makes up for some of the show’s production limitations. Because the show locates itself as a supernatural fantasy, it’s obvious that Hwang Jung-eum’s pojangmacha owner is not your usual street bar-owning ahjumma. Weol-ju is a 500 year old ghost/spirit who’s earning credits by helping individuals with all kinds of grievances. It’s her punishment for hanging herself on The Sacred Tree in her Joseon past and causing mayhem. She has been tasked by scary persons in the Afterlife with helping 100 000 humans and when her job is done, all will be forgiven. The tricky part of course is getting the remaining clientele to come to the pop up bar and spill their guts. This is where the customer service guy comes in. This idealistic and unassuming young fellow has the uncanny ability to get people to open up garrulously even when he doesn’t want them to, which is 99% of the time. Although he sees it as a curse, it’s handy skill that Weol-ju is eager to exploit. After some cajoling, bullying and sleight of hand, the young Kang-bae joins Weol-ju and Manager Gwi in what turns out to be a really good cause. The trio have all the makings of a low-key superhero team-up. Each member has their own skill set which come in useful when they meet desperate, helpless individuals… dead and living… who are seeking help to resolve some grievance that they’re lugging around. As they spend more time together, our trio start acting more like a family. As with every superhero show, there is a villain. I didn't mind him even if he was a tad on the cliche side. It certainly didn't affect my overall impression of the drama or the resolution. The story flip flops between two timelines: Joseon and 21st century Korea. No, there’s no time travelling involved in case you’re wondering but the show gradually gives us insight into Weol-ju’s tragic past as a gifted shaman who fell in love with a prince that she helped. It was a romance that ended badly with long-ranging reverberations. In one of her better efforts, Hwang Jung-eum plays up Weol-ju’s cantankerous, shrilly side with no small amount of glee. She is both terrifying and self-righteous. Belying the shrewish disposition, however, is a heart of gold. Her culinary skills are to die for (so we're told) but more importantly she has an awesome fusion wardrobe to match. Choi Won-young was awesome as Manager Gwi, an enigmatic spirit being who has an unspoken agenda for putting up with Weol-ju’s bad temper. He really needs to play these sorts of non-villainous lead roles more often. I don’t remember the last time I saw him play a straight arrow but I can assure everybody that he didn’t sign up for the drama just to play mediator between two opposites. I wasn’t familiar with Yook Sung-jae prior to this but his versatility here impressed me. His comic delivery was right on the money. I especially enjoyed his push-pull with security guard, Kang Yeo-rin who happens to be the only human being who can resist his ability to make her open up. There’s no doubt that he holds his own with his seniors all throughout the drama. Despite the financial constraints, the world building maintained a high level of consistency. It drew on a hodgepodge of various religious and mythological traditions with something of a satirical edge as exemplified in its depiction of Corporate Afterlife. I experienced a reminder or two of Journey to the West. It’s good to see an increasing number of K dramas benefiting from the 12-episode format. So far it’s yielded only good things from the ones I’ve seen. At the end of the day, as is to be expected of a drama of this nature, it is a morality tale encompassing morality tales. Although there’s truly nothing new under the sun, there are lessons to be learnt by everyone, whether they be 500 or 25. Even the higher-ups of Afterlife Inc make mistakes. Plot/ Story: 9 Acting/Cast: 10 Production Values: 8 Re-watch Value: 8.5
  2. Legacies Details Network The CW streaming site. The CW, NetFlix Related shows: The Vampire Diaries; The Originals Program creator: Julie Plec Origin Country: United States Production Locations : Atlanta Georgia, USA Production Companies : CBS Television Distribution ect... Genre : Drama , Fantansy and Supernatural Fiction Original Network : The CW Original Release : Oct 25, 2018- Present Seasons : 3 Renewed for Season 4 Fall 2021
  3. "Just like the viewers called Yun Hwa Pyung "Yun Peace" We hope that all the viewers find peace of mind in their hearts & souls. Again, thank you for watching." -Director Kim Hong Soon That was the note and ideation that the director of "Sohn:The Guest" wanted the audience to know. In today's review, we are going to dive in to the story of this fabulous piece. This series hits me hard, mainly because I have never wanted to watch this series. It was after a week of the airing, I have decided watched it, and I fell in love with it. Let's talk about that. Plot The story at first glance, it seems dark and scary. (It's definitely understandable that people would find this piece scary, but believe me. It's more than that.) On the outside, it is deem to be scary, but on the inside when you look at it, there are more than you imagined. A deeper glance to life's lessons and social situations that may relate one's life. One of the story that I would like to dive into, to give you an idea of what I have said... "What so hard about letting someone feel like they are welcomed and not shun them out like social outcasts?" Today we see the one that we love, we could see the pain that the person is going through at work, but they can't do anything about it. The only thing that that person could do, ruined both his and her life altogether. It's the power of rising after the fall that this episode had taught us dearly. Her man was bullied for his constant sweating, being dragged to the staircase by his colleagues as they reprimanded him to no end. He...He just couldn't take it. He sent a text to his wife who was having his child at the time of his death. His wife came back home only to see the sight of him, in the bathroom with blood-stained water coming out of it. She has contemplated of jumping over the edge from the building, that is when They came in. That they feeds on the negative emotions that one had. It's the anger, the darkness that desires. The morale of this chapter, tells us that we got to always stand up bright and strong and not give up. Love the people that we love, cherish them, be strong for yourself and them. Don't blame on others/you/ or anyone. Learn to forgive. (In which I too, am trying to learn and I hope you too as well) Overall, this series taught us the many strong principles in life. I can quote a few episodes, like the Child episode or the man who was paralyse down. There are many more, and it's up to you to uncover it. Though I recommend it, the only part that I felt that it could be better, it's the last episode...Had they made the final boss scenes a little longer with more actions like hunting down a victim of his anger, it would had been so much better. But, hey...I got what I wanted, I shouldn't complain about it. Plot - 9.5/10 Casting/Acting Now, I applaud the acting of all of the third main characters, I would say that I give them a 100% in acting, especially for the last episode of the series. Main takeaway from these three is that, you will notice that their acting gets more and more emotional after each episode. The three characters have their own arcs of emotions and they are very different as well. Yun Hwa Pyung (Kim Dong Wook) his arc starts out from being this forceful kid to a manly man who is willing to take what the evil wants upon himself to save other. Choi Yoon (Kim Jae Wook), he starts off cold but as the time goes by he starts to open up to the rest while getting cursed every episode to the point that he was vomiting blood and turning frail. Kang Kil Young(Jung En Chae), she honestly starts off as someone whom I really don't like, because she starts off as a very strong cop who blocks our main leads from achieve theirs goals. As the time goes by, we can see that she starts to soften up and become someone who actually cares for the leads. The cast members really acted well in this and I can see no one who can replace them. In no way did I felt out of touch from the characters, they really stand out and make everything very chilling when tricky situations are portrayed to them. Acting - 9/10 Production Value Let's be honest here, the production values in this is marvellous to the point where it really helps to boast the aesthetics of the story. The constant usage of blue and orange lighting (Occasionally green as well) really hits the spot for me. As it is not that bright, your eyes feels very comfortable, if you were to watch it at night. (Trust me, it's worth it!) Production Values - 8.5/10 Re-watch Value Can you believe it? After I was done with this series, I have not re-watched it? Even though I would love to re-watch this...But I can only re-watch this if I were to wash my brain off about who is the spirit possessing. Even though it's good, but sadly, if you know who that person is, it no longer bare the hype as to when you first saw it. I have to say, if you are okay with it, you can still watch it again, for all the characters! Re-watch Value - 8.5/10 If you ever choose to watch this, Hwa Pyung and Park Il Do will come by smiling saying thank you for watching!
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