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Found 3 results

  1. Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi 郎君不如意 Chinese Title: 郎君不如意 / Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi English Title: Novel: Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji 2: Gong Zhu Shang Jia Ji (太子妃升职记2:公主上嫁记) by Xian Cheng Director: Cheng Feng Screenwriter: Chu Chu, Li Zhao, Liu Qiu Ye, Luo Man Ying Genre: Romance, Historical Episodes: 30 Broadcasting Network: Youku Airing Date: TBD Synopsis To investigate the arson case in the palace, Zhang Peng Peng and Qi Sheng's daughter, princess Qi Pa of DaXia Kingdom accidentally gets into an ambush and is saved by Kui Mu Lang who goes by 2 different personas. (Credit) Websites Weibo | Baidu | Douban
  2. Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Chinese Title: 世界微尘里 / Shi Jie Wei Chen Li English Title: Sweet Teeth Genre: Romance Episodes: 24 Director: Xu Hong Yu, Liu Han Yang Broadcast Period: August 16th, 2021 Broadcasting Network: iQIYI Cast: Wu Xuan Yi as Zeng Li Bi Wen Jun as Ai Jingchu Zhai Xiao Wen as Liu Yucheng Zhang Bai Jia as Wu Ying Liu Te as Deng Haoran Wan Zi Lin as Ma Yiyi Synopsis: Because of a teeth straightening appointment, 28-year-old librarian Zeng Li got to know Ai Jingchu, deputy director of the dental department. Slowly, they begin to fall in love after undergoing various adventures together. However just when they were about to confess to each other, Zeng Li's first love whom she has been waiting for ten years suddenly re-appeared in her life and begins pursuing Zeng Li. The person also happens to be Ai Jingchu's good friend, Yu Yi. After reading Zeng Li's novel, Ai Jingchu misunderstood that the person Zeng Li likes has always been Yu Yi, and gives up on confessing to her. He decides to head to Africa to carry out medical assistance mission. After receiving Yu Yi's confession, Zeng Li realizes the person she has always loved is Ai Jingchu, and returns to Ai Jingchu's side without hesitation. The two lovers finally became a couple. Sources: dramawiki Helpful Links Weibo l
  3. Chinese title: 斗罗大陆 / Dou Luo Da Lu English title: Douluo Continent Genre: Fantasy, action, adventure Director: Yang Zhen Yu (杨振宇) Episodes: 40 Broadcast Date: Feb/05/21 Cast: Xiao Zhan as Tang San Han Hao Lin as young Tang San A former young prodigy of the renowned Tang Sect. One of the Shrek Seven Devils. Wu Xuan Yi as Xiao Wu Yuan Ning Lu (袁宁璐) as young Xiao Wu One of the Shrek Seven Devils. An orphan girl and Tang San's love interest. Gao Tai Yu as Dai Mubai One of the Shrek Seven Devils. Second prince of Huangluo Kingdom. Liu Mei Tong as Zhu Zhuqing One of the Shrek Seven Devils. Possesses the fastest speed and strongest attacking ability. Liu Run Nan as Ao Sika One of the Shrek Seven Devils. Ao Zi Yi as Ma Hongjun One of the Shrek Seven Devils. Ding Xiao Ying as Ding Rongrong One of the Shrek Seven Devils. Daughter of Yu Fengzhi, clan master of the Sibao Liuli Sect. Synopsis: Tang San lost his mother since young, and he and his father depend on each other dearly. Tang San possesses extraordinary wits and talent since young, and aspires to be a great soul master. When he was six, he was sent to Ruoding Academy for cultivation. There, he came under the tutelage of Yu Xiaogang and also gets to know an orphan girl named Gu Xiaowu, whom became sworn siblings with him. Later, to further improve his cultivation, Yu Xiaogang brings Tang San to Shrek Academy. There, Tang San, Xiao Wu and five other youths form a group known as the "Shrek Seven Devils". The seven youths later enter the Tian Dou Royal Academy, where they became embroiled in the princes' battle for power. In the meantime, Tang San also discovers the person who killed his mother - none other than Wu Hun Pavilion's Bi Bidong; whom is actually Xue Qinghe in disguise. To stop Wu Hun Pavilion from destroying the Tiandou Kingdom, Tang San allies with the various sects of the kingdom and wages war against Wu Hun Pavilion. Sources: dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer OSTs Reserved Helpful Links Weibo l
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