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Found 4 results

  1. Song of the Moon 月歌行 Chinese Title: 月歌行 / Yue Ge Xing Novel: Ben Yue by Shu Ke Director: Lin Jian Long Screenwriter: Miao Wen Jing and Wang Ting Genre: Xianxia, Historical Episodes: 40 Broadcasting Network: iQIYI Airing Date: TBA Synopsis Liu Shao initially leads a carefree life of a wealthy heiress, but accidentally gets embroiled in a battle between the immortals and demons, thus unraveling the past and present romantic entanglement between her and Lu Li, a mysterious cloaked immortal. (Credit) Official Websites Baidu | Weibo | Douban
  2. Title: 两个人的小森林 / Liang Ge Ren De Xiao Sen Lin English title: A Romance of the Little Forest Genre: Romance Episodes: Director: Xu Pei Shan (许珮珊) Broadcast network: Broadcast period: TBA Cast: Zhang BinBin Esther Yu Shu Xin Synopsis: Romance btwn a plant science professor & a village girl Additional Links Weibo l Baidu l Douban
  3. Chinese title:司藤/ Si Teng English title: Rattan Genre: Fantasy, Mystery Episodes: 30 Director: Li Mu Ge Broadcast Period: 2020 Cast: Jing Tian as Si Teng Zhang Bin Bin as Qin Fang Li Mu Chen as Shen Yindeng Zhang Yi Chi as Yan Furui Wu Jun Yu as Wang Yikun Jin Ze Hao as Dan Zhigang Shao Feng as Qiu Shan Pan Yi Yi Li Yi Xiao as Yi Zu Zhang Ding Han Wang Guan Yu Yuan Synopsis: In the year of 1946, demon girl Si Teng was killed by Reverend Tian Shi in the town of Shanghai. In the year of 2013, Qin Fang and his fiancee headed to the West to search for a benefactor. On the way there, a car accident occurred. A drop of blood from Qin Fang resurrected the demon girl who was buried in the ground. In the year of 1937, Qin Fang disregarded Si Teng's instructions, and wanted to fulfill his own revenge plans. Qin Fang tries all ways to break away from Qin Fang's control. However, he gradually finds out that seventy years ago, his fate is already arranged. Sources: dramawiki @Lynne @NiteWalker Moderator tag to get it added to the directory list. Trailer OSTs Reserved Helpful Links Weibo
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