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Found 4 results

  1. Chinese title: 光芒 English title: The Justice Genre: Business, Republican Era Director: Episodes: 48 Broadcast Date: Sept/08/2021 Cast: Steven Zhang XinCheng as Cheng YiZhi Elvira Cai WenJing as Wu LiZi Gu ZiCheng as XuShu Zhang ZhiJian as Huang RuHong Wang ZiJian as ChaLi LiangJie as Xiao LingDang YuXiang Zhang XueHan MaoYi RenBin Synopsis: Set in 1930s Shanghai, Cheng Yizhi who comes from a poor family meets Wu Rufu, a banker and his daughter Li Zi. Inspired by Wu, Cheng Yizhi quits his job as a businessman and enters the finance industry; and becomes bank owner Boss Huang's closest confidante. However, he finds out that Boss Huang caused the death of Wu Rufu, and also colluded with various forces to build a black money empire. Cheng Yizhi decides to leave Boss Huang, and teams up with Li Zi to create a new bank industry. However they face opposition from Boss Huang and the Japanese. With the help of the underground party, Cheng Yizhi works together with the industry people to revitalize the republican. (Source: DramaWiki) Official Sites: Weibo l Baidu
  2. Official Sites Baidu | Douban | Weibo Airing Sites WeTV | Huace Youtube | VIKI | IQIYI BEHIND THE SCENE
  3. The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Director: Wang Zheng Screenwriter: Wang Xiong Cheng Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy Episodes: 26 Broadcasting Network: iQIYI Airing Date: June 17th, 2021 -- 8 episodes on the first day, 2 episodes every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Official Websites: Baidu, Weibo Synopsis The leader of a boyband and an entertainment reporter are forced into many outrageous situations after they switched bodies. Jiang Yi (Zhang Xin Cheng) is a big star in the entertainment industry. He is the cold and distant leader of a popular boy band. In reality, he's simply not good at expressing himself ever since his parents divorced when he was young. Meanwhile, Yu Sheng Sheng (Liang Jie) has become an entertainment reporter who keeps running up against a stone wall at work. Their lives were not meant to intersect, but an accident results in the two exchanging bodies on their birthday which happens to fall on the same day. The sudden change catch them off guard and with only each other to turn to for support in the days and nights that followed, Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng gradually fall in love. (Credit)
  4. Mo Du / Light the Darkness 默读 Alternate Titles: Silent Reading, The Light in the Night Novel: Mo Du by Priest Script Writer: Li Lin Director: Yang Xia (previous work, The Untamed) Genre: Crime, Psychological, BL, Mystery Episodes: 30 Broadcasting Network: Youku Airing Date: TBA -- Currently casting Synopsis Childhood, upbringing, family background, social connections, traumas... We ceaselessly seek and explore the motives of criminals, pursue every faint trace of emotion among them, not to sympathize with them and even forgive them, not to find a reason to exonerate them of their crimes, not to bow before the so-called complexities of human nature, not to reflect on social conflicts, and certainly not to become monsters ourselves — we are simply looking for a just answer for ourselves — and for all those who still have hope for this world. (Credit) English Translation of Novel E. Danglars Translations Websites Weibo | Baidu
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