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Found 3 results

  1. Title: 开端 / Kai Duan English title: Reset Genre: Suspense Episodes: 15 Original Writing: Kai Duan (开端) by Qi Dao Jun (祈祷君) Director: Sun Mo Long, Liu Hong Yuan (刘洪源), Lao Suan Screenwriter: Lao Suan, Qiu Yu Jie (邱玉洁) Broadcast network: Tencent Broadcast period: January 11th, 2022 Cast Bai Jing Ting as Xiao He Yun Zhao Jin Mai as Li Shi Qing Liu Tao Huang Jue Liu Dan Synopsis: Tells of two groups of people stuck in a time loop where they keep returning to the beginning of a day or incident. In part one, Li Shi Qing experiences death over and over again on a bus, with each loop sending her back to the bus and back in time. To get off the bus, she accidentally dragged fellow passenger Xiao He Yun into the time loop. The two must try everything to make sure the bus gets to its destination safely to close the time loop. Unbeknownst to them, Song Bo Dao is a delivery man also stuck in a separate but connected time loop. He is tasked with finishing his deliveries for the day, but for some reason can never deliver all of them, especially a package to someone called Xiao He Yun. Along the way, he finds pets and people in need of help, and helps them over and over again every day. One of them is writer Qin Rou Rou, who is immediately taken by his story and decides to help him decipher the solution to the time loop. They begin to date and fall back in love every day as he delivers her cat food to her and re-tells her their story. (Credit) Additional Links Weibo l Douban l Baidu
  2. Title: Ling Long Chinese Title: 玲珑 / Ling Long Broadcast Website: Mango TV, Tencent Broadcast Date: January 29, 2021 Air Time: Fri-Sun 20:00 (2 eps), 6 eps released in advance for VIP Genre: Fantasy, Historical Episodes: 44 Director: Xu Yiming Cast: Zhao JinMai as Huo Tu LingLong YuanHong as Huo TuXin LinYi as YuanYi Elvira Cai Wenjing as YinZhuang Xin YunLai as YinXiao Chen YuSi as WuYuan ZengLi as FeiYao Koss Zhao TianYu as MengZhan TuNan as Wei ShengYan Katie Chen as LiSha Synopsis: A large catastrophe has befallen the continent known as Suchuan. In a fight between good and evil, Ling Long is accompanied by her father and a young monarch to usher in a new era of peace. Suchuan is a mysterious place where legends of mythology are told, yet it has entered an era of division and chaos. Years later, the young monarch Yuan Yi (Lin Yi) ascends to the throne and vows to put an end to the troubled times. Yuan Yi believes the fall of the gods to be the source of all calamity. He puts on a disguise to esape from the palace and begin his search for the young girl named Ling Long who possesses the spiritual strength of the gods. Ling Long (Zhao Jinmai) and her father Huo Tuxin (Yuan Hong) live in a remote village with only each other to rely on. Although Ling Long lost her mother as a child, she grew up to become independent and exceptional. At Yuan Yi's request, Ling Long and Hu Tuoxin leave their home to embark on an adventure to save Suchuan. (Cr: Web Drama: Ling Long | ChineseDrama.info) Trailer Official Link: Weibo
  3. Source: Dramawiki & MyDramalist Title: 爱的理想生活 / Ai De Li Xiang Sheng Huo English Title: Brilliant Girls Also known as: 涩女郎 (Se Nv Lang) / Astringent Girl Genre: Romance, drama Episodes: 43 Director: Li Jiang Ming Screenwriter: Gu Xiao Bai, Jin Lu (金璐) Broadcast network: Hunan TV Broadcast period: Mar/01/2021 Cast: Yin Tao as Wen Ruxue Song Yi as Dai Xixi Zhao Jin Mai as Wen Xiaoyang Nita Lei as Ding Yunqiao Hu Lian Xin as Qi Yue Wei Da Xun as Duan Xu Sun Yi Zhou as Li Wensen Yang Shuo as Bai Xiangwen Tan Kai as Du Jiamu Shi An Wang You Jun Synopsis: This is a story about five women living together in the same villa who each has a different attitude towards love. One is willing to marry any man with a pulse: "Jie Hun Kuang" (Crazy for Marriage) One wants love, but not in marriage: "Wan Ren Mi" (The Ten Thousand Year Fox) One is interested in work, but not in love: "Nan Ren Po" (Tomboy) One who no man can figure out: "Tian Zhen Mei" (Naive Girl).
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