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Brahms Haven Ship 🎼 Ice Cream Couple 🍦 BinJae - (Kim Min Jae x Park Eun Bin)

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Kim Min Jae about Park Eun Bin :


Asked about Park Eun Bin’s good points, he said, “Ah, I have to speak well here. She’s just a really good person. She is very respectful and thinks deeply about things. There were no issues at all while we worked together. There wasn’t even a space for issues to occur. Everything seemed to flow well. People on set become happier when Park Eun Bin arrives. Even if she doesn’t do anything, that’s how it feels.”


Cr. Soompi




Park Eun Bin About Kim Min Jae :


Park Eun Bin talked about working alongside Kim Min Jae in the new drama. She said, “Kim Min Jae has a lot of mature and grown-up sides to him. He also has a serious mindset and attitude toward acting, so we’re always on the same page when we talk about it.”

She continued, “Our drama is supposed to naturally capture the soft romance that is born within feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment, and I couldn’t have met a better co-star.”


Cr. Soompi




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Script Reading April 2020

Article :


Piano Recital June 2020



Q&A SBS NOW August 17 ,2020


@im0202 translation on below post link.


Quiz King / Queen August 20, 2020 



Several questions they asks (not in order), the first place JY and SA met, SA's intern workplace, the premier date of their drama. Winner is HH. 

Cr. @LaLa


Press Conference August 24, 2020





download-39.jpg download-40.jpgdownload-41.jpg


Article :


Running Man Ep 518 August 30, 2020


Poster Making August 31, 2020


Lie Detector August 31, 2020


Radio Star Appearance SBS Choi Hwa Jung August 31, 2020




download-65.jpg download-66.jpg

2020083116522654386-1598860346.jpg download-44.jpg

Article :


My skirt was on the short side. MinJae-ssi was worried and he took off his jacket to cover my legs. He is a friend with such remarkable consideration.

And he in return said shes pretty & good at acting & her personality so good and the staff like her. 

Cr. @im0202



Min Jae IG Update September 22, 2020





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  • 2 weeks later...

I will watch this drama @SilverMoonTea  l love the music premise. Hopefully there will be enough of it shown through the story and not disappointing. 


@abs-oluteM I remember that ship she started also before drama aired, that she ended up not watching the drama herself 🤣

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Gorgeous poster, thanks @im0202

Wah, we always boarded into same ship, don't we?


Character Description


Kim Min Jae stars as Park Joon Young, a genius pianist who has won multiple international competitions, and Park Eun Bin stars as Chae Song Ah, a violinist who is seven years older than her fellow students.


Chae Song Ah possesses a strong love of the violin, made evident by her decision to enroll in the music department of her university after already having graduated from the business school there. 27-year-old Chae Song Ah then spends her summer facing the reality of pursuing her dream amidst her talented peers.


Cr. Soompi, quoted only related parts


@abs-oluteM, I do think this drama look quite exciting. They seems have a quiet & lovely romance. 

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34 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

Gorgeous poster, thanks @im0202

Wah, we always boarded into same ship, don't we?

Wahaha, I actually haven’t boarded this ship yet since the drama hasn’t started... But piano and violin always go together, so it will be very easy for me to get on board, the two of them just need passable chemistry and I’m in! Haha.

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@abs-oluteM re-posting the video you linked for easier watch because our ship captain requested for translation haha



(Say the first word that comes to your mind within 3 seconds when the keyword is shown.)


'Do You Like Brahms?'
EB: Youth Melo!
MJ: Piano!
MJ: (sincere gaze) Let's do it again!
EB: No! For me, I thought of the genre of DYLB, that's why I answered with 'Youth Melo'.
MJ: I play the piano in the drama, and it's a classic drama, so I thought of 'piano'.
EB: Oh, then I should have gone with 'violin'?
MJ: That's why I asked to go again!

MJ: We screwed up, right? Let's go on~!


Chae Song-Ah?
EB: thoughtful
MJ: ...
EB: Why aren't you saying anything?
EB: Is there nothing you can think of?
MJ: I'll say 'violin' then. I have a reason.
Song-Ah ssi is a violinist who majored in violin right? We see that side (of her) a lot.
We see her practising everyday too. And we always hear the violin sounds from the waiting room too.
That's why I thought of 'violin'.


Park Eun Bin?
MJ: (sigh) Thoughtful..(?)
Very thoughtful... Being considerate of others.. the kindness!
Ah, then I should have said you're 'kind' instead. Anyway, she's also thoughtful.
EB: Well, you can say everything. Is there any more besides 'thoughtful'?
MJ: Thoughtful, Kind, she's all of these.


Park Joon Young?
EB: Kind /warm-hearted
MJ: Pianist
EB: He's a pianist too. In terms of personality, I think he's a kind/warm-hearted person.
No matter who he's with!
MJ: You said 'no matter who I'm with'... Am I kind to everyone? Park Joon-young is?
EB: Yes! Isn't that so?
MJ: Well if you say so... Please confirm it after the broadcast!


Kim Min Jae?
EB: Sound (as in reliable)
[Laughing due to an unexpected vocabulary being used]
EB: I think this description fits MinJae perfectly.
He looks healthy (geon-jeon)and has a dependable (chak-sil) side to him. 
So 'geon-jeon' plus 'chak-sil' = 'geon-sil' (the word she used)
I think it fits you well~
MJ: Thank you. I think you prepared for this before coming?
EB: No, I just thought this question would be asked at some point in time, so I prepared for it~


Your first impressions of each other?
MJ: Deep.
EB: Considerate..?
MJ: She seems like a very deep person. Being 'considerate' is included too, (she's) not light...
EB: Am I heavy?
MJ: No, it's not a heavy feeling. Something like 'she has a deep heart' (I'm guessing as in thoughtful, wise).
MJ: (I'm) Considerate? Am I the icon of being considerate?
EB: Of course! He's like a gentleman! He often shows seriousness that is beyond his years.
My first impression of him was he's very calm and collected,
so I thought "That person already became Joon-young..."


The key point (to watch)?
EB: Unrequited love
MJ: Romance
[Great chemistry!]
MJ: It's similar~
EB: I think this drama is a story in which people who have an unrequited love cross over to adulthood.
This unrequited love might not just be limited to a person. For instance, for myself it could be the violin, etc.
There will be people who are experiencing this unrequited love, and I wonder if these people will symphatize more (with the drama)...
MJ: Same as above. There's nothing more for me to say. You did well.

@SilverMoonTea Here's your translation chingu. I maybe skipped one or two lines cos I didn't check but I'm tired lol so sorry! Hahaha. But nothing too important I think.

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Ep 518 Running Man Brahms Couple


• The couple appear in white together. 




• Eun Bin tried to peek on Min Jae's answer, he laughed at her. 




• I think he's a bit worried of her after she got hit by Kwang Soo, haha he continue to held her hand. How sweet. 




Their game a bit complicated, but in short Min Jae pick Eun Bin name to be written in the ball.


And Eun Bin actually is the only one that still remember that Min Jae is missing haha... I would say both of them thinking about each other in the messiness of the game lols 


Haha and the last one, as Min Jae lost the game, they need to pick randomly the penalty. Luckily he didnt choose the ink stamp. Eun Bin was worried for him lols... 




Okay, thats all, it was my 1st time experience watching Running Man, just to solely support my Brahms ship!!



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@SilverMoonTea She praised his piano-playing and acting and he thanked her lol. I think that’s about it :laugh: (referring to the vid you put in the spoiler tag)


Oh and apparently KMJ said he practised his piano playing for basically the whole day before their filming started (besides his 3 meals a day lol). And when the interviewer asked how was it like filming with the orchestra, he said of course it was difficult and stressful for him. (But me thinks he did a very good job!)

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Good morning, @im0202 ruining my life lols... :BulbaConfused:




I watched PEB drama with Choi Daniel & Yeon Woo Jin before, sorry to say but the chemistry was not too palpable. But when she's with Min Jae, felt her eyes were sparkling. 


KMJ is otherwise, I think he normally have chemistry with all the actresses he paired up with. 


What do you think, for those who have watched other drama of them?

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Halo all! I'm new here. Nice to meet you all :) 

I'm so in love with this drama and with their interaction in real life. I keep telling my self not to ship them but failed. I've been watching over and over again anything about them. Been digging, and my heart just bursts. 


Yeah, I've been watching Eun Bin since she was in Secret Door, she's always been lovely with co-stars, and even all of her co stars said she is really kind and calm. But with Min Jae it kinda feel different. 


As for Min Jae, it has not been that long since I follow his project, he seems to always have a friendly relationship with co-stars, but why do I feel like he is kinda shy when he is with Eun Bin. He teases her a lot, but I feel he's kinda respectful and careful around her. Maybe because Eun Bin is his senior by many years. 


Thank you for making this page. Thank you for all the contents you all been posting here. Let's be friend and enjoy the drama :)




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helloooooooo @K-maniac. Welcome to JangHaven and to this thread. So happy to have you on board. I adore this couple on and off screen. It is sweet natural chemistry:wow:


Finally found the YT link ...store every crumb @SilverMoonTea

From the press con...






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