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[K-Actor] Son Seok Gu

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2014 Scarlet Innocence - Casino henchman

2014 Mild Fever

2016 Black Stone

2017 Wedding - Sung Hoon

2019 Hit and Run Squad - Kim Tae Ho

2019 Shimchung Girl - Doctor

2021 Romance Without Love - Woo Ri

2021 Unframed - director, screenwriter

2022 The Roundup (aka The Outlaws 2) - Kang Hae Sang



2016 Kidnapping Assemblyman Mr. Clean - Sang Chul's henchman

2017 Sense8 - Detective Mun

2018 Mother - Seol Ak

2018 Suits - David Kim

2018 Matrimonial Chaos - Lee Jang Hyun

2019 Designated Survivor: 60 Days - Cha Young Jin

2019 Be Melodramatic - Kim Sang Soo

2021 D.P.  - Captain Im Ji Seop

2021 Jirisan - Chul Kyung

2022 My Liberation Notes - Gu


Music Videos

2019 Alone by Gummy



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I really like this actor, and thought it was a shame that he didn't have a shrine on JangHaven. I really loved his character of Cha Young Jin, the political strategist for the president, in the Korean version of 'Designated Survivor: 60 Days'.


Right now, I'm in love with his character of Gu in 'My Liberation Notes'.


He's not the most handsome actor or possibly even the best actor, despite being a very accomplished actor, but there is something about him that catches and holds my attention when he's on screen. In 'My Liberation Notes', I even love watching him do little and say nothing, but still conveying so much.


I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update this thread, but I feel as if I'll keep coming back to it time and again. I'm hoping others will join in their appreciation for this rather wonderful actor.



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I find the behind the scenes and the interviews surrounding 'My Liberation Notes' very interesting. SSG has only been acting since 2013, so actually, all of his four main co-stars are really sunbaes to him. However, they are all rather deferential to him. Is it because SSG speaks English fluently and used to live overseas? Is it that he appeared in a Hollywood production in 'Sense8' already?


According to MyDramalist.com, SSG had been the CEO of a large machine tool distribution, so acting may not have been his first profession. Makes me wonder if he's really acting for the joy of it rather than having it also be his career and livelihood?


Also, he's reportedly studied acting in the US and Canada prior to going back home to SK. His English is very good. Though he has an accent, it's believable that he spent a number of years immersed in English speaking cultures.


Anyway, this is a YT clip of SSG and Bae Doona in 'Sense8'. It makes me want to go back and finish watching both seasons of that drama.




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Here in this article: Chosun , SSK talks about how he & Gu are really very different. He was being interviewed for his new movie , Crime City 2 ( alongside Ma Dong Seok) . He plays the villain. 






Compare Goo and Kang Hae-sang (his role in Crime City 2) with Son Seok-gu’s real personality.

“Neither of them are like that to me. Very different. As I get older, I talk more and more. The passing of time is a waste, so I want to have fun. That's my life goal. But Goo is also a dark character with a strong resolution. Goo is a particularly delicate person, so even a small wound shakes him greatly. For Kang Haesang,  we also reduced the number of words he said compared to the original script. He is a person who puts his body first, so he tried to give more impact to his actions. There was an article on the Internet saying, 'Isn't Kang Hae-sang going to run away to Sanpo to avoid detective Ma Seok-do and become Mr. Goo?' It was an interesting idea. In the end, I am Goo, and I am Kang Haesang . If there is a big gap between the two, I feel satisfied as an actor.”


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Mon-Tues: Wedding Impossible  Wed-Thurs:  - Fri-Sat:  -  Sat-Sun: Doctor Slump C-drama: - 

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This video did a good job of summarizing the various bits of information that is public about Son Seok Gu. There are English subs as well, if you turn it on.



I love that SSG wanted to be a basketball player, and realizing that in his 20's is not a good age to start trying, he wants to be a basketball player in his next life. LOL. I feel as if there is a k-drama in there somewhere...


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My current love for this actor made me go back and finish D.P. That was a hard drama to watch. His character wasn't necessarily likable, but it was definitely believable. :PiplupCry:


He also looks completely different as Captain Lim. When I was watching D.P. the first time, I didn't even realize it was SSG. Then again, I guess I wasn't really watching for him then. I was too busy covering my eyes for the most part.


NETFLIXDRAMAS — Son Seok-koo as Lim Ji-Seob in D.P. 디피 (2021)

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Thanks for posting @mademoiselle, it's awesome that he's getting so much attention. I have to admit that it wasn't his looks that draws me to him, but rather his acting. He has a certain style that is quiet and intense in the roles that I've seen him take on thus far.


I think it's funny that in real life, he has a certain goofiness to him almost like a playful puppy sometimes, and yet still showing that he's a man who has had experiences in life even as he's continued to figure out his dreams and pursue them.


Plus, he flashes his dimples and gives that little grin, and then he does become rather dishy.

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On 7/2/2022 at 7:57 PM, mademoiselle said:

LOL at his comment about Wherever he goes he's been asked to speak English.


I guess it's still something of a rarity for an actor to speak English fluently? SSG speaks English with an accent and it's clear that English is a second language rather than a native language, but compared to some of the attempts at English by other actors, it's fantastic.


There are any number of actors who I shall not name made me cringe during scenes where they are supposed to be speaking in English (or another foreign language, for that matter).


I have to admit that in just seeing a photo of SSG, I would probably wonder what the fuss is. However, being blown away by his acting, I'm definitely moth to his flame now. :wow:

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Reporter Jung Yoo Jin.


Son Seok Koo in Talks to Star in the New Movie Based on Novel About Troll Farm.



Son Seok Koo / News1 DB ⓒ News1 Reporter Hyun Jin Kwon.


Son Seok Koo was offered the lead role in the movie based on the novel Troll Farm by Chang Kang Myoung.


According to News1, Son Seok Koo was offered the main character of Troll Farm, a movie based on the novel of the same name. Troll Farm uses NIS’s illegal election manipulation scandal as a motif. It revolves around the troll farm that infiltrates many Internet websites to manipulate public opinion by posting malicious comments. Alice In Earnestland director Ahn Goo Jin will helm the production.


On the 29th, Son Seok Koo’s agency SBD ENT told News1, “Son Seok Koo was offered several projects, and Troll Farm is one of them. He’s positively reviewing the offer.”


Meanwhile, the actor rose to stardom earlier this year after starring in the drama My Liberation Notes and the movie The Roundup. His next project is the Disney Plus original series Casino. Choi Min Sik plays the lead role, and the show comes from The Outlaws director Kang Yoon Sung. He recently finished filming. Moreover, Son Seok Koo was also cast in the Netflix series Murder DIEry with Choi Woo Shik. The filming will begin in September.



Credit: Marie Claire






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Export News Reporter Kim Yu Jin.  


Actor Son Seok Koo boasted a unique aura through a pictorial.





Son Seok Koo recently had a photo shoot with fashion magazine Elle.  





The pictorial and video showing Son Seok Koo's deeper charm can be seen in the September issue of Elle Korea.





Photo = Courtesy of Saetbyul Dang Entertainment. 



'click on the link'





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by Park Soo Byn 




Son Seok Ku and Jeon Yeo Been collaborate for Armani Privé’s new fragrance Santal Dan Sha







Armani Privé has launched a new fragrance ‘Santal Dan Sha.’ Together with the new launch, Marie Claire fashion magazine unveiled photoshoots with actors Son Seok Ku and Jeon Yeo Been.


The concept of the photoshoot portrays delicate feelings of a couple who remember the scent of their love with faint memories.


Armani Privé’s ‘Santal Dan Sha’ can be found in online and offline Armani Beauty stores.



















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Content Writing Son Bong Seok




Photo=Acemaker Movieworks



Actor Son Suk Ku from “My Liberation Notes” (2022) and “Big Bet” (2022) will star as a journalist in an upcoming crime action flick, tentatively named “The Comments Army.”


A film adaption of Chang Kang Myoung's award-winning novel of the same title, "The Comments Army" will be directed by Ahn Gooc Jin. Shooting officially began Monday, according to Acemaker Movieworks, the film's distributor.


The film centers around Son's character, Yim Sang Jin, a journalist who looks into an online commenting scandal after he is suspended from work for writing a story critical of a prominent conglomerate.


The novel was based on stories of the National Intelligence Service's alleged meddling in the 2012 presidential election. The spy agency was accused of posting hundreds of comments slandering critics of then-presidential candidate Lee Myung Bak on social media.


Kim Seong Cheol, Kim Dong Hwi and Hong Kyung also star in the film as members of the so-called "army of comments," which Son investigates.







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Content Writing Reporter Lee Boem






Actor Son Suk Ku has revealed his ideal type in the upcoming episode of 'Huh Young Man's Food Travel.


TV Chosun posted the trailer for the upcoming new episode of 'Huh Young Man's Food Travel' that will be airing on April, 14. The trailer revealed that Son Suk Ku had wanted to appear on the show for a while and accepted the invitation from Huh Young Man.


Son Suk Ku has been garnering much love and attention with his appearance in various popular dramas such as 'D.P.' 'My Liberation Notes,' 'Big Bet' and the film 'The Roundup.'


In the recent broadcast recording, Son Suk Ku is said to have revealed the specific details of his ideal type. He shared, "I like people who are respectful and bright." He garnered much attention when the actor shared that his ideal type is similar to a woman he met on a broadcast in the past and even revealed her initials, 'JDY,' who is active in various fields these days. On the other hand, Son Suk Ku is planning to show Huh Young Man around Daejeon, his hometown and reveal the best restaurants. He even introduced cartoonist Huh Young Man to the restaurant he went to with his grandmother when he was younger.


The new episode of 'Huh Young Man's Food Travel' will air on April, 14 at 8 pm on TV Chosun.











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