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The Demon Hunters Romance 无忧渡 [Pending]

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The Demon Hunters Romance 




About the forbidden romance between a black leopard demon of the Ferry Soul, and a human girl with a demonic heart.


Native Title: 无忧渡
Also Known As: 無憂渡 , Wu You Du , Worry Free Ferry
Director: Lin Yu Fen
Genres: Horror, Romance, Fantasy
Tags: Suspense 
Country: China
Type: Drama
Episodes: 36
Airs: Q3 2023
Original Network: iQiyi



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On 5/28/2022 at 1:14 PM, Alice Wonderland said:

So she can read his mind? So many of allen's dramas, but all r still pending and have unknown release. Lol

If it's kdrama, even we have to wait, from the beginning we already got expected release date. 😔


well i guess u have Song ZuEr who had some hidden abilities to read the beast minds....


its only limited to beast i guess? i wouldnt want to call them monster as i felt calling them beast has a better ring to the whole idea....


KDrama is diff....they are confirmed and they start shooting as they air...while CDrama they dont practice this concept...they finish filming then editing and processing in process and submit for approval to air....and if rejected they need to do further edit...


however to be honest...i really hope the C-Ent up their editing skills more....they have enough times to edit it however some of them are not doing a good job on it....


a good script a good drama however when the editing fail..its kinda make the whole drama flop 

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