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The Lotus Casebook 吉祥纹莲花楼 [Upcoming]

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The Lotus Casebook 吉祥纹莲花楼




Chinese Title: Kai Feng Zhi Guai / 吉祥纹莲花楼

English Title: The Lotus Casebook
Novel: Auspicious Pattern Lotus House by Teng Ping
Director: Guo Hu (Previous work: One and Only)
Genre: Historical, Mystery
Episodes: 40
Broadcasting Network: iQIYI
Airing Date: TBA



Ten years ago, Li Xiang Yi, the master of SiGu Sect, shocked the world. During a battle with the leader of a demon sect, he was schemed by his trusted subordinates. He fell into the water and disappeared. Li Xiang Yi barely survived but was rescued by an old man. Li Xiang Yi lost all his martial arts abilities. He changed his name to Li Lian Hua and chose to live a normal life. Li Lian Hua likes all kind of plants and because of this, everyone mistaken him for a "great doctor" who could bring back the dead. Whenever there is a murder case, someone would ask him to help. 


Li Lian Hua meets a young noble master named Fang Duo Bing. Together, the two of them solve many Jiang Hu mysteries. 


**Li Lian Hua cannot afford a house so he used scraps to build a moving building called Lian Hua Lou. He doesn't pay more than 50 taels for this because he is poor. Due to the battle, Li Lian Hua is slowly losing his eyesight, his senses are bad, and his hands are crippled. (Credit)



Official Websites 
Baidu | Weibo | Douban



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Cheng Yi as Li Xiang Yi / Li Lian Hua



Joseph Zeng as Fang Duo Bing


Xiao Shun Yao as Di Fei Sheng
Liu Meng Rui
Ivy Chen
Wu Shi Le
Chen Du Ling as Qiao Wan Mian
Zhang Xin Yu



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I don't think they have officially announced the cast/drama yet, but here are photos people have taken of Joseph Zeng and Cheng Yi. 









@SilverMoonTea Cheng Yi is always in roles where he plays someone that's sick or dies. In this one, people keep referring to his character as someone who is "almost dying". Haha!



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