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The Love You Give Me 你给我的喜欢 [Upcoming]


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The Love You Give Me 你给我的喜欢



Chinese Title: Ni Gei Wo De Xi Huan / 你给我的喜欢
English Title: The Love You Give Me
Novel: Ni Gei Wo De Xi Huan by Shi Ding Rou
Director: Ding Ying Zhou (Previous work: The Autumn Ballad and You Are My Destiny)
Screenwriter: Guo Shuang (Previous work: Remembrance of Things Past)
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 32
Broadcasting Network: TencentVideo
Airing Date: TBA



What Min Hui wanted to do most was to destroy herself, and what Su Tian wanted to do most was to see Xin Qi, but none of their wishes came true. Two girls who had never met each other, but they are connected. Even Min Hui didn't say a word, but Su Tian can immediately knows what was on her mind and she decided to sacrifice her life for Min Hui. In order to make up for the debt in her heart, Min Hui decides to replace Su Tian to meet Xin Qi, but unexpectedly falls into an awkward relationship. She decided to fulfill Su Tian's wish no matter what, but the price was a brand new life. (Credit)


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Oh my gosh @Tofu ...I am so surprised to see them reunite so soon. Clearly the director saw the chemistry they had and is not letting it go to waste. Am assuming it will air next year since they just started filming?

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