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Vigilante 비질란테 [Upcoming November 2023]

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Vigilante (2023) poster



“Vigilante” follows the story of JiYong, who judges the wicked criminals that escaped the law, and has become a social phenomenon, and the investigators of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit who pursue him.

It focuses on JiYong (Nam Joo Hyuk ) , a college student who hunts criminals who wander around the city every weekend, and Jo Heon (Yoo Ji Tae) , an investigator of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit, who tracks the existence of the "Vigilante", which is attracting attention from the media and the political and business world.


"Vigilante" is based on the webtoon of the same name written by CRG and illustrated by Kim KyuSam (김규삼).

Source : kpopmap


Available on Disney Plus

Airing date: November 2023

Number of episodes: ??

Original Webtoon link: https://comic.naver.com/webtoon/list?titleId=703843

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Cast : 

Source from Kpopmap



Nam JooHyuk  as Kim JiYong

Kim JiYong is a college student and a dark hero with another name, “Vigilante.” After losing his mother at the hands of a gangster he becomes the “Vigilante”, who hunts down criminals. 




Yoo JiTae as Jo Heon

Jo Heon is the head of the investigation team of the Metropolitan Investigation Unit and is known as a “physical monster.” 




Lee JunHyuk as Jo KangOk

Jo KangOk is the vice president of DK Group. 




Kim SoJin  as Choi MiRyeo

Choi MiRyeo is reporter who notices the existence of "Vigilante". She is a capable and beautiful woman with a firm character and beliefs as a journalist.

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Mon-Tues:  Wed-Thurs: Good Bad Mother Fri-Sat: Dr Rom S3 Sat-Sun: -  C-drama: - The Love You Give Me

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On 8/10/2022 at 5:59 PM, ktcjdrama said:

Ooo, this is a must watch...

But why do I have a feeling LJH is playing an antagonist role? sigh...

I am also not sure ....I think he funds the vigilante organisation that NJH's character works for. There's a webtoon but I didn't check the story. 


Some fan cam stuff


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Mon-Tues:  Wed-Thurs: Good Bad Mother Fri-Sat: Dr Rom S3 Sat-Sun: -  C-drama: - The Love You Give Me

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Reporter Park Hye Jin







Actor Nam Joo Hyuk will be fulfilling his service as a military police officer.


On January 31, his label Management SOOP told media,"Nam Joo Hyuk passed the military police task force exam today." The actor applied for an interview with the mobile team of the Military Police Corps on the 5th and he received his final acceptance notice today. He's expected to officially enlist this March.


Nam Joo Hyuk will be undergoing basic military training for 5 weeks at an army training center before beginning to serve as a military police officer. His squadron has yet to be confirmed.


In other news, Nam Joo Hyuk wrapped up filming for the Disney+ original series 'Vigilante' last month, and he's been taking personal time before his enlistment.








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