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Joseon Lawyer 조선변호사 [Upcoming]

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Joseon Lawyer 조선변호사



Korean Title: 조선변호사
English Title: Joseon Lawyer
Adapted FromJoseon Lawyer (조선변호사) by by Sim Gun and Writer Jeong
Network: MBC
Release Date
English Subtitles: 
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The story of the wicked lawyer Kang Han Soo, who files lawsuits that are previously planned and uses the feelings of wronged victims to his advantage, as he unintentionally becomes revered as a hero and a problem solver among the common people. Eventually, he matures to become a truly just lawyer. Kang Han Soo is a skilled Joseon-era lawyer. Kang Han Soo defends and completes the law in order to revenge, but eventually becomes the people's spokesperson and hero. Lee Yeon Joo is a person who commissions a case in order to exact revenge. (Credit)





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Woo Do Hwan as Kang Han Soo

Kang Han Soo is Hanyang (now Seoul), most prominent lawyer with the most excellent skills and ability. Not only is he brilliant and knowledgeable, Kang Han Soo also possesses incredible pretentious skills to deceive the crowds and orchestrate them into his very own agenda. He is intelligent but mischievous at the same time, the traits that bring other people extremely jealous of his success. (Credit)


Bona as Lee Yeon Joo

Lee Yeon Joo may seem to be a mediocre client of Kang Han Soo. She is an ordinary commoner who also receives unfair treatment due to her weaknesses. However, behind her seemingly fragile appearance, Lee Yeon Joo is a character of numerous secrets. She hides her true feelings to carry out her revenge. And over time, she begins feeling confused because of all the turbulent emotions she feels in her heart. (Credit)


Cha Hak Yeon as Yoo Ji Seon

A judge at Hanseongbu and the third-generation only son of the most prestigious family in Joseon Dynasty. Yoo Ji Seon is a person who strives for fair judgment and has a dream that cannot be achieved due to the gap between his ideals and reality. (Credit)




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