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Love Is For Suckers 얼어죽을 연애 따위 [Current - Wed/Thurs]

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 Love Is For Suckers tells the story of Goo Yeo Reum and Park Jae Hoon's friendship. They were good friends for 20 years and started to have feelings of liking each other. This was realized by both of them when they met as producers and members of a dating reality show.

Also Known As: Love That Will Freeze To Death, Frozen Love, Dating to Death, Icy Cold Romance, Eoleojugeul Yeonae Ttawi

Directed by Choi Kyu Shik 최규식
Screenwriter Kim Sol Ji 김솔지
Episodes: 16
Airs: Oct 5, 2022 - Nov 24, 2022
Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: ENA
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.



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Main Role



Choi Si Won as  Park Jae Hoon.





Lee Da Hee as Goo Yeo Reum.




Jo Soo Hyang as Kang Chae Ri.
Park Yeon Woo as John Jang.
Min Jin Woong as Park Dae Shik.
AB6IX’s Lee Daehwi as Kim Sang Woo.
Noh Susanna as Oh Hye Jin.
Im Ha Ryong  as Goo Yong Shik.

Yang Hee Kyung as Yoon Young Hee. 



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Thanks for opening this thread @twink_twink_! Thanks for calling me here @abs-oluteM!


I was wondering when Siwon was going to be on the screen again. Funnily enough, I was re-watching some episodes of 'Revolutionary Love' because I had just watched some SuJu vids and wanted to watch a Siwon drama. :popcorn: I hope this is good, and I'm already on board with this pairing since I think Lee Da Hae is a good actress and Siwon is definitely improving all the time.

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@twink_twink_ So looking forward to this. By the way the drama title has changed to "Love is For Suckers" - which is such a terrible title. :laugh: Anyhow do you plan to change the title?


The leads talk about their characters


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Love Is For Suckers Photos And Images Available.
























11 hours ago, abs-oluteM said:

@twink_twink_ So looking forward to this. By the way the drama title has changed to "Love is For Suckers" - which is such a terrible title. Anyhow do you plan to change the title?


The leads talk about their characters


@abs-oluteM ,  alright that it is attractive and easy to remember.  :love:  thank you for letting us know, friend.  :cool:



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Content Writing Dispatch Reporter Song Su Min.



<Photo courtesy of ENA>


Singer and actor Choi Si Won is going to captivate the small screen with his fresh charm.


Choi Si Won will appear in ENA's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Love Is For Suckers' (script written by Kim Sol Ji, directed by Choi Kyu Shik) as the main character Park Jae Hoon. He is a plastic surgeon who has lost interest in work and love.


Love Is For Suckers is a romance drama. It is the story of 20-year-old best friend 'Yoo Reum' (Lee Da Hee) and 'Jae Hoon' meeting in the reality show.


Writer Kim Sol Ji of 'Heading to the Bare', 'Syndrome' and 'Cheap Cheonlima Mart' and Producer Choi Kyu Shik of 'Young Ae', 'Let's Eat 2, 3', and 'A Man and Woman Mixed Drink' collaborated.


'Love Is For Suckers' will be broadcasted for the first time on the 5th at 9 PM.



'click on this link for more details'



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