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Casino 카지노 [Upcoming on December 21, 2022]

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With the foundation set at a club, the show arrangement follows the fierce existence of a man who becomes the "king" of gambling but then loses everything and tries to return to the gambling scene ― but in doing so, he risks his life.


Also Known As: King of Savvy , Big Bet , 

카지노 Kajino
Directed by Kang Yoon Sung (강윤성)
Written by Kang Yoon Sung (강윤성)
TV Channel/Platform: Disney Plus
Episodes: 16
Airs: Dec, 21 2022 - 



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• Choi Min Shik as Cha Moo Sik.




• Son Seok Koo as Oh Seung Hoon.


Guest Role

• Lee Kyu Hyung as young Cha Moo Sik.

• Jun Jung Il






• Lee Dong Hwi

• Heo Sung Tae

• Kim Joo Ryoung

• Ryu Hyun Kyung

• Jo Jae Yoon

• Jung Woong In

• Hong Ki Joon

• Kim Hong Pa

• Jin Seon Kyu



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Content Writing Herald POP Reporter Jung Hyeon Tae.




Disney+ Korea



Actor Son Seok Ku showed the art of extraordinary confidence.


On the 21st, Disney+ Korea released a countdown video for 'Casino'. In the video, viewers can see actors lining up for roles such as Choi Min Sik, Son Seok Ku and Lee Dong Hwi.


Lee Dong Hwi praised, "Son Seok Ku seems to have become an actor who is good leader with solid analysis and passion."


Regarding the role of Inspector Oh Seung Hoon, Son Seok Ku said, "He is a person dispatched to the 1st Korean Desk in Aguiles, Philippines." 


Director Kang Yun Seong, he said of Son Seok Ku, "He is an actor who is very good at telling stories and portraying his character." He praised, "When I first talked about the character Oh Seung Hoon, actor Son Seok Ku gave me various suggestions, and I really liked the ideas. There was even a script he wrote himself."


Son Seok Ku speculated that viewers would feel like following the story of a documentary when watching 'Casino'. "I think that's the strength of our work," he said. At the same time, Son Seok Ku smiled brightly, saying, "I am appearing again. It must be exciting."







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Content Writing Reporter Yoo Jung Min




/Photo courtesy of Noah Entertainment.



On the 24th, the agency Noah Entertainment said, "Actor Kim Hong Pa will appear in Disney+'s original series 'Casino.'


Actor Kim Hong Pa plays the role of Min Seok Joon together with Cha Moo Sik as an agent of a casino to the development of the role play and made it big in a cutthroat gambling scene after struggling to finally become a casino mogul. 









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Content Writing Reporter Hyun Hye Sun Sedaily




/ Photo = courtesy of Disney+.



Lead actors in 'Casino' Choi Min Sik, Son Seok Ku, Lee Dong Hwi and Heo Seong Tae boast a solid chemistry.


The Disney+ original series 'Casino' the streaming platform (script written/directed by Kang Yoon Sung, he also directed “The Outlaws” (2017) and prequel to “The Roundup”) released a still cut on the 25th. The series will launch through Disney+ on December, 21.



'click on this link for more details'





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Reporter Kang Min Kyung, Ten Asia









Stills of Son Suk Ku, the main character of the Disney Plus original series 'Casino', have been released.


On the 28th, The Walt Disney Company (Korea) Ltd. released a still of Son Suk Ku, who played the role of Oh Seung Hoon.














Son Suk Ku / Photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company (Korea) Ltd.




'click on this link for more details'






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[Reporter Lee Min Ji]






Actor Lee Dong Hwi shows perfect chemistry with senior Choi Min Sik.


On November 29, the Disney+ original series 'Casino' unveiled the character stills of actor Lee Dong Hwi who adds variety to the play with his own color, returns as Jung Pal, 'Casino' (script director Kang Yoon Sung)

















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