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Lost You Forever 长相思 [Pending]


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Title: 长相思 / Chang Xiang Si
English title: Lost You Forever
Genre: Historical, romance, fantasy
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Tencent
Broadcast period: TBA
Related TV series: A Life Time Love (2017)



Yang Zi as Xiao Yao / Wen Xiaoliu
Zhang Wan Yi as Cang Xuan
Deng Wei as Tu Shanjing
Tan Jian Ci as Xiang Liu
Dai Lu Wa as A Nian
Wang Hong Yi as He Shui Feng Long
Huang Can Can as Fang Feng Yi Ying
Wang Zhen as Shen Nong Xin Yue
Chen Xin Yu as White Robed Lady
Xu Meng as Dan Shan
Wang Lue Tao as Yue Liang
Wang Mo Tong



In ancient times, where gods, goddesses, demons, and mythical creatures live alongside humans, there are 3 mythical kingdoms -- Sheng Nong, Xuan Yuan, and Gao Xing -- that govern a region of the world. After Emperor Xuan Yuan plots and successfully destroys the Shen Nong kingdom in an epic war, the Xuan Yuan kingdom rules over both, while the Gao Xin kingdom remains neutral.

Emperor Xuan Yuan had a daughter, with Sheng Nong Chi You, named Gao Xin Jiu Yao that he kept secret. He put her into the foster care of Queen Mother Yu Shan. Xuan Yuan dies in battle. Jiu Yao later escapes from Yushan and went through all kinds of hardships and eventually became an incognito doctor as a woman disguised as a man. Jiu Yao is smart, kind, and cute. Jiu Yao accidentally rescues Tu Shan Jing. Jing is the head of the Tu Shan Clan who are descended from nine tailed foxes. Over time, Jing feels humbled by and loves Jiu Yao silently.


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