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The First Responders 소방서 옆 경찰서 [Season 1 Current & Season 2 will be in 2023]

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This drama is a diary of a joint response scene between a fierce detective and a fire department, who together will tell a thrilling story in crime, disasters and emergencies.


Also Known As: Sobangseo Yeop Gyeongchalseo , The Police Station Next to Fire Station
Director: Shin Kyung Soo (신경수)
Screenwriter: Min Ji Eun (민지은)
Episodes: 24
First Season Airs: Nov 12, 2022 ~

Second Season Airs: TBA 2023
Airs On: Friday, Saturday
Original Network: SBS TV
Duration: 60 min.



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Kim Rae Won as Jin Ho Gae



Son Ho Jun as Bong Do Jin


Gong Seung Yeon as Song Seol



• Jung Jin Woo as Choi Ki Soo
• Ji Woo as Bong An Na
• Kang Ki Dong as Gongmyung Pil
• Yoo Byung Hoon as Moon Yeon Soo
• Lee Jung Hun
• Jung Sang Hoon
• Moon Won Joo



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Kang Ki Dong confirmed to appear in 'The First Responders'... Breathing with Kim Rae Won [Official Position]




Photo = Hunus Entertainment.



Export News Reporter Choi Hee Jae. Actor Kang Ki Dong has confirmed his appearance in 'The First Responders'.


On the 28th, Hunus Entertainment said, "Kang Ki Dong has emerged as a 'trust and watch' with his unrivaled charm and acting skills, has been confirmed as Kim Rae Won's partner in SBS's new Friday-Saturday drama The First Reponders."


Kang Ki Dong is expected to return to the small screen with the dramas 'The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate' and 'The First Responders' to demonstrate his trustworthy presence.


Meanwhile 'The First Responders' will premiere on November, 11 at 10 pm.




Courtesy of 0seungyeon Instagram.








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Content Writing Reporter Yoon Seong Yeol Star News.




/Photo courtesy of FN Entertainment.



Actor Lee Do Yeop has confirmed his appearance in 'The First Responders'.


According to his agency FN Entertainment on the 31st, actor Lee Do Yeop took on the role of 'Matthew Hwa', the son of Ma Jung Do is the next presidential candidate, in the SBS Friday-Saturday new drama The First Responders, (script written Min Ji Eun and director Shin Kyung Soo).







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Content Writing Export News Reporter Choi Hee Jae.











The struggles of actors Kim Rae Won, Seo Hyun Cheol, Kang Ki Dong and Ji Woo unfold stories. In this regard, a scene was captured of Kim Rae Won giving ' the arrest lecture' in drama 'The 'First Responders'. Jin Ho Gae (Kim Rae Won) is giving a presentation in front of Baek Cham (Seo Hyun Chul), team leader of Taewon Police Station's Detective Team 8, Gong Myung Pil (Kang Ki Dong), and Bong An Na (Ji Woo), chief of the forensic investigation team.



'click on this link for more details'






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