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The Worst Evil 최악의 악 [Upcoming 2nd half of 2023]

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English Title: The Worst Evil

Director: Han Dong Wook

Writer: Baek In Ah

Episodes: TBC

Broadcast station:

Online Streaming Site: Disney+

Schedule: 2023

Website: Official | NamuWiki | MDL


Plot Summary


The original Disney+ series "The Worst Evil" is a crime action drama about an investigation that began in Seoul, South Korea, to capture the triangular drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan.


Kang Joon Mo (Ji Chang Wook) is a police officer who infiltrates an organization for drug investigation. Jung Ki Chul (Wi Ha Joon) is a boss who’s full of personality & unstoppable charm. Yoo Yoo Jung (Im Se Mi) is a police officer participating in drug investigations and the wife of Kang Joon Mo.




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Crime-action K-drama ‘The Worst of Evil’ to premiere on Disney+ in 2023



The forthcoming series stars Ji Chang-wook, Lim Se-mi and Wi Ha-joon


Streaming platform Disney+ has announced a 2023 premiere for its upcoming original series The Worst of Evil.


According to Disney+, the upcoming crime-action drama is set in 1980s South Korea, and follows undercover police investigators who infiltrate a massive criminal organisation responsible for the illegal drug trade between Korea, China and Japan.


Ji Chang Wook stars as series lead officer Kang Joon-mo, who is part of the investigation. He is joined by Yoo Eui-jung (played by Lim Se Mi), a narcotics officer. Meanwhile, Wi Ha Joon is set to play Jung Ki-cheol, the leader of the criminal enterprise. The Worst of Evil will be directed by director Han Dong-wook, who previously worked on films like Man In Love (2014) and The Unjust (2010).


The forthcoming K-drama is the latest addition to the company’s growing catalogue of original content, and is part of Disney+’s ongoing goal of green-lighting over 50 APAC original titles by 2023. Its recent South Korean titles include Kiss Sixth Sense, Soundtrack #1 and Big Mouth, among others.



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