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Queen of Tears 눈물의 여왕 [Upcoming 2023]

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Kim Soo Hyun Confirmed To Be In Talks For New Drama By “My Love From The Star” Writer



It’s official: Kim Soo Hyun is now formally in talks to star in the upcoming drama “Queen of Tears” (literal translation)!


Back in April, it was reported that Kim Soo Hyun would be reuniting with Park Ji Eun, the writer of his hit dramas “My Love From the Star” and “Producer,” as the lead in her new drama “Queen of Tears.” However, his agency clarified at the time that he had not yet received an official offer or a script for the drama.


On November 4, Kim Soo Hyun’s agency officially confirmed that the actor had since received a formal offer to star in “Queen of Tears.” “Kim Soo Hyun has received a casting offer for ‘Queen of Tears’ and is currently in talks,” stated the agency.


Should Kim Soo Hyun accept his offer, it will mark his third time working with writer Park Ji Eun.


source: soompi

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