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Recipe For Farewell 오늘은 좀 매울지도 몰라 [Upcoming on December, 1 2022]

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Recipe For Farewell is based on the true story of writer Kang Chang Rae. 'Recipe For Farewell' a slice of life drama about a husband’s kitchen diary who sets a table for his wife, who was diagnosed with colon cancer. The original story gave a touching impression to many readers by sadly and beautifully depicting Kang Chang Rae’s memo written in order to give her strength as she battles with cancer at its side effects.




Also Known As: It Might Be A Little Spicy Today , Today May Be Spicy , Oneuleun Jom Maewoolji Molla , Oneuleun Jom Maeuljido Molla , It May Be a Little Spicy Today, 오늘은 좀 매울지도 몰라, Recipe for Farewell 2022
~~ Adapted from the non-fiction novel "Oneuleun Jom Maewoolji Molla" (오늘은 좀 매울지도 몰라) by Kang Chang Rae (강창래).
~~ Release dates: Oct 6, 2022 (Busan International Film Festival) | Dec 1, 2022
Screenwriter & Director: Lee Ho Jae (호재)
Episodes: 12
Airs: Dec 1, 2022 ~
Airs On: Thursday
Original Network: Watcha , tvN
Watch Series Online: www.kocowa.com



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Content Writing iMBC Reporter Yoo Jung Min 




/Photo Courtesy of Watcha



Watcha original series 'Recipe For Farewell' released the main trailer. [Provided by: Watcha Production: Acemaker Movieworks, Beyond J Director/Screenplay: Lee Ho Jae Cast: Han Suk Kyu, Kim Seo Hyung, Jin Ho Eun, etc.]

The well-made Watcha original drama 'Recipe For Farewell', which has already become a hot topic as an official invitation to the 'On Screen' section of the 27th Busan International Film Festival, main trailer have been released before the drama debuts December, 1.










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Korea joongAng Daily










From left, actor Han Suk Kyu, director Lee Ho Jae and actors Kim Seo Hyung and Jin Ho Eun attend a press conference for the new Watcha original series "Recipe for Farewell." The series will be released on Watcha, a local streaming platform, on Thursday. Comprised of 12 parts, it is about a man in his 40s whose wife suffers from terminal bowel cancer so has trouble eating. For his sick wife, the man learns how to cook.










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