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The Good Bad Mother 나쁜엄마 [Premieres April 26th]


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The Good Bad Mother 나쁜엄마



Korean Title: 나쁜엄마
English Title: The Good Bad Mother
Director: Shim Na Yeon (Previous work: Beyond Evil)
Writer: Bae Se Young (Previous work: Extreme Job, Stellar)
Network: JTBC
Episodes: 16
Release Date: April 26th, 2023
English Subtitle: Netflix
Official WebsiteNamu Wiki



Ra Mi Ran plays the role of Young Soon who only live for her children. Kang Ho (played by Lee Do Hyun) becomes a prosecutor per his mother's wishes. One day, he gets into an accident and turn into a child again after losing his memories. 




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Ra Mi Ran as Young Soon 

She only lives for her children and becomes a bad mother to her son, Kang Ho. 



Lee Do Hyun as Kang Ho

Becomes a prosecutor per his mother's wishes. Due to an unexpected accident, he loses his memories and turn into a child. 



Ahn Eun Jin as Mi Joo

Mi Joo is Kang Ho's childhood friend.



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