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The Glory 더 글로리








This drama depicts the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood and the desperate revenge she has prepared meticulously throughout her life and those who fall into the vortex. Writer Kim Eun Sook explained, "Seeing that victims of school violence want a sincere apology, not realistic compensation, the victim loses human honor and glory at the moment of violence." Writer Kim Eun Sook said that as a parent with a high school student, she thought she should deal with the topic of school violence. He said, “The words that hurt most victims are, ‘So you didn’t do anything wrong.’” “That’s right. I worked with the mindset of making 'nothing wrong' as her mission,” she said.




• Also Known As: Deo Geulloli 1 , 더 글로리1
• Director: Ahn Gil Ho 안길호

from the drama series;
The Glory Part 2 (Netflix / 2023)
The Glory (Netflix / 2022)
Happiness (tvN / 2021)
Record of Youth | Chungchungirok (tvN / 2020)
Watcher (OCN / 2019)
Memories of the Alhambra | Alhambeuraui Gungjeonui Chooeok (tvN / 2018)
Stranger | Bimilui Soop (tvN / 2017)
My Son-In-Law's Woman | Nae Sawiui Yeoja (SBS / 2016)
Mrs. Cop (SBS / 2015)
Her Lovely Heels | Yeojamanhwa Koodoo (SBS Plus / 2014)
Only Love | Sarangman Halrae (SBS / 2014)
Rooftop Prince | Oktab Bang Wangseja (SBS / 2012)

• Writer: Kim Eun Sook 

Kim Eun Sook is a South Korean screenwriter. She wrote the popular television dramas Lovers in Paris (2004), On Air (2008), Secret Garden (2010), A Gentleman's Dignity (2012), The Heirs (2013), Descendants of the Sun (2016), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016–2017), Mr. Sunshine (2018), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), and The Glory (2022–2023) and actress Song Hye Kyo with screenwriter Kim Eun Sook previously worked together in 2016 KBS2 drama series "Descendants of the Sun."

• Production Executive Producers:

Kim Seon Tae | Kim Beom Rae | Kim Eun Sook | Ahn Gil Ho (CP)

• Producers: Yoon Ha Rim | Kim Young Kyu

• Cinematography: Jang Jong Kyung

• Production company: Hwa&Dam Pictures

• Distributor: Netflix

• Aired On: Friday

• Original Network: Netflix

• Duration: 50 min.

• Related Titles:

• 1) The Glory (Netflix / 2022)
• Release Date: December 30, 2022

• Episodes: 8

• 2) The Glory Part 2 (Netflix / 2023)
• Release Date: March 10, 2023

• Episodes: 8





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The Glory







Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun

The homeroom teacher of Class 1-2 of Semyeong Elementary School. During her high school days, she was the target of constant bullying and physical abuse by Yeon Jin and her group. She eventually quit school and started an elaborate plan of revenge on Yeon Jin's group.



Lee Do Hyun as Joo Yeo Jeong




• Lim Ji Yeon as Park Yeon Jin

• Jung Ji So as Young Moon Dong Eun


•  Kim Hi Eora as Lee Sa Ra

•  Park Sung Hoon as Jeon Jae Joon

•  Jung Sung Il as Ha Do Yeong


•  Yeom Hye Ran as Kang Hyeon Nam


•  Kim Gun Woo as Son Myeong Oh

•  Cha Joo Young as Choi Hye Jeong 


•  Song Byeong Geun as Young Jae Joon


•  Shin Ye Eun as Young Park Yeon Jin

•  Song Ji Woo as Young Choi Hye Jeong

•  Bae Kang Hee as Young Lee Sa Ra

•  Seo Woo Hyuk as Young Son Myeong Oh


•  Lee Seo Young as Young Kim Kyung Ran

•  Oh Ji Yul as Ha Ye Sol

•  Ahn So Yo as Kim Kyung Ran

•  Park Ji Ah as Jung Mi Hee

•  Choi Soo In as Lee Seon Ah

•  Lee So Yi as Yoon So Hee

•  Lee Joong Ok as Tae Wook

•  Heo Dong Won as Mr. Chu

•  Kim Jung Young as Park Sang Im

•  Jeon Soo Ah as Ahn Jung Mi

•  Cho Min Wook as Kim Jong Heon

•  Park Yoon Hee as Kim Jong Moon

•  Kang Gil Woo as Kim Soo Han

•  Hwang Kwang Hee as HTN radio host

•  Lee Moo Saeng as Kang Yeong Cheon




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Posters & Character Relationships Map



































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view a compilation of 'The Glory', video teaser images featuring the characters' visual.
















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'The Glory' • Meet through The Swoon, Netflix Korean content YouTube channel  | Video footage





















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'The Glory' shows the silencing side and torment of the pain ~ teaser images ~ clips cut.















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:hearties:  'The Glory' revealed unreleased still cuts and behind-the-scenes footage. :heart:











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an unshakable sensory experience | the actual revenge take place in “The Glory Part 2”






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vengeance-filled, indelibly violent action, 'The Glory' had a lot more tender moments and centered around a victim of severe high school bullying  •  video footage.








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Content Writing Reporter Kim Da Sol




A scene from "The Glory" (Netflix)




The global popularity and attention on Netflix thriller and suspense drama “The Glory” has resulted in an unforeseen development: Past bullying incidents of overseas celebrities have come to light as victims of school violence speak up by taking to social media.


“The Glory,” which was released on Netflix in December of last year, depicts the life of a school violence victim Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), a revenge-driven female character who survived horrific abuse and seeks to exact her revenge after 17 years.


Although only the first eight episodes of the drama have been released, “The Glory” garnered international popularity, ranking the streaming platform on the most watched list in the first week of January.


After the drama attracted fans in Thailand, Thai audiences started talking about school violence with the hashtag “#The GloryThai” on social media spaces like Twitter.


Pawat Chittsawangdee, a Thai actor also known as Ohm Pawat, who has appeared in the Thai remake of the South Korean movie “Bungee Jumping,” is alleged to have bullied a student with autism while he was in middle school. He later admitted and apologized via his Twitter account.


Another Thai singer and actor Putthipong Assaratanakul, as known as Billkin, also apologized on his Facebook for his past comment about one of his friend’s social media feeds.


Sharing personal experiences on physical and verbal bullying in schools, audiences in Thailand left numerous comments online: “Discussion on school violence was sparked by K-drama,” “There are so many cases of 'The Glory' in Thailand,” “It may have been over in the past, but it cannot be over now."


According to an OTT content streaming ranking site Patrol, “The Glory” was most watched in South Korea followed by Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan.


But as “The Glory” is not the only K-drama focused on blood-soaked revenge surrounding school bullying, experts suggest that global audiences have been attracted to this enduring universal theme despite the nerve-wracking storyline and provocative scenes.


Latest soap operas that deal with stories of school bullying include Wavve’s “Weak Hero Class 1,” Tving’s “The King of Pigs,” Disney+’s “Revenge of Others” and Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice.”


“School bullying has become an almost omnipresent topic in K-dramas since this theme can easily draw sympathy from the audience.


Especially with their setting in a school, where many learn and experience socialization for the first time, school bullying can easily portray a variety of social issues, mixed with negative aspects of capitalistic society as well as those who are neglected within the society,” Koo Jung Woo, a professor of sociology at Sungkyunkwan University, said.


In case of “The Glory,” the drama unearths a variety of social issues including inequality, social hierarchy, corruption and graft, as perpetrators collude with teachers, police and even parents of a victim, giving into the rich families’ wealth.


Others also thought producers began to take advantage of the flexibility of content on OTT, which does not need to tone down the level of violence, encouraging directors to tackle sensitive subjects like school bullying and include scenes which would not be allowed on terrestrial TV channels.


“The Glory” is rated 19 years and older as it contains abusive expressions and bloody action as part of Dong Eun’s personal revenge. Wavve’s “Weak Hero Class 1” and TVing’s “The King of Pigs” are also rated 19 and older.


“(With expansion of OTT platforms), audiences now have many different options in front of them (in terms of what to watch). But there has been an increasing number of female-led dramas, representing those who are socially weak or alienated, fighting against society.


Combined with female narratives and scenes that attract audiences with something new, these dramas can be convincing,” pop culture critic Jung Deok Hyun said.







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Posted by Yaki Jones AKP






Song Hye Kyo's staff hyped up the upcoming part 2 of 'The Glory.' 






On January 20th, Song Hye Kyo's staff updated her Instagram story with a still from Song Hye Kyo's hit series 'The Glory.' In a caption, she parodied the show's main character Moon Dong Eun, "Yeon Jin. I'm reading numerous theories posted on the Internet today as usual. Do you want to know what I thought? There was not a single right line thus far. Isn't it all too predictable? #TheGlory"


She continued, "Whatever you'd imagine, season 2 will go beyond that." Many viewers expressed their excitement after seeing this story.


Meanwhile, part 2 of Netflix's hit series 'The Glory' will be released on March 10th. 






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A scene from the Netflix series 'The Glory,' starring Song Hye Kyo, is seen in this photo provided by the company. Courtesy of Netflix.


The classic plot of a rich man falling in love with a poor girl was a popular theme in Korean dramas a decade ago, but is now considered the same old story. Instead, strong, inspiring female characters have started to have a growing presence across genres in recent years, and the trend is likely to continue this year.


Top actress has dazzled their fans with a wide range of role in new TV drama and streaming services' series, and more A-listed names are set to return to the small screen later this year.


Song Hye Kyo, well known as the "Melodrama Queen," has recently received acclaim for her dark role in the Netflix series "The Glory," a grim revenge drama about school bullying.


The 41-year-old plays a woman who suffered from school violence and then takes elaborate revenge on her former bullies by taking advantage of the people around her.


The first part, streamed Dec. 30, was a global success, topping the Netflix weekly chart in eight nations, including South Korea, and making it to the streamer's top 10 TV shows listing in 34 countries.






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Reporter Jeong Tae Yoon



“My Yeon Jin, who wanted to kill me” On the 23rd, Netflix's 'The Glory' (scriptwritten Kim Eun Sook, director Ahn Gil Ho revealed a special clip showing scenes from both part I and the upcoming part II. Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) foreshadowed a full-fledged revenge. 


The video (above) begins with a letter from Dong Eun to Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon). From the moment she vowed to avenge her, she narrates a letter addressed to her.


The letter reads, "To Yeon Jin, who I miss. I thought about this every day, Yeon Jin. Where should I reunite with you? When I see you again, I hope I forget your name and your face. I hope I could not remember you and go 'do I know you'. Your feet that led to someone else's pain, and those feet which walked along yours. Your mouth that laughed at someone else's misery, and all the lips that kissed yours. Your shallow eyes and all those eyes met with yours. Your hands that mocked and broke others, and all the hands that held yours. And your soul that loved all those moments."


The letter continues, "I plan to go to the end, Yeon Jin. I hope you still want to see me dance, Yeon Jin. Of course, that dance will be the dance of a beheader. To Yeon Jin, who I dearly wanted to kill, this is my last letter to you."









Dong Eun's calm narration stood out. “The hand that mocked and ruined, and all the hands that held it. Your soul rejoiced in every moment,” she said, slowly approaching her revenge. 


The performance of Joo Yeo Jung (played by Lee Do Hyun) was also predicted. He promised to "do the sword dance with excitement." He dangerously pulled the syringe over Yeon Jin's face as she lay down. 


It conveyed an exhilarating catharsis. Dong Eun screamed at the perpetrators, "Don't laugh like that." She showed her emotions directly and expressed her anger. 


The end of part II of 'The Glory' is a brutal revenge. Yeon Jin's face lost in fascination, a hot fire, a fall and a car accident. The perpetrators were spoiled one by one about the pain they would receive back. 


'The Glory' is the story of a woman whose soul was shattered by school violence during her childhood. She depicts how he desperately takes revenge by risking his entire life. 


Since its release on the 30th of last month, it has caused a hot craze. Cumulative viewing time (as of the 18th) exceeded 148 million hours captivated viewers around the world.


According to 'Netflix Top 10', 'The Glory' recorded 40.11 million hours over the past 9 to 15 days. It is ranked second in the Global Top 10 TV (non-English) category. 







Meanwhile, part II of 'The Glory' will be released on Netflix on March 10th.







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3 hours ago, Chocolate said:

I enjoyed S1 and looking forward to S2. Some of the bullying scenes when they were in school were quite hard to watch - I ffw  haha. The highlight was this actor's chemistry with Song Hye Kyo. Quite sizzling hahaha!






@Chocolate .., yes, exactly, I remember the iron strengthen hair works quickly so heat touches Dong Eun skin burns and scalds are damage to the surface skin layers caused by heat. she has sustained many scars, wounds and traumas. I didn't even realize tears rolling down my cheeks when she was beaten up repeatedly and cause her to scratch until skin bleeds. :PiplupCry:  'The Glory' , it sets up the situation well in the first episode, giving viewers a view of just why Dong Eun character has had revenge on her mind for so many years. a major heart-thumping incident. if she suffered trauma as a high school student did she has no other choice but to grow up being a narcissist. I can't blame Dong Eun. she decided to follow her heart and take-up strategy. she's an extremely determined person, and will often stop at nothing to accomplish a task. you're right @Chocolate Choco , actress Song Hye Kyo just nailed it. wow.. character Ha Do Young's poster with his deep and meaningful eyes. that's a new one on me. :love:




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daily sports



Content Writing Reporter Kim Hye Sun




Photo = Netflix's 'The Glory' still cut



“I like to fight with all my might in silence. I like the fact that you have to destroy the house the opponent built with great care to win.”


The Netflix original series 'The Glory' exquisitely placed the subject of Go in a woman's revenge play. In the play, Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo), the main character, starts learning Go in order to approach her husband, Ha Do Young (played by Jung Sung Il) of perpetrator Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon).


Baduk in 'The Glory' is not simply an approach for revenge. It symbolizes Moon Dong Eun's revenge. Just as Baduk gradually destroys the opponent's 'house', Moon Dong Eun implies that she will slowly tighten and destroy the lives of Park Yeon Jin and the perpetrators within the board she created.


The people who play baduk with Moon Dong Eun are Joo Yeo Jung (played by Lee Do Hyun) and Ha Do Young. Originally, Dong Eun did not know Go well enough to not know who Lee Se Dol was, but slowly prepares for revenge by learning Go from Yeo Ro. Afterwards, Dong Eun, who has built up her skills, visits Do Young's place of origin (a place where he plays Go) and succeeds in attracting his curiosity, and ends up betting 20,000 won with Do Young to play Go.


In the match scene between Dong Eun and Do Young, the camera focuses on the moves the two are making. In particular, the way Dong Eun plays Go symbolically shows what kind of revenge he will plan in the future.


In this scene, Dong Eun is holding a black stone and Do Young is holding a white stone. The camera focuses on the fragile bag house on the edge close to the Do Young and the huge bag house formed in the center of the checkerboard. The black stone can easily destroy the white house right in front of Do Young, but he leaves it alone and destroys the huge white house in the middle one after another.







Professional baduk player Jo Yeon Woo, 2nd Dan, posted a detailed interpretation video of the match between Dong Eun and Do Young in 'The Glory' on his YouTube channel. Jo Yeon Woo explained, "Moon Dong Eun's move in this scene is 'Taking A Response' and asking the other person, 'How would you like to receive it here?'"


Then, “Baek has a number that blocks (Dong Eun’s number) and a number that connects (her own number). However, Dong Eun immediately sets up a striker and breaks down Do Young's house,” she said. The opponent's carefully built house was shattered. Looking at this scene, I was more excited that Dong Eun would show this kind of revenge.”







In the last scene of 'The Glory', Jo Yeon Woo said that the Go game played by Dong Eun and Yeo Jung also has a special meaning. She said, “Dong Eun and Yeo Jung start in the four ears and the drama ends. In Go, there are usually 200 moves or more than 300 moves if it is long,” She added Dong Eun's Go game is just beginning and Dong Eun's revenge is just beginning."


Part 2 of 'The Glory', where Dong Eun's full-fledged revenge will unfold, will be released on March, 10.




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Content Writing Reporter Jeong Tae Yoon




<photo source = Netflix>



Netflix's 'The Glory' (screenplay/writer Kim Eun Sook collaborated on the script with director Ahn Gil Ho) boasted undiminished popularity.


OTT content recommendation platform ‘Kinolights’ announced the integrated content rankings for the 3rd week of January (January, 14 until 20). 'The Glory' took first place for three consecutive weeks.


'The Glory' is the story of Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) who was broken by violence in high school. She begins to take revenge meticulously by risking her entire life.


Since its release on the 30th of last month, it has gained popularity like a syndrome. It also ranked first in the non-English category of Netflix Global Top 10 TV Shows. It boasted worldwide popularity.


The second place is tvN's 'Crash Course In Romance'. The third place went to the movie 'Everything Everywhere All At Once'. 4th place was taken by 'Avatar: The Way Of Water', and 5th place was taken by SBS-TV's 'Payback'.


Meanwhile, 'The Glory' will return with Part 2 on March 10th.






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Posted By Jenie Reign AKP






Song Hye Kyo has responded to certain comments from the viewers of 'The Glory.' In her interview with 'Elle Korea,' the actress starring in the hit Netflix series spoke up regarding the comments about her appearance in the drama. Claiming that she looks "much older all of a sudden," commenters have pointed out that the actress herself seems to have 'aged.'


To these comments, Song Hye Kyo responded: 

"The character Dong Eun has led a difficult life all her life. I didn't think it would make sense at all if she appears as if she has received a lot of care and treatment. People say that 'Song Hye Kyo' has also suddenly aged a lot, but that is because I, too, of course, I have gotten old." In light of her response, netizens have left comments such as:


"She has just aged naturally"
"If her current look is what aging looks like, I want to be that way, too"
"For male actors who age, don't people usually just say that they look 'elegant' and that their acting looks 'more serious'?"
"I personally think that Song Hye Kyo looks the most beautiful in this latest drama"
"So beautiful...lol don't these people themselves [the commenters] age as well"


In other news, actress Song Hye Kyo has ranked #1 in brand value for actors and actresses in January.











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Content Writing Reporter Yoon Hyun Ji







A month has already passed since the release date of Part 1 of 'The Glory'. Although the popularity of the work is likely to fade, various parodies from the appearance of the actors on variety shows are endless, and they are mentioned every day to the extent that they are the reference point for current content issues.




Photo = Netflix




■ The missing victim Yoon So Hee


The first key point in Moon Dong Eun's (Song Hye Kyo) revenge plan was Yoon So Hee. She was the first victim of school violence and couldn't stand her bullying and made an extreme choice.


Moon Dong Eun tells one of her assailants, Son Myung Oh (Kim Geon Woo), that the culprit who killed Yoon So Hee is Park Yeon Jin. After that, Son Myung Oh's whereabouts became unclear, and when Joo Yeo Jung (Lee Do Hyun) went to her mortuary, Yoon So Hee's body was missing.









■ Siesta Employee Kim Kyung Ran


Another victim of school violence, Kim Kyung Ran (Ahn So Yo) was bullied after Moon Dong Eun dropped out. Even now, after a while, she works at Jeon Jae Joon's (Park Seong Hoon)'s editorial shop, Siesta and she helps Park Yeon Jin with her styling.


Kim Kyung Ran wondered how to remain around her perpetrators after she graduated from school. Rather, she pretends not to know each other when she meets Moon Dong Eun as an adult, even though she has been with Moon Dong Eun for quite some time. This is why many people think of Kim Kyung Ran as her hidden card because the narrative between the two is not revealed.








■ Grandmother who owns the Eden Villa represents God.


Eden Villa's landlord and real estate agent in Semyeong City, Grandmother (Son Sook), is also interested in what she will reveal. In the beginning, she appeared as just a good-hearted building owner, but she also appeared in the office purchase of Joo Yeo Jung (Lee Do Hyun) and became a major link in the character's building.


Also, in Moon Dong Eun's personal poster, she is the person who mentioned "morning glory" as the main scene. She handed Dong Eun a white devil's trumpet and said, "That's an angel's trumpet blown toward the ground and that's a devil's trumpet blown toward the sky."


On the other hand, the name 'Eden Villa' reminds her of Kim Eun Sook's previous work, 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God' year 2016 and speculation has circulated that the grandmother's identity because of the name 'Eden Villa' and the way she explains the angel's trumpets and the devil's. Writer Kim Eun Sook said in an interview with Netflix, "I hope there will be a moment when God stays at about 1%."


Among the leading roles in 'The Glory', if there is a character who has a lot of doubts about her role as the head of household, it would be Joo Yeo Jung it's because Part 1 focuses on showing the viciousness of the perpetrators of school violence.









■  A scapegoat Joo Yeo Jung



There is not much of him who appears as Moon Dong Eun's biggest helper. When things don’t go well, people always look for a scapegoat. The only thing he helped Moon Dong Eun was how to play Go, and the scene that left a deep impression on him was the scene where he stabbed the criminal who murdered his father in his imagination with a sword.


The interpretation of Joo Yeo Jung  character scenes, which were ambiguous, such as the fact that he was covered in blood at his first meeting with Moon Dong Eun and the reason why he enjoys hearing the sound of effervescent vitamins dissolving, and even the direction of where Joo Yeo Jung's real sword will go, did not come out.


In the part 2 trailer, expectations are high for Joo Yeo Jung's performance as he raises a syringe toward Park Yeon Jin and weeps in a car.







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Content Writing Reporter Kim Bora







“there's rice that you hurriedly eat, you boil stew, fry eggs and eat slowly.”

“Normal people's daily life is hope for the victims of domestic violence.”






Kang Hyeon Nam (played by Yeom Hye Ran) from 'The Glory' says this while trying to hold back tears to Moon Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo), who is carrying out the plan together, although the target of revenge is different.

Through the series, two women, Dong Eun and Hyeon Nam, who plan for a long time and carry out it, share how their scars helped shape who they are and challenged them to look and think. Netflix series drama 'The Glory' (scriptwritten  Kim Eun Sook, director Ahn Gil Ho) lurks long-standing problems of school violence and domestic violence in Korean society.


Writer Kim Eun Sook's drama 'The Glory' takes a rather serious look at the problems of Korean society, which are widespread in blind spots, invisible but have become familiar and have improved the perception of perpetrators and bystanders and neglected punishment. The revenge of the two is not legally appropriate, viewers can't help but wonder how the end will be drawn.


Actress Yeom Hye Ran's performance shines as Kang Hyeon Nam character, a woman tired of the violence from her husband Lee Seok Jae (played by Ryu Sung Hyun), who is 2 years older from her. Her emotions surged from the moment she began to say, in her trembling voice, that she had been buying cabbages. Yeom Hye Ran's sincerity in trying to express her character in her expression, tone and the way she recites her lines.









What will be left at the end of the revenge of 'Ajumma (Auntie) Hyeon Nam' works 8 hours a day, receives the minimum hourly wage and is supported with transportation, gas, food and other expenses.


Kang Hyeon Nam repeatedly said “I want to kill my evil husband” who wields violence, she advances towards her goal by gathering the information Moon Dong Eun needs in her own way. Kang Hyeon Nam's warrior was briefly drawn, in fact viewers were able to indirectly experience all these emotions can occur in response to a negative or unexpected situations or life changes. Sadness often occurs at the same time as other feelings, such as anger, stress, guilt, grief, anxiety or hopelessness. Sometimes, the other feeling may be so strong that we don't realise we are sad even a little bit is because actress Yeom Hye Ran handled the information pouring in and acted with ease and outstanding performance. She proved her acting ability once again through her Kang Hyun Nam's sincerity.








Viewers wonder how Ajumma (Auntie) Kang Hyeon Nam's sword dance last in 'The Glory 2' will be released on March, 10.












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[Netflix] has dropped new teaser trailer for its original series 'The Glory Part. 2'












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