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My Journey to You 云之羽 [Pending]

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Title: 云之羽 / Yun Zhi Yu
English title: My Journey to You
Also known as: Half of Us
Genre: Wuxia, romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: iQiyi
Broadcast period: TBA

Director: Guo Jing Ming
Stylist: Huang Wei
Company: iQiyi



Yu Shu Xin as Yun Weishan
Zhang Ling He as Gong Ziyu
Cheng Lei as Gong Shangjiao
Lu Yu Xiao as Shangguan Qian
Jin Jing as Gong Zishang
Tian Jia Rui (田嘉瑞) as Gong Yuanzheng
Chu Zi Jun as Mister Xue
Sun Chen Jun as Jin Fan
Lin Zi Ye as Xue Tongzi
Zeng Shun Xi as Xue Tongzi (adult)
Zeng Ke Ni
Zuo Ye



A story of the rebellious son Gong Zi Yu and spy Yun Wei Shan, who yearns for her freedom. Gong Zi Yu lost his father and brother overnight, and was appointed to become the head of the family but soon notices this power brought him into a dangerous situation. Yun Wei Shan is sent to him as a sleeper agent and now she has to choose between freedom and love.

(Credit: Dramawiki)


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