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It's Gold, It's Jade. 금이야, 옥이야 [Upcoming March 27th]

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First time posting a drama. So if i did something wrong in the posting of the information, tell me.






Synopsis : 


This is gold, it's jade, centered on single daddy Geum Gangsan and adopted child Ok Mirae.


Character Profiles.



Geum Gangsan (35) cast Seo Joon-young

#Passionate_single daddy #N catcher #Innocence_pure man

“Taking care of my grandmother in my teens, single parenting in my 20s, leaving behind my family in my 30s” A
single dad who is raising his daughter Janjan alone after his wife, Seon-ju, went missing 10 years ago.
I spent all my school days taking care of my grandmother's sickness because of my irresponsible father, and
in my 20s, my back was bent while raising her daughter's lawn. Now in her 30s, her daughter, who is suffering from middle school disease, has an accident without having a good day. A new love comes to him like a ray of sunshine...



Ok Mirae (27) cast Yoon Da-young

#Conglomerate family_adopted child #art academy_teacher

Abandoned by his father when he was 7 years old.
Although she was adopted into the family of brass food owners, she still has a lump in his heart.
During her difficult childhood, she was comforted by drawing, so she
dreams of becoming an art academy teacher who heals the wounded hearts of children.
Just as she takes her first step toward her dream, her old feelings are rekindled when her first love, Joo-hyeok, returns to Korea...



People around ML

  • 1678858482196_430829.jpg
    Ma Hong-do (57) cast Song Chae-hwan

    Gangsan's mother-in-law/Hongdone's hands-on taste at the side dish shop

    She is a female lead who expresses her true nature only when she speaks in a harsh and harsh manner.
    She blames Kangsan for her daughter Seon-ju's disappearance 10 years ago, and even scolds her son-in-law Kangsan, but she is a tsundere mother-in-law who worries about Kangsan's safety more than anyone else. Her second son-in-law, Kang San-do, works without knowing how her body is weak, her first son-in-law, Sang-do, who sends her family abroad and lives as a wild goose father, her youngest daughter Ye-ju, who struggles with employment, and her granddaughter who grew up without her mother. grass too. She is just a baby in Hongdo's arms.

  • 1678858482327_430841.jpg
    Geum Seon-dal (57) cast Choi Jae-won

    Mt. Geumgang Father/Swallows who danced

    Unlike Gangsan, a pure-hearted man who has been waiting for his wife since he left home for ten years, he lives on from one woman to another even at that age, rotting Kangsan.
    It's a romance to seduce only one wealthy wife to prepare for old age, but when that doesn't work out, she snoops around the river and mountains, even for the sake of her children.

  • 1678858482429_430852.jpg
    Eun Sang-soo (40) cast Choi Philip

    Hong-do Ma / Deputy Manager of Hwangdong Food Strategic Planning Office

    A goose dad who sends his son and wife abroad and lives on cup noodles every day.
    Although he is stingy with others, his wife decides to pay for her son's education in order to spend even a penny more.
    He is treated well as a 100-year-old guest and takes all the love from his mother-in-law.

  • 1678858482507_430863.jpg
    Lee Ye-joo (27) cast Kang Da-hyun

    Hongdo's third daughter / job seeker

    I am holding on to my self-introduction letter every day, but there is no news that I have ever gotten a job.
    It is a pleasure to help out little by little at the side dish store and extract pennies from mother Hong-do.
    She relies on her brother-in-law, Kang San, like her dad.
    She is also the only aunt who actually bombards Jandi.

  • 1678858482610_430874.jpg
    Geum Jandi (15) cast Kim Si-eun

    Daughter of Mt. Geumgang/Granddaughter of Ma Hongdo

    Until last year, my dad was the best fool in the world, but now that the second grade of middle school has started,
    Dad Kangsan's interest and interference is the most annoying in defrosting.
    Being dominated by the crazy middle school hormones, he has accidents saying that every day is far away and upsets Kangsan, but deep inside he is full of longing for his mother.

  • 1678858482714_430885.jpg
    Jang Ho-rang (40) cast Ban Min-jung

    #art academy_director #dolsing #hosik_sister

    He has been hanging out with Kang San, a friend of his younger brother Ho-shik, since childhood, and has seen each other.
    She got tired of her husband's cheating and ended their marriage of 10 years ago.
    Her nasty ex-husband sets up a new life with a young woman a year after her divorce.
    She is on the verge of getting a vase, but she doesn't take a second look and feels more and more attracted to Kang-san, who is waiting for her missing wife.

  • 1678858482801_430896.jpg
    Jang Ho-sik (35) cast Ahn Yong-joon

    Mt. Geumgang friend/Jang Ho-rang's younger brother/Horang art academy driver

    Kangsan and best friend for 25 years.
    It's a joke that doesn't listen to my sister's words and focuses only on the foreign car I bought on installments.
    She always disapproves that Kang-san devotes all her youth to her grass, but
    she is the first to come to Kang-san if something happens to her.


People around FL.

  • 1678858482952_430909.jpg
    Hwang Man-seok (78) cast Kim Ho-young

    Hwang Chan-ran's father / Ok Mi-rae's adoptive grandfather / Founder of Hwang Dong Food

    A self-made man who started out as a street vendor and developed a leading company.
    Even at the age of 70, he has a strict personality to the point of being involved in the development of new products.
    Chan-ran, the only daughter of a boy, refuses to remarry and takes care of her adopted daughter Mi-rae.

  • 1678858483056_430910.jpg
    Hwang Chan-ran (56) cast Lee Eung-kyung

    Future adoptive mother/Chairperson of Hwangdong Welfare Foundation/Hwang Man-seok, only son and daughter

    He lost his young daughter in an accident and fell into despair, but regained his will to live by adopting and raising Mi-rae.
    She values her biological son Jae-Hyun and her adopted daughter Mi-Rae equally.
    Her father Man-seok, who doesn't like her teeth, makes her future more pitiful and her heart is torn.

  • 1678858483109_430921.jpg
    Ok Jae-hyeon (36) cast Kim Dong-yoon

    Hwang Chan-ran's son / Choi Su-ji's husband / Hwang Dong Food's strategic planning office team leader

    He dreams of becoming a film director, but because of his fate as the eldest son of Brass Food, he is walking the path of successor.
    He cherishes and loves his younger sister, Mi-rae, more than anyone else, but is unable to move in front of his older wife, Su-ji, who keeps Mi-rae in check.

  • 1678858483178_430932.jpg
    Suji Choi (40) cast steering

    Ok Jae-hyeon's wife / Ok Jun-pyo's mother

    She speaks condescendingly to her younger husband, Jae-hyun, and treats her harshly, but she uses respectful words and overprotects her son, who is the first in the school.
    After she sees Jun-pyo being beaten by Jan-di, she hates Jan-di and Gangsan and all her family members.
    Her goal is to pass on the position of successor to Hwang Dong Food to her son Jun-pyo.

  • 1678858483293_430943.jpg
    Ok Jun-pyo (15) cast Kim Ha-gyeom


    A scion who grew up like a flower in a greenhouse amid overprotection.
    He was the first in the entire school and even the president, and he grew up receiving only pretty things.
    Jun-pyo's life, which was only walking on a flowery road, is put on a brake by the appearance of a careless person named Geum Jan-di.


SML and Family.


  • 1678858483357_430954.jpg
    Dong Gyu-cheol (60) cast Choi Jong-hwan

    Hwang Dong Food President / Dong Joo-hyeok's father / Dong Gyu-seon's older brother

    He is the son of the co-founder of Hwang Dong Food. He is eager to take his company back into his own hands.
    He has had a crush on Chan-ran for a long time, and is a heartless person who drives his deceased wife into infidelity.

  • 1678858483545_430976.jpg
    Dong Gyu-seon (52) cast Lee Yun-seong

    Dong Gyu-cheol's younger brother/President of Sun Bakery

    A scolding but cute old miss with a lot of affection, words, laughter, and tears.
    She has dedicated her youth to supporting her nephew and her brother, but all she has left is her empty nest syndrome.
    To soothe her empty heart, she opens a bakery, but Du-ho, who has fantastic baking skills, appears.

  • 1678858483619_430987.jpg
    Dong Joo-hyuk (35) cast Kim Si-hoo

    #ability man #father_complex #future_fiance

    Anyone can see that he is a man with excellent looks and excellent abilities, but deep down he hates his father, Gyu-cheol, who ruthlessly neglected his mother. Mi-rae, the daughter of the brass food family, catches his eye when he tries to hinder Kyu-cheol's future due to his hatred for his father.

  • 1678858483666_430998.jpg
    Kim Doo-ho (54) cast Kim Young-ho

    Sun Bakery Bakery.

    At first, she is suspicious of Gyu-seon because of her rugged appearance, but her amazing baking skills are recognized and she works at Sun Bakery. A mysterious figure who wanders without a home and avoids conversation when it comes to her family.


Hwan Dong Food People.

  • 1678858483740_431001.jpg
    Choi Won-ki (56) cast Kim Deok-hyun

    Hwang Dong Food Management Support Office Director

    He started as Hwang Man-seok's high school graduate's attendant and rose to the position of director.
    He looks round and personable, but he is a confidant who reports every move within the company to Hwang Man-seok.

  • 1678858483891_431023.jpg
    Park So-Jung (32) cast Kim Si-Yoon

    Hwang Dong Food Strategic Planning Office Assistant Manager

    Equipped with power MZ force! If he decides that it is not his job, he rejects the orders of his boss without hesitation.
    She is certain of the construction division, but she is disarmed as much as Joo-hyeok.
    She has a crush on Joo-hyeok, who doesn't even look at her.

  • 1678858484028_431034.jpg
    Da-seul Oh (27) cast Ha-nui Choi

    Hwang Dong Food Strategic Planning Office New Employee

    Although he is still a new employee with a lot of clumsiness, he is full of pride and enthusiasm for Brass Food.
    Pretty cute perfectionist.

Main Cast.


Seo Joon-young: Geum Gangsan - A person who lives a more zealous life than anyone else as a single dad, running two jobs from a side dish shop owner to a caregiver.

Yoon Da-yeong as Ok Mi-rae - An adopted child adopted into Hwangdong Food Co., Ltd.'s family. As an art academy teacher, she is a person who pursues her dream and exudes a lively charm.

Kim Si-hoo as Dong Joo-hyeok - A person who hides a calm coldness on the polite and gentle side.

Jung Yoo-min  as Dong Joo-hee -


Geum Gangsan Family


Song Chae  -hwan as Ma Hong-do - Kang San and Sang-soo's mother-in-law. The owner of Hongdone's side dish restaurant.

Kang Da-hyun  as Lee Ye-joo - Ma Hong-do's third daughter.

Choi Jae-won  as Geum Seon-dal - Kang-san and Jeong-san's father.

Kang Eun-tak  as Geum Jeong-san - Gang-san's younger brother. Seondal's second son.

Phillip Choi  as Eun Sang-su - the son-in-law of Ma Hong-do's mother-in-law.

Kim Si-  eun as Geum Jan-di - daughter of Geum Gangsan. About 15 years old.


Mirae's family 

Kim Ho-young as Mi-jeong - Jae-hyeon, Mira, future grandfather of Hwangdong Food Co., Ltd. father of saints.

Youngho Kim  :

Lee Eun-gyeong as Hwang Chan-ran - Ok Mi-rae's adoptive mother and the only daughter of Hwang Dong Food Co., Ltd.'s chairman.

Kim Dong-yoon as Ok Jae-hyeon - Mira's older brother

Bae Da-bin  as Ok Mi-ra - Jae-hyeon's younger sister and future older sister

Kang Seok  -woo as Ok Seong-soo - Jae-hyun, Mi-ra, and future father.

Choi Myeong-gil  : Mi-jeong role - Jae-hyun, Mira, future mother.



Joo-hyeok's family

Choi Jong  -hwan as Dong Gyu-cheol - Dong Joo-hyeok's father and president of Hwangdong Food Co., Ltd.

Lee Yoon-  seong as Dong Gyu-seon - Dong Gyu-chul's younger sister

Other figures 

Ban Min-jeong as Jang Ho-rang - the director of the Horang art academy, a self-proclaimed goldsmith expert who is in charge of counseling children apart from the academy management as a first-year dolsing girl who got tired of her husband's cheating and put an end to their 10-year marriage.






Chae Hye-young  : (KBS2 Drama City 《Tears at the End of the World》(author), KBS1 evening daily drama 《Only Walk the Flower Road》(co-author), etc. )

Yoo Sang-young  : (KBS1 Evening Daily Drama 《Only Walk the Flower Road》(Episode 2 ~ 11) Writing, etc. )

Baek Eun-jung  : (Writing KBS1 Evening Daily Drama 《Only Walk the Flower Road》(Co-authored from 50th to 123rd), etc.)


Drama will take over The Love In Your Eyes slot.



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@Zoaze I reserved the above post for you and transferred to your name just in case you need it to add trailers and other stuff. First posts looks fine  and I have added it to the directory


I saw the trailer and it looks interesting. Maybe I will check it out - raising a teenager alone will be a challenge and my heart already goes out to the father :hug:. I haven't seen the actors before since I don't watch that many weekend dramas / dailies. 

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Mon-Tues: Our Blooming Youth Wed-Thurs: Call It Love  Fri-Sat: Taxi Driver 2 Sat-Sun: Divorce Attorney Shin  C-drama: - Daily: The Love In Your Eyes

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@abs-oluteM He played the lead role in 2011 daily drama "Only You". He also played Lee Yuri ex in the Lee Yuri drama "The Promise". FL was apparently in National Wife. It is her first lead role. I find the dynamic interesting with the child being a teen.

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Seo Joon-young plays the role of Geum Gangsan, who lives a more passionate life as a 'single daddy', running from the owner of a side dish shop to a nursing care worker in 'It's Gold, It's Jade'. She takes on the role of Ok Mi-rae, who unfolds the story, and performs passionately. Kim Si-eun will appear as Geum Jan-di, the daughter of Geum gangsan and the beginning of the second middle school disease, which is said to be scarier than her compatible mama, and will bring her vitality to her play.

In this regard, Seo Jun-young, Yoon Da-young, and Kim Si-eun gathered together under a warm pink diary background and showed happy expressions. Between . Geum gangsan (Seo Jun-young) and Mi-rae Ok (Da-young Yoon), Geum Jan-di (Kim Si-eun), who stands in the middle, hugs the two tightly with both arms, giving off a family-like atmosphere, and the three of them smile overflowing with warmth.

The production team said, “We added 2D character stickers in the ‘3-member poster’ that is being released for the first time to differentiate it from the existing daily dramas. In addition, we focused on how Geum Gangsan and Mirae Ok get along with each other, centered on Jandi Geumgang,” he said. different,” he said.

First broadcast at 8:30 pm on March 27. (Photo courtesy of Monster Union)

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