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Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi 王様に捧ぐ薬指 [JP Drama 2023]

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🌸Ousama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi🌸






Title: 王様に捧ぐ薬指

Title (romaji): Ousama ni Sasagu Kasuriyubi

Title (English): The Third Finger Offered to a King

Format: Renzoku

Genre: Love Comedy

Episodes: TBD

Viewership ratings: TBD

Broadcast network: TBS

Broadcast period: 2023-Apr-18 to 2023-Jun-??

Air time: Tuesday 22:00

Theme song: DEAR MY LOVER by Hey! Say! JUMP



A love comedy about a "poor cinderella" who chooses to marry to protect her family, and a tsundere rich man who chooses to marry a woman he does not like to revive an underperforming wedding hall. Will a marriage work between a man and a woman solely on merit and without any love?




Main Cast
Hashimoto Kanna as Haneda Ayaka (26 / Wedding planner)
Kaneko Risa as elementary school Ayaka
Miyoshi Nako (三好なこ) as child Ayaka
Yamada Ryosuke as Nitta Togo (30 / CEO)
Wedding Hall "La Blanche"
Morinaga Yuki as Akita Kouji / Hachi (Togo's secretary)
Kobayashi Kinako as Sasaki Ume
Wakatsuki Yumi as Nikaido Misaki
Miura Ryota as Takemoto Kouki
People around Ayaka
Bando Ryota as Kamiyama Kento (Ayaka's friend)
Nagao Kento as Haneda Riku (Ayaka's younger brother)
Tanaka Hinari (田仲陽成) as Haneda Kai (Ayaka's younger brother)
Takahashi Kanaru (高橋奏琉) as Haneda Sora (Ayaka's younger brother)
Miyazaki Ririsa as Haneda Fuuka (Ayaka's younger sister)
Ryo as Haneda Momoko (Ayaka's mother)
Tsukaji Muga as Haneda Kintaro (Ayaka's father)
People around Togo
Kobayashi Ryoko as Okada Sayo (Togo & Hachi's friend)
Matsushima Nanako as Nitta Shizuka (Togo's mother)
Riju Go as Nitta Tomohiro (Togo's father)

Production Credits
Original work: Manga by Watanabe Shiho
Screenwriter: Kuramitsu Yasuko, Seki Hisayo
Producer: Hashimoto Azusa, Katsuno Itsumi
Director: Tsuboi Toshio, Izumi Masahide, Miyazaki Moeka


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This drama so heart fluttering eventhough it have 100 cliches plot that we all already memorized well :smug:


I think the actress is very charming and love her pretty and big brown eyes. It's first time for me seeing her, and second time watching the ML. 


By end of episode 3, he seems already bewitched by her. At first he looks like a player, but actually he just liking his bestfriend.


This kiss really have so much feeling. I was surprised by it. I thought it will be cheesy at first. 



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10 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

@ktcjdrama want to watch this? Marriage contract drama..

:laugh: I am struggling with squeezing out more time... Very behind with my C-drama, some new kdrama started and I haven't been able to check out. Haven't even checked out Perfect Stranger... aaaaahhh...


Anyway, I think I've watched the FL before... ML, not very enticing... maybe it's the hairstyle? Hahaaa.

I will wait for @Tofu review.

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Currently watching: Oh No! // Dr.Cha // Joseon Attorney // Bora // Real One // Gold Jade

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