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The Tale of Rose 玫瑰故事 [Current]

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Native Title: 玫瑰故事
Also Known As: Full Bloom , The Story of Rose , Mei Gui Gu Shi , Mei Gui De Gu Shi , 玫瑰的故事 , The Rose's Tale
Director: Wang Jun
Screenwriter: Li Xiao
Genres: Romance
Tags: Adapted From A Novel 
Country: China
Type: Drama
Episodes: 36
Original Network: Tencent Video

Cast 🌹🥀




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On 6/21/2023 at 10:45 AM, Tofu said:

Wallace Huo?! Am I reading this correctly? :PsyWhat:

Yes that is why this thread exist. He was my old flame. Probably my longest love, known him since Dolphin At the Bay. I think @OsmanthusTea knew my love affair with him 😆 


Love dried after he got married hahaha.. 


But too many big male lead names in this show. So I'm a bit worried. 

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@SilverMoonTea I think this story centres around her. The 3 men including your ( or was it @OsmanthusTea's ) old flame Wallace Hou are the 3 different men that will come into her life. This show piqued my interest since I am watching Liu YiFei now in Meet Yourself, and more importantly I just realised that LGX will be here . :smile:


Synopsis seems a lil heartbreaking though. 


Born in a scholarly family, Huang Yi Mei grew up carefully sheltered, like a flower in a greenhouse. From a young age, she showed her talents in the arts and thrived after entering the workplace. From there, she meets Zhuang Guo Dong (Peng Guang Ying)  and they fall in love. But due to fate, the two are ultimately separated by the pressures of life. After undergoing this tumultuous period of both work and heartbreak, Huang Yi Mei grows and slowly understands the path she wants to take in life.


Deciding to further her education, she goes back to school. After graduating, she marries her college classmate, Fang Xie Wen(Lin Geng Xin).   However, this marriage is unfortunately doomed to end as their careers lead them down vastly different roads. Eventually, the two choose to divorce.


As Huang Yi Mei starts her own business within the field of art curation, she meets her soulmate, Pu Jia Ming (Wallace Hou) . However, Pu Jia Ming is terminally ill and only has a few months left to live. The red string of love between them is ultimately cut short by death's scythe. Despite her grief and pain, Huang Yi Mei ultimately chooses to look forward to the future, living out her life in the fullest and most dazzling fashion.

 So she will become a mum...LGX is the father? Since they do get married 




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7 hours ago, OsmanthusTea said:



Yes, it's airing at the moment. Many hot kisses between LYF and PGY as her first love so far....

How’s the story ? I will watch later . When LGX appears 😂😂

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3 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

How’s the story ? I will watch later . When LGX appears 😂😂


I have not started yet but saw lots of lots of spicy snippets between LYF-PGY in Douyin. She will go through 3 men in the story. PGY is her first love, LGX is her husband with whom she has a daughter then divorce, lastly will be Wallace Huo her so called soulmate but he is about to take off to Hades.


From what I can conclude, many viewers love her chemistry with her gege, actor Tong Da Wei. In MDL, all of her men listed as guest stars, not even supporting stars.

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