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Live Your Own Life 효심이네 각자도생 [Premier Sept 16, 2023 - Sat, Sun]

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Live Your Own Life

aka Hyo Shim's Independent Life

효심이네 각자도생



Airing Saturdays and Sundays

Starting September 16, 2023


Director: Kim Hyung Il

Writer: Jo Jung Seon

Broadcast: KBS2




Hyo Shim is the third child in her family and the only daughter with 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother. She ends up working as a top fitness trainer to support her mother and their family after their father walks out on them. However, she is tired of thanklessly working to support everyone, and wants to live her own life for a change.

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Uee as Lee Hyo Shim, the third child and only daughter in her family

Ha Joon as Kang Tae Ho

Go Joo Won as Kang Tae Min, heir to Taesan Group


Lee Hyo Shim's Family

Yoon Mi Ra as Lee Seon Soon, HS' mother

Nam Sung Jin as Lee Hyo Seong, HS' oldest brother

Lim Ji Eun as Yang Hee Joo, Hyo Seong's wife

Seo Seol Hwan as Lee Hyo Jun, HS's second brother

Kim Do Yeon as Lee Hyo Do, HS's younger brother


Kang Tae Ho's Family

Jung Young Sook as Choi Myung Hee

Lee Hwi Hyang as Jang Sook Hyang

Noh Young Guk as Kang Jin Beom, current chairman of Taesan Group

Lee Kwang Ki as Yeo Jin Su, executive director of Taesan Group

Kim Bi Joo as Kang Tae Hee, precious daughter of Taesan Group

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Am here for the leads. It's been a while since I have seen Uee. Poor Hajun ...he's got a love triangle here and also with his other drama with Rowoon :laugh:


Highlight trailer


Press con



Nice to see him in his first lead role



The love triangle




Mon-Tues: My Lovely Boxer Wed-Thurs: Worst of Evil, The Day Fri-Sat:  My Dearest (Part 2 - 13 Oct!) C-drama: Bright Eyes In The Dark

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It's my first weekend drama after so many years. I think I will watch if the drama is with uee. I dont know it feels like I can keep up with the story. Also we have handsome male lead here. So yeah...got more motivated. 😂


Story is quite okay. Glad that the grandmother is pretty smart tried escaping. I net she will meet HS through HD. HS's mom is really spoilling the boys for nothing. How she feeds her second son and being so much considerate to the eldest son and being kinda ignorant for the youngest one. And she complained a lot for HS even she did everything for the family. The useless sons are just so annoying. Why is Uee always got character with a bad mother?? 


I want to see her to stop supporting her family blindly and what makes me more furious the second brother asked her to send her the allowance? What the h**! Whoa, I want smack his head on the spot! Who does he think he is! Shameless and terrible! And the mother treats him so well?! I dont know how long I could watch this while seeing these ungrateful brats leeching off HS shamelessly. But I like they keep ending the episodes always with TH and HS. I like how he looks so annoyed for the gym registration. 😂


@abs-oluteM even so, I feel his chemistry here is better than in that one. And he will get the girl here right. I can tell HS will fall for him rather than his brother. 


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