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Strong Girl Nam Soon 힘쎈여자 강남순 [Premieres Oct 7]

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Plot Summary


Kang Nam-Soon (Lee Yoo-Mi) has superhuman strength. She went missing as a kid in Mongolia. Now as an adult, she comes to Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea to find her parents. She finally meets her mother Hwang Geum-Joo (Kim Jung-Eun). Her mother is a wealthy woman and is a resident of Gangnam. After she lost her daughter, Hwang Geum-Joo tried to find her daughter and she also tried to live a righteous life, obsessed with doing good deeds. Gil Joong-Gan (Kim Hae-Sook) is Hwang Geum-Joo's mother and Kang Nam-Soon’s grandmother. The grandmother and mother were also born with superhuman like strength like Kang Nam-Soon.


Somehow, Kang Nam-Soon, her mother Hwang Geum-Joo and her grandmother Gil Joong-Gan get involved in a drug case that takes place in Gangnam. Detective Kang Hee-Sik (Ong Seong-Wu) begins to work with the 3 women on the drug case. Kang Nam-Soon also becomes attracted to Detective Kang Hee-Sik.


source: AsianWiki



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4 hours ago, Alice Wonderland said:

PBY and PHS cameo? Really?

Yeah the only reason I opened this thread (and seeing Byeon Woo Seok looking so suave here) 😆

3 hours ago, SilverMoonTea said:

Oh seung woo? Hmm maybe no @mademoiselle 😅

Hahaha not him, BWS... I may not watch this fully either. I'm only interested coz of the cameo. But will see how time goes for me, and if it's better written than S1.

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