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Acquaintances / Greetings 인사하는 사이 [TBD]

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While Greetings / While Say Hello 


A romance drama about Yoo Eun-ho, a secretary who is self righteous, and Kang Ji-yoon, a CEO who is independent and self centered. This is the story of how Yoo Eun-ho, armed with perfection, appears as a secretary to Kang Ji-yoon, who is the CEO of a successful headhunter company but can do nothing on her own except work, and they help each other grow.


Network : SBS 

Writer : Kim Ji Eun 



Eunho Yoo ( Junhyuk Lee)
Secretary with self righteous attitude. Yoo Eun-ho, who has handsome looks, strong muscles, and the ability to match a fantastic suit fit, is a person who is both hard and soft and is a single dad raising a 6-year-old daughter.

Kang Ji-yoon ( Han Ji-min)
The hottest CEO who has emerged as a wannabe for female college students in their 20s, making her company second in the industry within 5 years of starting her business. Her ability and beauty are fundamental, and with her clear speaking style and personality, she is confident and confident and says everything she has to say anytime, anywhere. Kang Ji-yoon has no intention of being humble, but she recovers her broken heart by being comforted by Yoo Eun-ho's warm care



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