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Graduation 졸업 [Upcoming 2024]

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Synopsis by AsianWiki

Seo Hye-Jin (Jung Ryeo-Won) has worked as a Korean language teacher at a private educational institute in the Daechi-neighborhood of Gangnam for the past 14 years. The neighborhood is known as the most competitive private education area in the nation. Recently, Seo Hye-Jin has agonized over her future post-teaching career and her past dream. At that time, her ex-student Lee Joon-Ho (Wi Ha-Joon) appears in front of her for the first time in 10 years. When Seo Hye-Jin taught him, she did her best to teach him and he made it into a prestigious university. That helped give her fame as an instructor. Lee Joon-Ho quit working for a big company and begins work as a rookie instructor at the same private educational where Seo Hye-Jin teaches.



Director: An Pan-Seok
( PD for Something in the Rain, One Spring Night , My Secret Love Affair)

Writer: Park Kyung-Hwa

Network: tvN


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Mon-Tues: - Wed-Thurs: - Fri-Sat: The Story of Park's Marriage Contract, My Demon  Sat-Sun:  C-drama: -  

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